Online proofing tools are are crucial for your business to get real testimonials from your clients. These testimonials will help you to improve your service and build powerful authority in the market.

If you need good proofing tool that saves you money and time, this list is for you because it provides professional tools that will help you to get good reviews for your business.

You should just choose the best tool that fits your business needs. Let’s dive in!

Why do you need reviews?

Good review has a great impact on your business because it helps to build powerful branding.

According to these review statistics:

  • 93% Of users say online reviews had an impact on their buying decisions.
  • 81% Of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses.
  • Yelp receives 26,830 new reviews per minute.

So these statistics reveal the power of reviews to generate more leads, sales and profit for your business.

The more good reviews your business has, the more profits you make. That’s why, you need the perfect proofing software to get real positive reviews for your branding.

What are these online proofing tools?

Every business needs good reviews to stand out and build its powerful authority online. That’s why, you should implement high technology that will help you to get more reviews from your happy customers suchas:

1- Word of Mouth Bot

online proofing tool

Word of Mouth Bot is a perfect online tool that allows you to take control of your reputation. That means you can easily internalize bad reviews and get more 5 stars reviews.

This online tool can engage your visitors effectively and let them to write good Google reviews for your business. It can also alert you to quickly respond and fix any negative online customer reviews you may get.

This alert will save you money and time because you turn any negative review into opportunity to make your customer happy then you can make your business generate more positive reviews.

The best, this proofing tool automates the process of getting a high volume of reviews consistently for your business. That means It’s powerful AI reputation management system to get you unlimited reviews.

In addition, Word of Mouth Bot will help your business to easily grow because it has huge benefits like:

  • Easily and quickly set up. You don’t need any skills or experience.
  • Get reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp and all public review sites.
  • Use for any type or business. There is no limit!
  • Internalize negative reviews that saves you more money and time.
  • Improve your SEO and get you more opportunities.
  • Protect your online reputation.
  • Automatically follow up with your clients.
  • Scrape competitor reputations.
  • Reseller plan.
  • And more profits.

Fortunately, you can get this amazing marketing tool for one time payment during special offer and save more money. You have also 60 day money back guarantee option to discover Word of mouth Bot.

Then Word of mouth Bot is a must-need online proofing tools because it has huge benefits for your business.

2- JustReview – Manager Reviews

Justreview is another great online proofing tool that collects and embed reviews on your site to build powerful social proof and boost conversions. That means it will collect all your reviews from all the web ever single day and you will notified whenever a new review pops up any in online service ( over 20 online platforms).

Watch this JustReview video presentation for information

JustReview allows you also to pull reviews directly from ecommerce sites like: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping and social media sites like Facebook, Yelp and Google Maps.

AL these reviews will help you to build unique branding online and stand out of the crowd and get unlimited web traffic, leads and profits.

Besides, you have a range of embedded display widgets to choose the best one that reflects your branding color. You have also the complete control over your admin panel to display what reviews you want and where you want it within your website.

Then JustReview is a perfect proofing tool because it provides amazing features like:

  • Unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited pageviews.
  • Review export to CSV.
  • Best review on top.
  • Google Rich Snippets data.
  • filter by page language.
  • And more other features according to the plan you select. You have 3 plans to choose from.

If you get JustRview during this offer, you have 60 day money back guarantee and one time payment.

This offer is limited. Don’t miss this opportunity because JustReview will become a subscription tool!

3- Feedbacklink – Collect reviews

feedbacklink online proofing tool

Feedbacklink will help your business to get good testimonials and shares from happy online customers to spread on Google Reviews, TrustPilot and other big review sites.

You can also send review and feedback request automatically using multiple marketing channels like your site, send emails, text invites, social media platforms and other online channels.

Here, some of the best Feedbacklink’ s features you will get:

  • Automatically send reviews and feedback requests from integrated software that you already use up to 5 locations per brand.
  • Collect shares and testimonials on 9 platforms.
  • Funnel unhappy customers directly to you.
  • Fully custom-branded to your brand.
  • Survey and poll customers privately.
  • Receive unlimited survey responses.
  • Send 5,000 email invites each month.
  • Receive 1,000 Starting text/SMS credits.
  • And more!

You will get all these great features for one time payment without any monthly fees during this offer. That means it’s a limited offer to take now!

In addition, you have 60 day money back guarantee to test and discover all Feedbacklink’ s features. This gives all time you need to cancel if you don’t like its service.

Therefore, Feedbacklink is another online proofing tools to consider!

4- VideoPeel – Best Video Testimonials

videopeel best video testimonials

VideoPeel is the best remote video platform to capture, collect, manage, analyze and publish customer video testimonials. It’s a great marketing tool to help your business to generate good video testimonials that will build powerful authority for your brand and make more profit.

The best, VideoPeel offers you to more customization features and options like customizing your VideoPeel campaign landing pages with profiles, pictures and video messages. All these customizations options will increase your conversions and grow your branding.

You can just share the link with your clients so they can easily record testimonials right from their smartphone or computer. They don’t need to log or to download anything. They can even write their feedback using the same link.

Watch this VideoPeel’ presentation for details

So this mew technology saves you time and efforts because it’s very easy with zero tech skills or experience.

You can also send testimonial prompts via email, SMS, Messenger and mobile. Then you can automatically send “Thank You” message or even special gift to show your appreciation for your clients.

You can even collect photos, files, names, written responses and email addresses to really flesh out customer testimonials and display unique testimonials.

Besides, you will have more other features such as:

  • Unlimited remote video collection campaigns.
  • Images types include: JPEG, HEIF, WEBP, GIF and PNG.
  • Document types include: Word, Excel, PDF and TXT.
  • Automate transcriptions.
  • Submission notifications.
  • Custom rights management.
  • And much more features.

You can leverage all these features for just one time payment with 60 day money back guarantee. Just, make your decision and grow your brand.

Thus, VideoPeel makes it easy for you and your audience to record and send their testimonials.

5- Socialiise – Automate Social Proof

socialiise proofing tool

Socialiise automatically collects, filters and displays reviews and Twitter mentions by using AI powered sentiment filtering to show the best social proof for your website.

Socialiise is also a suite of two products:

  1. Socialiise for social media that is currently compatible with Twitter.
  2. Socialiise for testimonials.

That means it’s perfect for Twitter and other online platforms like Google reviews, TrustPilot… to get positive testimonials that can grow your online business.

This proofing tool provides one time payment in this special offer with 60 day money back guarantee.

So take action implement Socialiise within your online business. It worth your investment.


These are 5 online proofing tools to choose the best one that fits your business needs. They have all good user reviews, amazing features to make more profits, one time payment and 60 day money back guarantee to secure your investment.

So make your choice and implement proofing tool that fits your business strategy to test and discover its options. Because you need more positive reviews to build powerful online branding.

Thanks for reading…


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