produce text to high speech audio!
Turn any Text into Natural Voice!

Audio can make a big difference in your business. Just, imagine watching a video or listening to an audio that sounds like monotone garbled metal. It is a horrible experience. That’s why, you should produce text to high speech audio for your business.

Really, you need to create amazing sounds for business. Because your competitors do it successfully. Also, quality is the key in online business!

Look, big companies pay tons of money to create great sounding media for their business! And you should use amazing sounds too. But how?

Maybe you will:

  • Search for freelancers sites for great voice talent.
  • Try recording your own voice scripts.
  • Spend much money on expensive studio equipment…

But the quality will not be great as you want. So you need great tool to produce text to high speech audio.

Well, you can use Amazon and Google speech technology. But you still need tons of features, because they are not the complete one!

The best tool to turn any text into amazing speech audio is Voice Buddy! Let me explain!

Voice Buddy overview:

Product Name: Voice Buddy

Vendor Name: Ali G

Sales Page: Click here

Front-End Price: $ 36.97

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Niche: Software

Skills: All Levels

Support: Good Support

Bonus: Fast Action Bonuses

Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is Voice Buddy?

Voice Buddy is a software to turn any text into amazing human sounds. It is a high quality speech technology. You can create great sounding media in minutes for multiple use such as: audios, videos, sales videos, YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram marketing videos, explanations, podcasts, presentations…

Plus, Voice Buddy is integrated with Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly technology. Which turns it into a great tool to dominate your niche!

Also, Voice Buddy works with all video creators. Which save you much money and time.

Really, it is an easy technology with tons of features to beat your competitors!

Watch this video for information!

Great Text to Speech Technology!

Voice Buddy’s benefits:

  • Create and sell all types of videos, audios, podcasts…
  • Make affiliate income from your videos
  • Create and sell content channels and profit
  • Generate unlimited targeted traffic
  • Get more leads and sales
  • Generate more subscribers for your channels
  • Create a passive stream of income
  • Build a powerful email list
  • Generate more revenue
  • Save money and time

Voice Buddy’s features:

  • 141 of voices to choose from. It is a large library to choose the sound you like, including the Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly to make it unique!
  • 33 languages to choose from. It includes many popular languages. So you can create your audio in any language you want such as: Spanish, French, Germany, Hindi, Portuguese, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Arabic….
  • Easy to use for any one. That means no kills or experience needed. Just, follow three simple steps to use it as you want. I will show you exactly how? Don’t worry!
  • 100% customization. Edit as you want, no problem! Just, try it to like it!
Popular languages included!
Popular Languages Included!

Simple tool to make amazing voices

  • Easy dashboard. Simple dashboard to create amazing sounds you want for your business. Everything you need to create natural sounds!
  • Text to speech editor. It is another option to create what you like. So you are free to edit all of your text you put into Voice Buddy as you want easily.
  • Plus, you can set:
    • Emphasis how you like
    • The pitch of your audio
    • Breaks for more natural talking
    • Paragraph breaks
    • Sentence breaks
    • And adjust the speed of your speech
  • Add any notes you want to any audio you want!
  • No need to install anything. It is 100% cloud based and it works in every device you have!
  • Work with all video creators such as: Audacity, Camtasia, After Effects, Explaindio…

Build profitable passive income!

  • Create all types of videos like: travel videos, food videos…
  • Create your content for your channels and profit. Which you can repeat over and over…
  • Make affiliate income from your videos you created using this great app. Learn more about affiliate marketing!
  • Create unlimited 500 word text-to-speech audio files for any niche!
  • Commercial license as bonus to create voices, audios, videos, podcasts… and sell them to clients over and over…

Really, Voice Buddy is a great app to create tons of audios files, videos, presentations… from text easily!

Just, get it now to solve your sounds problems forever! Don’t miss it!

Voice Buddy is a great opportunity for your business!

Take a look at voice platforms, to understand the value of creating high quality speech for your offer, and the amount of money you will save!

produce text to high speech audio!
Profitable Voices!

Now, it is clear you can build your new income from voice and speech. Plus, you have many popular languages in Voice Buddy to increase your revenue even more…

What you do think?

One minute of audio for $5 or more…

Imagine the profits you will make!

How can you use Voice Buddy?

Voice Buddy is a very easy app to use. You don’t need any skill or experience. Just, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Select your language and voice
  2. Paste your text into Voice Buddy
  3. Click to generate your audio

Watch this demo video for more details!

Turn any Text into Natural Voice Easily!

See what they are saying about Voice Buddy:

produce text to high speech audio!
produce text to high speech audio
Great Results!

As, you see all users love Voice Buddy, because it makes wonderful results. Which means more profits.

Voice Buddy’s price overview:

The price is a low price for huge profits. As you know, voice is new method to rank higher in search engines. Which means more leads, sales and more revenue.

Plus, your investment is secured by 30 guarantee. So, if they can’t fix your problems with this tool, you will get a prompt and courteous refund.

Moreover, they will let you keep the bonuses as a way to thank you for trying VoiceBuddy! Which is a great benefits!

So you will lose nothing, if you buy it right now!

But remember! you will lose a great opportunity to take your business to another level, if you don’t act now!

Everyday, there are opportunities, but you should act to change your life for better!

Just, get Voice Buddy now!

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use – No skills needed
  • No coding or programming
  • Create amazing audios, videos, podcasts…
  • Create unlimited 500 word text-to-speech audio files!
  • Make tons of money
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One time payment – No monthly fees
  • Good support


  • The price will go up

Voice Buddy’s bonus:

Take action now to get these fast action bonuses. These bonuses will help you to increase your income ever more. So, you will get:

  • Commercial license. Get commercial license now for free and start to use Voice Buddy to sell voice’s services to your clients. Which means to build new passive income and profit over and over…
  • Fiverr Gig templates! It is a new income to increase your revenue. You can use these three templates to make money by: Just, edit the template to your liking, copy and paste it into your Fiverr gig and bank big! So, turn voices into passive income!
  • A complete Done For You audio service sales website. It is a great website to sell your voice’s services using Voice Buddy. Just make a few edits, add your payment options, and then profit as you want. There is no limited. Just, produce text to high speech audio for your business, as you want!
  • VSL script templates! It includes ‘3’ “Fill-In-The-Blank” VSL scripts… for your use and for your clients. All is done to make tons of sales easily.
  • Voice Buddy audio to video Merger App! Easy to create amazing videos, just drop the Audio file into this BONUS app and it is ready to go with any video of yours or your clients.

Visit sales page


Voice Buddy produces text to high speech audio for any offer easily. It is a great tool to grow your business. It is a profitable way to build passive income turning any text into natural voices.

Voice Buddy creates amazing audios files, videos, presentations, podcasts… for yourself and for your clients. Which makes it a big passive income.

So don’t miss this valuable opportunity to profit ever more!

Get Voice Buddy now.

Really, Voice Buddy is great deal for your business, if you want more profits! It is a great app to produce text to high speech audio for any niche!

Thank you for reading…

Editor team.

Do you use voice in your business? Which tool do you use?

Produce Text to High Speech Audio
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