Video is a profitable way to build your business. Because it attracts more views, leads easily… But to profit from social media, you need the best social video templates that convert massively!

In this post, i will present the best social video templates you ever need to dominate social media platforms!

What’s video template?

Video template is a graphic to present videos like intros… or any other effects as: filters, overlays, 3D effect… and other source like: text, music and other sound effects.

In other words, all kind of videos that can be used in other videos repeatedly, can be called video templates.

These templates present your content professionally and push your users to engage with these videos by taking action as: likes, shares, subscribe, sales… Which grow your business faster!

What is social video template?

Social video templates are templates for social media sites as YouTube, LinkedIn… These platforms like videos and rank them higher. That’s why, you should use unique templates to profit more.

So to dominate social media sites, you need stunning templates. Because it worth it. The profit will be huge. Because it will improve users’ experience and get higher rankings. Which means more revenue for you!

Today, social media have a huge number of active users in all niches. They have more than 6 billions users.

This is a great number to turn these sites into sales machine, if you use the right tools. And social media video templates are the best one you need!

So Envidio is your best social video templates you ever need to convert your channel or any other social videos!

Overview Envidio:

Product Name: Envidio 2.0 – Youtuber Things

Seller Name: Arif Chandra

Page Sales: Click here

Front-End Price: $17.23

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Niche: Video Templates Package

Skills: All Level

Support: Great Support

Bonuses: Huge Bonuses

Recommend: Highly Recommend

What’s Envidio?

Envidio is a huge social video PowerPoint templates package for any niche. It is an amazing templates to turn your videos into money. In other words, these video templates can convert more than any other templates. They are unique and special for social media sites.

So you can profit from your channels or even from all your social accounts using these stunning videos that convert massively!

Moreover, you can edit these social video templates easily . Just, use M.S PowerPoint 2013 to customize them as you want. PowerPoint is perfect to edit these video templates.

For more information, watch this video!

Videos to Profit from Your Social Accounts Massively!

Social video’s benefits:

  • Generate unlimited free traffic
  • Generate unlimited views, subscribers, leads and sales
  • Build a profitable email list
  • Increase your revenue
  • Profit from YouTube
  • Dominate social media sites
  • Grow your business faster
  • Save your money and time

Why do you need Envidio?

Envidio will help you to:

  • Create amazing content by using these engaging video templates. Which will make to stand out of the crowd.
  • Get the whole world’s attention in no time! That means increasing your traffic massively!
  • Grow your brand faster. This allows to build a profitable online business for lifetime.
  • Know your visitors and help them to solve their problems!
  • Increase your daily engagement. Just, offer engaging videos to push YouTube users to take your desirable actions.
  • Dominate your industry, because these templates are designed by experts. So your video will always look unique.
  • Build your powerful business. It’s a complete package to enhance any video content either for commercial or personal purposes. That will generate you much money! Because you can turn any video into money!
  • Build a big brand. This package helps you to build your brand from zero. It provides with amazing templates to stand out the crowd. That will generate a lot of views to build your brand!

These are some Envidio video templates for:

  • Envidio templates to create MIND-BLOWING videos. Which you use for YouTube or any other social media platform with your images, video files, and titles.
  • Envidio Opener/ Intro: To engage your viewers with all of those eye-catching logo openers. That increase your traffic massively!
  • YouTube Endscreen. This will add a sophisticated look to your YouTube or any other videos… And beat your competitors!
  • Envidio Subscribe. With these templates, your viewers will never forget to subscribe. They will engage with your brand for lifetime! That is a great way to grow your brand without spending any money in advertising! Read more about Facebook ads the profitable tool!
  • Envidio Info Bar. You can use the DFY info bar templates to add additional informative text to your video easily. Each template is designed to add effects to your video content easily!
  • Envidio LowerThird. These templates help your videos to have a stunning touch! Which will increase your traffic and subscribers!
  • Envidio Link Bar. These links video templates will help you to promote your website successfully!
  • Envdio Transition. This feature will help you to create beautiful transitions for all of your videos. That will save your time!
  • YouTube Thumbnail. It’s a great templates to generate unlimited YouTube’s or any other social media views! Which means more profits!

Who can use these video templates?

Envidio is a great social video templates to make engaging videos for any business and convert these videos into profits. So you can use them as a:

This is exactly what you will get:

  • Engaging video templates that you can edit in PowerPoint easily!
  • Eye-catching designs to grab viewers’ attention easily and quickly.
  • MIND-BLOWING templates that convert massively.
  • DFY video pack with a complete and comprehensive collection of resources, tools and much more…

Envidio’s price overview:

Envidio is a done for you package to profit from your videos. It is a great video templates with a low price. It’s only $17.23 for one time payment.

If you want engaging videos for your business, Envidio is the best solution! It will make your brand sand out of the crowd. Don’t miss this great opportunity to build and grow your brand faster!

Just, get Envidio right now!

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use – No skills needed
  • One time payment – No monthly fee
  • All “Done For You ” video templates
  • Unlimited possibility of videos can be created in just 3 easy Steps!
  • Edit these social video templates using PowerPoint!
  • Profit massively from YouTube and other social media platforms!
  • Turn your social videos into unlimited profits
  • No extra software needed
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Use these templates for unlimited web projects or for your clients projects!


  • No re-sell license in any way!
  • Limited offer

Envidio’s bonuses:

  • YouTube channel template. You get amazing Youtube template to profit more this social platform easily! It’s a great template to turn YouTube into sales machine!
  • Animated background loops.
  • Duo Tone Gradient Background

Click here to visit sales page!


Envidio is the best social video templates to convert your viewers into profits. Because they are designed by experts to catch your visitor’s attention and push him to take action.

With Envidio, you can create MIND-BLOWING videos for YouTube or any other social media platform. That helps you to rank higher and make more profits!

Furthermore, you can include these videos with your images, video files, and titles… Which them unique!

Really, it is a great opportunity to profit from social videos. Don’t miss it. Because it saves you tons of headache to learn curve on video design… and month fee for video designing.

So get Envidio now!

Envidio is a profitable product to use in your business, if you want to profit from video marketing and grow your brand!

Thanks for reading…


I hope to help you to make the right buying decision!

Feel free to leave your comment.

Social Video Templates That Convert

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