The Best Platform for Video!

YouTube is a great social media platform. It is the best online platform for video. YouTube has unlimited users over the world. Which makes it very profitable for business. So what are the profitable niches on YouTube? YouTube is worth your investment?

Just, imagine a website with more than 1.9 billion users worldwide according to Google. It is YouTube. Do you imagine the profit of this number?

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an American video-sharing platform. It created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005. But in November 2006, Google bought it for US$1.65 billion. Now, YouTube is one of Google’s subsidiaries according to Wikipidia.

So, YouTube is a social media platform to upload, share, view, report, comment… all sort of videos. It is the most social network used after Facebook.

YouTube is a great website for your business to grow faster, if you use it successfully.

What are YouTube’s benefits for business?

YouTube is very useful to any business, it can:

  • Attract more youtube views and leads
  • Generate unlimited sales
  • Grow your revenue for any niche
  • Build your email list
  • Get unlimited Free targeted traffic to your offer
  • Grow your business faster
  • Save your time, effort and money

YouTube is a great social media network like Facebook, Instagram… Now, social media is a profitable niche to make money online. It is the most growing niche online with huge users.

How to create your YouTube account?

YouTube is easy to use like other social platforms. Anyone can use it without any skills. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Enter your email address and your pass word.
  3. Fill additional information about your gender, location… It is better to verify your account.
  4. Use your YouTube account as you like…

And the same to create a YouTube channel, you should:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account
  2. Go to channel list
  3. Create your channel or just use an existing one
  4. Fill your information and verify your channel.
  5. Profit from your YouTube channel as you want…

So it is very simple to use and everybody use YouTube easily without any problem. Also, there are many videos explain how to create a Youtube channel for personal use or for business. Just type it in YouTube for more details.

Why do you need a YouTube channel?

YouTube channel is very important for business. You can’t access to public without a channel. Even if you have a YouTube account, you can’t upload any video… So you should create your YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, make a playlist… You can use this video maker to create profitable videos!

YouTube channels allow you to communicate to a large audience over the world. Which presents a great opportunity for your business.

Now, video is a great tool to engage with unlimited visitors more than any other tools. Just look at these stats:

  • YouTube gets over 3 billion views daily.
  • Facebook video gets almost 2 billion a day as well.

That means video is a powerful way to grow your business. Read how to create videos that convert in this article.

Video is more attractive!

Just, create your YouTube channel to build your business. Because it is very profitable. YouTube has a large number of active users all over the world and it is easy to rank in first page than Google.

What are the profitable niches on YouTube?

Any site with more than 1 billion users over the world is profitable for business. But what are the profitable niches on YouTube?

Well, YouTube is very profitable for almost all businesses. Especially, if you do it well.

In other word, if you learn how to choose the best keywords for your offer, what users look for, answer their questions, offer useful content and use attractive YouTube template to make your offer more amazing… Read more about profitable YouTube templates.

So, if you learn all those things, you well succeed in any niche in YouTube. Because they are the basic to make money in any YouTube business.

In addition, it is better to begin in a small niche with less competition to grow fast. Because competition is very hard in these profitable niches.

So, the profitable niches on YouTube are:

  • Vlogs

Vlog is video blog. It is a blog using videos to communicate with audience. In this niche Vlogger informs his visitors about his daily activities using engaged videos to attract more views and subscribers. You can make money in this niche by advertising. It is very profitable, if you have huge views and more engagement.

  • Coaching

Coaching is to guide your audience to improve their performance and access to their goals in life. Also, you can generate revenue through advertisement and selling your products or services or selling products of other companies…

  • Health and fitness

It is a great niche but with huge competition. If you build a targeted audience, you can make tons of money by advertising, selling your products or services or earn commissions as affiliate.

  • Food and cooking

Just, offer useful content to your visitors to earn their trust and generate revenue through affiliate links, advertisement or selling your products or services.

The profit is unlimited!

  • Fashion and beauty

Another big niche with unlimited high products to sell through affiliate links and advertisement. It is a profitable niche, if you have a targeted audience. Learn how to become a super affiliate!

  • Product reviews

You generate tons of money through product reviews using affiliate links. It is a growing niche. You can minimize this niche into small one like: Car products, sport products, fishing products…

  • Gaming

It is amazing niche with amazing products every year. You can make money through affiliate links and advertisement or even if sell your games…

  • Traveling

You can offer your audience beautiful spaces to visit like beaches, desert, mountains, old cities, castles… And make money through advertisement and affiliate links. It is a growing niche to profit. Read this article about creating successful affiliate travel site.

YouTube will change your life for better!
  • Hotels and restaurants

This profitable niche has a strong relation with traveling and food. But you can turn it into mini niche like: French hotels… or Indian restaurants… to avoid hard competition and grow fast. Also, you can earn money through affiliate links and advertisement or sell hotel’s and restaurant’s products or services.

  • e-Learning or teaching

e-Learning is growing niche with great number of users. You can even build your e-learning site easily like Udemy, read this article. Also, you generate huge revenue by selling courses, books, ebooks… or by advertising and promoting affiliate links.

  • Technology products

It is a great idea for beginners to profit from YouTube easily. But you should minimize this broad niche into small one such as: Photograph products, smartphone products, camera products, video items… It is better for you to avoid competition. Also, you can sell your products, promote affiliate links or earn money through advertisement.

So these are some ideas about the profitable niches on YouTube. You can try them to make your revenue and build a strong business. But take action now and begin your journey!


Really, YouTube is a great platform to make money in any niche. Just learn how to build a successful channel and avoid big niches or minimize them to a small ones to get unlimited youtube views. Because competition is very hard.

So, there are many profitable YouTube channel ideas for beginners. But to profit from these ideas, you should learn the basic of YouTube such as:

  • YouTube keywords
  • Your audience: Their desires and needs, their age, their gender and their location…, reply to their comments, help them to solve their problems, care about them. In other word, you should build a trustful relation with your audience. All this take time and effort. So be patient and creative in your work.
  • Offer free bonuses to attract more views and leads. You can use some tools to grow your channel faster like this gamification lead tool to get more leads and traffic…
  • Offer useful content. The content which helps and answers your audience’s questions.
  • YouTube SEO and paid traffic. YouTube SEO is how to get free organic traffic to your channels. And paid traffic is how to run successful campaign in Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook…

Well, you should try these tips to build a successful YouTube channels in any niche as a beginner. Take action now and start your journey!

Thank you for reading…

ziligma Team.

What is your profitable YouTube niche? Are there other profitable niches?

What Are the Profitable Niches On YouTube?

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