Improve Customer Experience

improve customer experience

Today, you must improve customer experience to easily reach more users. You can’t get any profit, if your user are not happy with your business. Which will lose you web traffic and any lead or sale. That’s why, all companies implement best strategies that can provide amazing user journey. Because they will get huge profits, if their customers are satisfied.

According to these online statistics (99firms):

  • 86% of adults think that mobile website should be better than desktop version.
  • 46% of consumers will tell others about a bad experience. That will lose you more profits, if your services is not good.
  • 53% of users leave if your website’s loading time is more than 3 seconds. So page load time is very crucial.
  • 90% of users won’t return to website after a bad user experience.

All these stats focus on good user experience to build powerful business online. Because users look for the best services on the web. They want a brand that treats them as a family. Which you should provide through your sales funnels, if you want dominate your niche. Or you lose the competition because others offer amazing customer journey experience.

How and where to improve customer experience?

Today, user are looking for best online services that can make their life very easy. They want to solve their needs as quickly as possible. That’s why, they search online and compare the best businesses out there. That can fix their needs before making any purchase. This means you should implement the best marketing strategies to improve user experience such as:

1- Mobile friendly website – Perfect user journey

Mobile website is crucial for your business. As many people use their mobile to search on the web and make purchase. Which will help you reach more customers online. This will increase your sales and profits.

To get these mobile searches, you should create the perfect mobile site that offers amazing user experience. You need make your website perfect for mobile searches because the profit is very huge. According to these Google statistics:

  • 76% of people who search on their smartphone visit a business within a day.
  • 30% of mobile searches are located to location.
  • “Near be” mobile searches grew %136 YOY.
  • 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase.

These stats guide you to focus on mobile searches because it’s a great opportunity to make profits. This means you should test your website using online tools. Which will analyze and indicate all the SEO issues within your site. You can use any site speed checker. There are many ones out there. You should just use the best one on the web.

Perfect website speed checker

These online websites will provide you with profitable insights about site. Some of these site speed checkers will suggest perfect tips to fix and then improve your website performance. Which save you more money and time.

So mobile friendly site is must-need for your business to provide the best user experience. Which get you unlimited mobile searches for free. And then make more profits.

2- Track and analyze your site speed to improve user experience

Tracking and analyzing your site speed will offer deep insights. That you can use to make the right change to make your customers more happy. Which will boost your reaching and your revenue as well. Because happy online customers will promote your business through their relationship and their social media profiles. Which is a great marketing strategy for your brand to easily grow and get more engagement on the web.

According to online stats:

  • 46% of consumers will tell others about a bad experience (99firms). Which can destroy any business, if they don’t know to control and fix bad reviews.

So linking your website to analytics tool will offer your real data. Which you can use to see the impact of your speed improvements.

3- Clear customer strategy to make more UX improvement

Having clear customer strategy is a goldmine for your business. As it makes your business unique and prevent bad user experience. That save you more money and time. Because it guides your business to offer an amazing user journey regularly for your visitors.

This strategy should includes: create customer personas, understanding your audience, get feedback, answer your visitors’ objections, deal with angry consumers, refund and users policy…

So you need to build a whole effective customer strategy that can make these users more happy. If you don’t, you will lose more customers for your competition. Which can harm your business.

4- Super easy website – Amazing customer journey experience

Your audience look for a super easy site to solve their needs fast. They don’t have time and they dislike complicated website. So provide them what they want to get their trust and then convert them into loyal customers. Who will get you more leads for free.

Just, make your customer journey very easy and fast to get what they looking for, if you want to build unique branding. That’s will take your business into the next level. Because you offer your visitors the perfect journey to get their needs online.

People loves simple website structure to find easily the product or service they are looking. They want you to guide them through your website smoothly. They want to feel easy through your website.

Here, an effective guide to build a good website online for any business. Which offers best practices to create a site that can easily improve customer experience.

So don’t lose your visitors through your site. Offer them amazing user journey which they will remember and tell others about it.

5- Engagement can easily enhance customer experience

Engaging your visitors is crucial. You should engage them through social media platforms and your site as well. This engagement will build a powerful relationship because people feel happy, if they are part of a brand or a business. They see it as their own one which will save more money and time to grow your business.

This engagement can be through:

  • Answering your visitors comments and objections.
  • Create engaging social content for your customers.
  • Posting on social media about your updates, your coming products…
  • Sharing personal photos or your business’s images and videos.
  • Creating specific events…
  • Offering discounting for specific holidays…
  • Posting behind the scenes to get more engagements.
  • And many other engagement’s types.

So the more you engage your audience the more you can improve customer experience to get more profits.

6- Best AI chatbot to enhance the customer experience

Conversational chatbot is a goldmine for your business. This amazing AI tool can interact successfully with your visitors and answer their questions. Which creates a perfect user journey for your visitors because people like to engage with these AI chat bots. According to these marketing insights:

  • 40% of online users prefer interacting with chatbots than virtual agents.
  • 55% of users enjoy getting fast responses from a chat bot.
  • 40% of businesses in the US, EU and Chine are using chatbot.
  • 58% of companies using chatbot are B2B. (Source: Drift)

These insights tell that people enjoy to get fast responses from conversational AI chatbot. Which creates a great consumer journey and then get you more profitable leads, sales and profits for free. You don’t need to advertise your offer to get leads. Because your loyal customers will promote your brand through their network. They will tell their friends and connections about the amazing journey they have through your business. Which will build a powerful authority online for your business.

Therefore, implement best AI chatbot in your website to easily engage with your visitors. These tools worth your investment. You can also use free chatbots that engage easily with visitors. Or purchase best Ai chatbot on the market to take your business to the next level. The choice is yours!


Improve customer experience is crucial for your brand because it has unlimited profits. You can’t do will without providing amazing consumer journey. That’s why, you should implement these 6 best strategies within your business online to easily enhance the customer experience.

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What do you think about these best practices will focus on?

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Today, animation is crucial for business. As people love and engage more with these animation. Which helps you to reach more users and get more engagements and profits. This means you should implement the best whiteboard animation software in your business. Because the profit is very huge.

According to these video marketing statistics:

  • Online video drive 82.5 % of the web traffic.
  • 86% of businesses use video as a main marketing tool.
  • In 2022, user spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos.
  • 94% of video marketers say video has increase user understanding of their product or service.
  • 55% of shoppers use video content to shop in stores.
  • 84% of consumers convinced to buy after watching a brand’s video.

So these statistics show the power of video to grow your business. They indicate the huge profit your business will get through video marketing. That’s why, all marketers focus on videos to reach more customers. Because they know that video is the best strategy to succeed online.

Creating these animations will build unique branding for your business. Which get you more engagements, leads, sales and profits. This means video animation is a must-need for your business. These videos will generate more profits than any other marketing tools.

That’s why, best whiteboard animation software will makes it easy for your video creation. This amazing software will create unique 3d animation video, doodle video… Which gets more targeted web traffic for free. And then more sales and profit.

What are the benefits of best whiteboard animation software?

This great online software will:

  • Create easily unique video animation for any offer.
  • Use video marketing to drive free web traffic.
  • Generate more leads, sales and sales.
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Build powerful email list.
  • Build unique branding online.
  • Grow your business online.

So video animation worth your investment. Because it has a huge benefits for your business.

What are the best whiteboard animation software?

Nowadays, there are many whiteboard animation apps. That you can leverage for video creation. You should just use the best one on the web. Because the competition is very hard. This means you should create engaged videos for your business that get you more profit. That’s why, you can use these amazing video tools:

1-  DoodleMaker – Perfect doodling software

DoodleMaker is your perfect video builder to create high quality doodly videos for personal and commercial projects. This video tool is a great futurist artificial intelligence technology. That can transform any text or content into colorful doodle videos in any language! Which will increase your revenue!

The best, this doodle video maker includes unique features such as:

  • Unlimited Text-To-Speech.
  • Language translation.
  • Fully loaded asset library.
  • More for effortless video creation

So DoodleMaker is the future of video creation. Because it helps you to easily create unlimited doodle videos. So you don’t need any hassle of skills or experience. All the work is very easy and simple. Which saves you more money and time.

In addition, you can create high quality videos with doodly whiteboard or blackboard or glassboard or even your custom backgrounds. And many other other features… That will get you huge benefits that take your business to the next level!

Watch this video video presentation.

2- Explaindio – unique whiteboard animation software

Explaindio is an all-in-one video creator and editor. It’s the best software you ever need to create attention grabbing, professional looking 2D, 3D, explainer and training videos in few minutes.

This whiteboard explainer video creates easily perfect videos for any business. You don’t need any tech skills or experience. Because it’s an easy tool to use for your business and for your clients as well. Which will generate you real revenue. As you can create and sell 3d animation video for any commercial projects. There is no limit!

Besides, Explaindio has eliminated the guesswork, the cost, the time and the effort by providing the high quality video creation. That takes your business to the next level. That’s why, Explaindio has over 35,000 plus businesses, marketers and users. Who trust Explaindio as their best choice of video creation.

So Explaindio allows you to create amazing:

  • 2D and 3d animation video for any business.
  • Explainer videos.
  • doodle animations and Whiteboard videos as well.
  • Full motion videos.

These amazing features make Explaindio the powerful video tool you ever need.

3- Adobe Animate – Proven video animation software

Adobe Animate is a unique video app to design perfect animations. You can create interactive animations for games, TV shows and the web. This include creation of :

  • Animated doodles and avatars.
  • Add actions to elearning content.
  • Infographics.
  • And more animations.

You can also publish your animations to multiple online platforms such mobile, TV… and many channels. You should just export your animations through HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, and custom platforms like SVG. 

These are same amazing Adobe Animate features. Which will help to create perfect video animation for any offer. This will get you more leads, sales and profits.

Unfortunately, Adobe Animate is not free to use. But it offers a free trial to enjoy its great features. After this trial, you can upgrade to premium version for $20.99 monthly.

4- Animaker – Best animation maker

Animaker is another animation video maker online. You should leverage because it offers best studio quality presentations. Which will make your brand stand out of the crowd. Then you can make more sales and profits. Because it allows you to easily create animated videos. You can just use its pre-made characters and templates.

These great features makes Animaker best animation maker. Because it’s very easy to use for any one to create video animation for any business. As you can turn its templates to amazing video animation for any project you want.

In addition, Animaker provides the best and free features in the market for :

  • Video making.
  • GIF and short video making.
  • Video editing.
  • And much more features as free music tracks and sound effects…

All these free features are crucial to create your own video animation. They save you more money, time and efforts. Which help you to focus on designing professional video animations. Which will get you more leads and sales.

The best, you can use Animaker for free. As it offers free version to help you create awesome video animation. No credit card needed. You can just enjoy this free level until you want to upgrade to premium level to get more advanced features.

So the choice is yours. You can choose the version you like.

5- Vyond – Animation video maker online

Vyond is a cloud-based video animation tool. Which allows you to easily create professional media that moves from GIFs to videos. So you can use Vyond studio to create many animated videos and other designs from scratch or from pre-made templates. It’s up to you. You can select what you desire and start your video creation easily. There is no hassle or any skills needed. All is easy to start your video animation journey for any business.

So this simplicity make Vyond the best whiteboard animation software you should use in the market. Because it has more powerful customization features than any other video animation software. This means Vyond will take your business to the next level. Because there is no another best video tool than Vyond. It’s the perfect one.

Unfortunately, Vyond is not free but you have 14 day free trial to discover this amazing video tool. Then you need to upgrade to paid plan, if you want high quality video animation for your business.

However, Vyond worth your investment because it provides high quality videos for your brand. That will stand out your business from the crowd. Which will easily grow your business.

So Vyond is your best whiteboard animation software to consider for video animation.


Video animation is crucial for your business. As, you can’t compete in your industry, if you don’t make professional video animations. That’s why, you should consider these 5 best whiteboard animation software in your business strategy. They will generate you more sale and profits. Which will build your powerful brand fast.

So choose the best animation maker that fits your needs and desire. And enjoy your video creation journey!

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Which video tool will you use in your business?

Free Affiliate Marketing Courses

Affiliate marketing is the right business to make real revenue. You can change your life for better, if you learn the right tips and strategies. That will make you money from affiliate links. You need just to use free affiliate marketing courses on the web to start your journey. All these free affiliate courses can easily guide you through this niche. Which can help you to become a great affiliate marketer.

You don’t need to pay for any course. There are many great courses for free online. You can easily find them on the web. You should just leverage the best ones. That will save you more time and efforts to know exactly how to get your first commission online.

In this post, I will present the top affiliate marketing courses you ever need. These courses will take you step by step to become a successful affiliate marketer. This will generate you more commissions and revenue.

According to statistics:

  • 90 % of advertisers consider affiliate marketing an essential part of their strategy.
  • 80% of businesses run an affiliate program. That increase their revenue.
  • 84% of publishers join affiliate marketing to make real income.
  • 65% of affiliate marketers use blogs to increase web traffic.

So all these stats state that affiliate marketing worth your investment. Because the profit is huge.

What are these free affiliate marketing courses?

Affiliate marketing is not easy as it seems. The competition is very hard in almost all niches. This means you should know the best affiliate strategies and tips that work. That can help you to easily start your journey and easily make more affiliate commissions. That’s why, you need these free courses:

1- Authority Hacker – Best affiliate marketing course

Authority Hacker provides many free courses. That teach you everything you need to leverage affiliate networks successfully. So you will learn the basic of affiliate marketing and other strategies such as:

  • How to become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • YouTube affiliate marketing.
  • Mobile affiliate marketing.
  • local affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing without a website.
  • Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.
  • And many other courses to master affiliate marketing.

These affiliate courses make Authority Hacker the best platform. That will teach you everything about profitable affiliate niches. As it offers you useful affiliate training. That takes you to the next level in affiliate business.

So use this great affiliate website to learn affiliate marketing for free.

2- Udemy affiliate marketing training

Udemy is another great online platform. Where you learn real affiliate tips to easily generate more profits for free. This platform offers many affiliate courses for free. You will get beginner courses and advanced ones. You can choose the one that fit your needs. Then learn these profitable techniques. That will help you to get more affiliate commissions.

So you will learn how to:

  • Get started with affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing can work for you.
  • Build website for success.
  • Choose the profitable affiliate niche. Which is very crucial to avoid the hard competition.
  • Attract the right visitors.
  • Get real revenue.
  • Grow your business online.

These are some important affiliate tips, you will learn in Udemy online courses. These courses will also reveal some strategies that nobody tells about. Which will increase your profits and make you more competitive. That’s why, these courses are useful for you. They will take you to the professional level fast.

The best, Udemy provides more online courses for free. That helps you to choose the best ones you want. Or you can leverage most of them. This can make you more educated to succeed online. You have the choice to grow your techniques to the next level for free.

Udemy classes are very profitable

Udemy is the best online platform to learn any niche including affiliate niche. It’s offers you great free courses to grow your marketing skills.

Of course, you have the possibility to purchase other courses. That can teach you more advanced techniques and strategies. it’s up to you. You can enjoy free online courses or leverage paid ones. The choice is yours although Udemy classes worth your investment.

Besides, Udemy provides certificate courses for almost all its classes. Which is very useful for your portfolio. As these certificates give you the knowledge and experience. They make you more authority in your niche. Then get you more leads, customers and profits.

So Udemy is the best solution to learn affiliate marketing for free.

3- LinkedIn Learning – Powerful affiliate marketing courses

LinkedIn offers affiliate courses for beginner and expert. That will learn you more high skills. Which makes you more experienced marketer in the market. As this platform have the best experienced teachers in the market. This means you learn best affiliate tips as:

  • Affiliate marketing foundations.
  • What is affiliate.
  • Making commissions as an affiliate marketer.
  • Tips for selecting the right affiliate program.
  • Creating your affiliate strategy.
  • And many affiliate marketing training.

Unfortunately, some of LinkedIn affiliate marketing courses are not free. You need to start your trial free month to get these courses. And then upgrade to premium level to enjoy the whole online courses.

Otherwise, these online courses are very useful. They teach you real tips to start your profitable journey. And you will get your certifications as well. That give you more authority in the market and get your more leads, customers and profits. That’s why, these LinkedIn courses worth your investment.

4- Mygreatlearning – Affiliate marketing free courses

Mygreatlearning is a great learning online platform. Because it provides useful online courses for free. And you will learn affiliate marketing from professional marketers. That will help you to easily get started and make good affiliate commissions. This means you get good learning and best strategies that work for any affiliate program. Which save you more money, time and efforts to grow your business.

Also, all those affiliate marketing training offer certifications. Which is very useful to build your authority in the market. Then generate more sales and revenue.

This makes Mygreatelearning a good platform to learn affiliate marketing for free.

5- YouTube channels – Learn affiliate marketing free

YouTube provides good videos that will teach you about affiliate marketing as well. There are many channels to leverage on the web. Which can help you to learn everything about this niche. These channels offer free classes and videos for newbie and expert. You can choose the best one that fit your skills.

For example, you can watch Santrel Media YouTube channel. It’s a great channel to learn online affiliate marketing. As it presents great strategies and tips that work. You should just implement these tips in your affiliate business. And be patient to get real profits. Because consistency is crucial to grow your business.

After you learn the affiliate basics, you can upgrade to advanced affiliate tips. Which will grow your skills and make you more experienced. This experience is the key to easily grow your affiliate business. Because it gives you all tricks and knowledge to get more revenue. Then you can easily dominate your niche.

So YouTube Channels are goldmine to start your affiliate journey. These channels offer useful content to learn affiliate marketing. You should use these channel as a beginner to start your business online. You should just look for the best ones that offer real value.

Create perfect video ads for any offer and get more profits.


Nowadays, there are many online sources to learn affiliate marketing. Just select the best ones out there like these 5 free online courses to make real affiliate commissions.

These 5 free affiliate marketing courses provide all strategies and tips you ever need. You will get the best techniques to master online affiliate marketing. Which will generate you unlimited commissions and profits.

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Which online platform do you think offer the best free online course?

Canva Alternatives

Good graphic designs are very profitable for your business online. As users like and engage more with these creative graphics. This means you should create the best graphic designs for your offer. Which will cost more money because they are very expensive. That’s why, you should use Canva alternatives that are free, proven and very easy to use.

These similar to Canva can make your business more professional and competitive. Because they will save you more money and provide your business with unlimited professional graphic designs for any business purpose. Which can easily grow your branding online.

According to these marketing statistics:

  • Hire a freelancer designer is $31.25 per hour according to his level.
  • Infographic designing can cost from $100 to $300.
  • Ebook designing can cost you from $200 to $250.
  • Business card will cost you from $100 to $1,000.
  • Logo designing will cost you from $100 to $1,300.
  • Postcard will cost you from $75 to $450.
  • Web designing will cost you from $1,000 to $10,000.

These stats show that graphic design is a very expensive industry that can cost you more money. Which can’t let you to focus on marketing your business successfully.

What are these Canva alternatives?

To stand out of the crowd, you should use free apps to create graphics that can get you more leads, sales and profits. These free tools are professional and easy to use. You don’t need any design skill or experience. You can just watch a simple demo video about any one of these websites like Canva to start create your own good graphic design for any offer.

So you can leverage these free online tools:

1- Vistacreate – Perfect alternative to Canva

Vistacreate is a super free tool for personal and commercial use. You don’t need any license to use this great platform. This simple platform offers you simple and professional illustration scenes to build any character or design you want such as: graphics, posters, Facebook post, Instagram post, logo make, flyers, YouTube thumbnails… and much more design features.

in addition, Vistacreate provides many great options like Canva platform. That you can use to create unlimited designs for social media platforms, web designs, print designs and ads designs for free.

You don’t need to upgrade to pro version. You can just enjoy the free level and create unlimited good designs for any purpose you want. There is no problem with Vistacreate.

You can also profit from its premium version, if you want unlimited access to professional options, templates and library. This version will take your business to the next level because you can create unlimited good designs and even sell them online to your customers. That will get more sales and profits.

The best, Vistacreate offers two levels:

  1. starter for free.
  2. Pro level for $10 monthly. This makes it very competitive in the market.

As you see Vistacreate is the best Canva alternatives in the market. Which provides you with best features to create easily your good graphic designs for any purpose you want.

2- Befunky – Powerful website like Canva

Befunky is another free platform to create your good designs. This platform provides three great options:

  1. Photo editor to easily edit photos to fit your needs. This save more money, time and efforts.
  2. Graphic designer feature to easily create good designs for your personal or commercial projects.
  3. Collage maker is a professional option to combine multiple photos into one. Which helps you to make unique designs.

Get more features:

These main features are not the only options you will get in Befunky. You can also enjoy other amazing features such as:

  • Crop and resize photos to make unique images for any offer you like.
  • Batch edit photos to crop and resize multiple photos all at the same time.
  • Turn photos to art using Befunky Artsy filters to create unique images like: classic style paintings, cartoons…
  • AI Background remover to easily remove, edit and create new photos as you want. You are free to use your imagination.
  • Retouch portraits to edit as you want. There is no limit.
  • Customizable design templates to easily turn any pre-made design template into your unique design.
  • + A million free stock images which you can use in your business for free.
  • Thousand of vector graphics and icons that will save you more money, time and efforts.
  • And much more features.

You will get all these amazing features for free. You can just use the free version of Befunky to enjoy this easy graphic design app. Even if this free level is limited but you can upgrade to the premium to get unlimited of everything.

The best, this free design app provides free learning tutorials, updating features and some best projects to inspire your creativity. That can guide you through all its features. This will help you to create the best designs for your projects.

So Befunky is amazing free and proven alternatives to Canva you should consider for creating your own good designs.

3- Desygner similar to Canva

Desygner is an easy online tool to create amazing designs for your business. You can easily make any designs you want for any web project. So you can create good graphics, logos, photos, social media posts and much more. You will also get free templates for many designs which you can easily edit to fit your business or offer. This saves more money, time and efforts which allows you to be more professional and competitive.

Here, some Desygner features:

  • Free stock images that fit your personal and commercial projects. You get + 150 million images.
  • Resize images online to edit images as you like.
  • background remover to make more creative designs.
  • PDF editor.
  • Animator
  • Hire a designer to create what you like.
  • And many other features which can grow your business.

You get all these great features for free. As, Desygner offers many features for free such as:

  • Access an immersive library of beautiful templates.
  • Choose between 300+ design format types like: social media posts, presentations, posters, and more…
  • Discover millions of free images & icons.
  • Use hundreds of free fonts.
  • Limited assets library.
  • Create designs in any custom dimension you need.
  • Resize and repurpose your designs automatically with just one click.
  • Create impactful animated designs.
  • Import & edit 10 PDF files with 100% control over the document.
  • Download designs with transparent background.
  • Use on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Advanced premium features:

Also, you can upgrade to premium level (Pro+) which includes:

  • Including all in free.
  • Share your Pro+ plan with up to 5 team members for free.
  • Unlock all premium templates.
  • Access 125 Million Shutterstock photos, illustrations & videos.
  • Enjoy UNLIMITED Asset Storage & Assets Library.
  • Resize UNLIMITED designs automatically with one click.
  • Keep track of every change using design version history and rollback.
  • Create UNLIMITED animations and make any design come alive, instantly.
  • Remove backgrounds from images within seconds and get perfect results every time.
  • Schedule your posts across multiple social media networks from your phone all in one place.
  • Import UNLIMITED PDF files and make your documents fully editable.

So you have the choice to stay the free level or to upgrade to premium. It’s up to you and your business. But you have all options you ever need to create good designs for any offer you want.

4- Fotor- Website like canva

Fotor is a super easy photo editor. You can customize your image as you like to turn it unique. Which can make your business to stand out of the competition. As you can use this easy tool to edit any image, create your unique design and make collage. All these best features are very useful for your business because you create professional designs for free. Which save your money and time.

That’s why, Fotor is your alternative to Canva to create your good designs for your projects. As it provides more great features such as:

  • Crop and resize images.
  • Background remover.
  • Photo enhancer.
  • Powerful blemish remover.
  • Wrinkle remover.
  • Amazing photo effects.
  • And many other designing features like:
    • Banner maker.
    • Business card.
    • Book cover.
    • Facebook covers.
    • Facebook and Instagram posts.
    • Graphic design.
    • And much more features…

So Fotor offers you all features you need to create your good designs and photo edit and collage for free. You can just use the free level to make any design you need for your business. But you can upgrade to premium version to get more advanced options that are very powerful to get you more leads and sales.

5- Adobe Express – Proven Canva alternatives

Adobe Express is an online and mobile easy graphic design app. This app helps you to easily create amazing social graphics, short videos, logos, banners, posters, business cards, Instagram stories, YouTube banners and web pages… Which will get you more engagement and profits. As, Adobe Express provides perfect features such as:

  • Thousands of templates to edit and create unique designs for social posts, covers, ebook design…
  • Fast image editing options like: crop image, remove background, convert to PNG…
  • Fast video editing options like: resize video, merge videos, convert to GIF…
  • Edit your files.
  • Get free Adobe stock images.
  • Add amazing effects and design elements.
  • resize your content in a snap.
  • And many other features.

All these free features makes Adobe Express the perfect Canva alternatives you should use to take your business to the next level. Because you have all you need to create good designs for your business for free. You don’t need to pay huge money to get amazing designs. But you can upgrade to Adobe Express premium version that includes more advanced features.

The best, Adobe Express offers useful content to teach you everything about this free design app in its Learn option. You get tutorials to start use this tool successfully and you learn to make captive designs and engaging videos that can easily grow your brand online. So they offer you a complete education to profit from design.

Use this powerful design tool to create high quality graphics, designs and animations in all languages. 


Now, you have 5 free design apps that are alternatives to Canva. Which you can leverage to create your own best web design for any offer. This will save you more money and help you to stand out of the crowd. These free online tools are very useful and easy to use. You don’t need any skills or experience. You can start right now your amazing journey and enjoy them.

thanks for reading…



Digital Marketing Tips

Perfect digital marketing tips are a must-need for your business. As they can easily take your business to the next level. That’s why, all businesses online invest more in digital marketing because they know its benefits. They consider marketing the best field to find new and proven ideas that can help them to easily reach unlimited users. Then convert these visitors into loyal customers. Which is very profitable for their branding.

No business online can grow without implementing the right online marketing tips. That fit this business and the audience’s needs. This means you should analyze and search for tips and tricks you should implement in your business. Because these tips can save you more money, time and efforts and then build real online business.

According to these marketing statistics:

  • 86% of consumers want to pay more for a better customer experience.
  • 66% of marketers agree on the the importance of data analytics.

Also, Google states:

  • 33% of marketers agree that improved understanding and engaging the right customers is most important to reaching their marketing goals in the next three years.
  • 40% of marketers are using consumer research to drive decisions.
  • Marketers say that improved understanding and reaching the right customers is a top priority for achieving their marketing goals in the next three years.

All these stats focus on the importance of marketing tips to achieve your goals. This means you need to use the perfect digital marketing tips and tools to drive more leads, sales and profits.

Why do you need the powerful digital marketing tips?

The right marketing tips are a goldmine for your business because you:

  • Understanding your audience. You know what they need exactly which saves more money and time.
  • Provide the best services for your visitors.
  • Create amazing user experience which makes your visitors happy.
  • Drive the right audience to your business which saves you money and time.
  • Reach more users to get more leads, sales and profit.
  • Build powerful branding online.
  • Grow your online business.

What are the perfect digital marketing tips to reach your goals?

Marketing is crucial for your business because it saves you more money and time. Which you can’t achieve without the implement of the right marketing ideas for your business online such as:

1- Website speed is a perfect marketing idea

Increase website speed is very crucial for your business because the users engage more with the fast website online. Statistic shows that:

This stats guides you to use the best website technology out there. That can improve your website speed. This means the use of the best web hosting, the best website template, the must-need plugins if you use WordPress site and many best tricks to optimize WordPress speed.

So speed is very profitable for your business because it creates a good user experience. Which leads to get more leads, sales and profits. No one will interact with your business, if you have a slow down site. That’s why, all businesses invest more to improve their website speed. As they know its benefits.

So take time and invest to increase your website speed to get unlimited profit.

2- Mobile site is a crucial internet marketing tips

Today, mobile searches dominate the search web because people use more their mobile to search online. Which will increase more in the next coming years. Also these users don’t only use their mobile to search online but they use them to purchase online. Which will get you more profit, if your website is mobile friendly. That’s why, Google includes mobile website as a factor to rank any site on the web. This means you should build a mobile website to rank and to get more leads, sales and profit. You don’t have the choice. It’s a must-need for all websites.

Google states that:

  • 46% of consumers prefer to use their smartphone to complete the entire process from researching to buying.
  • More than 50% of all web traffic, across the millions of websites using Google Analytics, is now coming from smartphones and tablets.

Fortunately, there are many marketing tools and platforms in the market. That you can use to create the best mobile website on the web. You should choose the best one that offers you what your business needs. You can use this unique marketing platform which offers all online tools you need to build a successful business online. And then take your business to the next level.

3- User experience is a proven marketing practice

User experience is the key to success online because visitors love it. They look for the best business that offer good user experience. Which search engines focus on as well. You can’t rank your business higher, if your visitors are not happy with your service. It’s a must-need to get the users’ engagement and then high rankings.

Fortunately, digital marketing offers you all online tools and best practices to make your users very happy by offering the best services. You can use the best softwares to speed your website, to analyze and understand your visitors journey, to receive the visitors reviews, to ship fast your products, to refund your unhappy users and many other tools out there. That can automate your business and help your visitors to get the best service possible.

According to Google data:

  • 61% of people expect brands to tailor experiences based on their preferences.

So you have all digital marketing tips and tools you need to improve your user experience. If you don’t know how to fix it, you can use other businesses that offer good online services to solve your business issues. Just, contact the right freelancer or agency to easily improve your business online.

4- Understanding your audience is a useful marketing business idea

Knowing your audience is very useful to provide what they need. You can’t success online, if you don’t offer the real needs of your visitors. It’s a must-need for any marketing success. You should invest to analyze your users. Why they visit your business? What is their main problem? Or what are they looking for? What terms they used to search online?

You should answer all these questions to understand your audience’s needs. This will save you more money, time and efforts. As it provides you with all marketing data you should analyze to help your visitors to solve their needs. That’s why, all businesses do to reach the right audience in the right time with the right product or service.

According to Google:

  • 66% of marketing leaders believe how companies apply their data will play a key role in their ability to thrive.
  • 40% of marketers are using consumer research to drive decisions.
  • 89% of successful businesses say anticipating customer needs and providing assistive experiences along the customer journey are critical to growth.

So you should leverage the perfect digital marketing tools out there to understand your visitors’ needs. You can use your website analytics such as Google Analytics, keyword research tool or social media pages insights, if you market your business through these social media platforms. That are very useful for your business as well.

5- Evergreen content is a very creative marketing idea

Evergreen content is a goldmine for your business. People loves this content and engage more with it because it gives them value. That all users on the web look for. Good marketing content gets your business more leads, sales, back links and other business profits. But this content should be related to your business, if you want to get the right customers for your business. Or you will generate more visitors who are not looking for your business which loses your time and efforts.

Then focus on evergreen marketing content that will get you the right customers for your business. Because content marketing is a great strategy you should use to easily grow your business online, if it’s done well. This content will get you more leads and profit for free. You don’t need to pay for advertising. Here, 7 best content marketing strategies you can leverage to grow your business.

Search engines and social media sites will rank higher this content on the web because visitors like it and engage more with it. As all search engines rank higher what people likes. Which creates good user experience on the web.

Therefore, unique content marketing is your free strategy to reach unlimited leads online. Which you can convert to loyal customers for your branding.

6- Updating your website is a proven marketing trick

Updating your website and your content are useful for your audience and your rankings as well. This update allows your visitors to stay with the current content that solves their needs. Which build good trust on your business online. And shows search engines that you are professional business that respect their visitors by offering fresh content.

Also, this updating helps your business to be more useful and competitive in your industry which generate you more leads and sales. As search engines rank higher the businesses that update their business content regularly.

So don’t forget to update your content marketing. It worth the hard work because the profit is very huge.

7- AI in digital marketing is profitable for your business

AI stand for artificial intelligence. It’s the use of AI technology or bots in the business. This AI technology can help you to improve your marketing strategy to achieve your business goals. So these AI marketing bots and tools will:

  • Provide you with deep marketing data about business.
  • Improve your visitors engagement.
  • Automate your work and make it more easy.
  • Boost your productivity and let to focus more on your business.
  • Create amazing user experience for your audience.
  • Increase your rankings.
  • Generate more your leads, sales and revenue.
  • Save you more money, efforts and time.

The benefits of AI in marketing are very huge according to Google stats:

  • Nearly 90% of marketers, across all types of organizations, agree that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to their success.
  • 75% of leading marketers who use machine learning to drive marketing activities said they were satisfied with how their KPIs inform and influence decision-making across the enterprise.
  • 60% of travel marketers surveyed believe using machine learning will allow their companies to gain a competitive advantage.

Fortunately, AI marketing bots can provide all data you need to understand your users’ journey. Which will easily increase your revenue. You can also use AI technology in your all business online such as: email marketing, content marketing, design, marketing campaigns and much more business tasks.

So AI marketing tools are crucial to grow your business that’s why many businesses use them because the profit is very huge.

Don’t ignore AI in digital marketing, if you want to be more competitive and then grow fast.

Create unlimited Artificial Intelligence bots to boost your profits


Digital marketing can offer you all tips and tools you ever need to build a powerful business that gets more leads and profit. You should just implement the right tips and tools to take your business to the next level.

Thanks for reading…


Which marketing tips will you leverage in your business online?

Free Chatbots

Chatbot is a powerful marketing tool you can use to easily grow your business online. As it helps you to interact with your visitors which creates amazing user experience and boost your revenue. Fortunately, there are many free chatbots that you can use in your website and convert your visitors into customers.

These free chatbots are useful and proven to start your journey because many marketers have used them to get real profits online. You should just choose the best one that fit your business. And if you can upgrade to premium, you will get more profit. You can also purchase the best AI chatbot out there or create your own ones. There are many freelancers and AI companies that provide this AI technology for businesses. Just, choose the best one in the market to stand out of the crowd.

Otherwise, artificial intelligence bots are a must-need for your business because the statistics state the benefits of this technology:

  • 40% of online users prefer interacting with chatbots than virtual agents.
  • 55% of users enjoy getting fast responses from a chat bot.
  • 40% of businesses in the US, EU and Chine are using chatbot.
  • 58% of companies using chatbot are B2B. (Source: Drift)

These stats show that both users and businesses prefer and enjoy the chatbots’ services. Which will increase the usage of this online tool in the next years. And then generate more leads, sales and profits for businesses and great customer service for visitors.

So the chat bot’s benefit is very huge.

What are free chatbots you should consider?

Unique user experience means good services, useful interacting and fast support. These are some benefits that chatbots can provide for your business. But you need to choose the best AI chatbots that are fast and proven such as:

1- MobileMonkey – Free chatbots for website

MobileMonkey is a powerful online platform that offers you great chatbots through its marketing services. Which helps your business to easily connect with your visitors in real time through SMS, Messenger and many other web chat. This allows you to avoid losing leads and to convert more visitors to loyal customers.

The best, MobileMonkey offers this profitable chatbots for free. You can enjoy its free version and grow your business online. As it offers you all you need to create successful Messenger marketing campaigns that will get real leads, sales and profit. This service includes options like:

  • Chat bot builder
  • Messenger ads
  • Chat blaster
  • Triggers
  • And other features that can generate real revenue.

You get all these features for free. Do you imagine the profit will get when you upgrade to premium level?

The profit is very huge.

So MobileMonkey is a perfect marketing platform to build amazing free chatbots. That will generate you more profits. Because it helps to automate your communication through Facebook and get real profit without to be a professional.

2- ManyChat- Another free chatbot for website

ManyChat is a powerful Facebook Messenger chatbot. That helps you to automate your business and interact successfully with your visitors. This makes your customers happy which will increase your profits.

This online software also offers you the best features you need to easily build your chatbots on Facebook Messenger. You have a great easy interface where to build your marketing strategies to get more sales. The whole process is easy. Just, sign with your Facebook account and you will be directed to Facebook to complete the sign in process.

Besides, ManyChat offers you a free version to enjoy this best platform. This version allows you to create free chatbots for your website and profit from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. That can get more leads and sales. You can also automate conversations- up to 1,000 contacts, acquire new customers, segment your contacts – 10 contact tags and email support.

To get more ManyChat features, you should upgrade to the premium level. That includes more advanced options to grow easily your business online. Because you can:

  • Access more channels like SMS text messaging and email.
  • Engage unlimited contacts.
  • Build advanced campaigns to reach targeted customers.
  • Get analytics to optimize and improve your campaigns.
  • And much more options.

All these great features will generate unlimited leads, sales and profits. Which lets you to take your business to the next level.

3- Tidio – Best free chatbots

Tidio provides a powerful online customer service through live chat and chatbot. You can connect this online tool to all your websites via dedicated plugin to offer live chat service for your visitors. And you can easily customize this live chat widget to fit your visitors’ devices. You edit this widget as you want. There is no limits. You can change the color, the placement, the position…

The same for chatbots, you can use 20 templates that Tidio provides for free to create the chatbot you want for your business online. Or build your own chatbots flow to automate your customer service conversations. You can easily use the drag and drop visual editor to create and edit as you like. You don’t need any skills or coding knowledge.

All these features will get more leads and profits for free. Which is a profitable opportunity to implement AI technology in your business and then boost your revenue. All you need is to follow these simple steps:

Also, Tidio is integrated with all marketing platforms you need online to make more profit like: WordPress, shopify, Wix… That can help your business to stand out of the crowd.

Tidio offers a free level forever to start your journey and save your money. You can use the trial version to discover the benefits of this online software before engage for a long time. No credit card needed.

So implement this free chatbot in your business is a must-need. Because the profit is huge.

4- SnatchBot – Artificial intelligence bots

SnatchBot is powerful platform to easily build perfect AI chatbots. So you can build an automated bot or chatbot without coding skills. As, this tool supports the entire lifecycle of a bot by offering all features you need to create, test, host, publish and track your chatbots to make more conversions for your website, WhatsApp, Messenger… And many other marketing channels.

The premium version of this chat bot tool is more advanced with more features to take chatbot to the next level like: customization, advanced analytics, premium plugins, integration tools and more features.

Then Snatchbot is good AI chatbots to implement in your business.

5- Chatfuel – Perfect AI chatbot online

Chatfuel is an easy chatbot builder. This amazing tool allows you to create chatbots that can talk with your visitors in a humanlike which create unique interacts with your audience. This will increase your business profit.

Unfortunately, you can connect Chatfuel only to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. You can’t use it for WhatsApp and other marketing channels. But Chatfuel provides a deep analytics that can improve your marketing strategy and then boost your revenue.

Also, this chatbot creator provides many level from free one to business level. This offers you the opportunity to choose the best ones that fits your business and your needs. Then enjoy the journey.

6- Landbot – Free and unique chatbot builder

LandBot is an easy drag and drop chat bot builder. That helps you to create advanced conversational flows. This amazing online tool allows you to easily create AI chatbots without any coding skills or experience. Just, use Landbot’s chat platform to design and deploy chatbots anywhere in the web. You can use these best AI chatbots in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other channel with API.

The best, Landbot lets you to be more creative than other chat bot maker in the market. Which is a great tool, if you have advanced coding skills to create unique AI chatbot for your business. That will let you to stand out of the crowd and generate you more leads and profit for free.

So you will create your own free AI chatbot and you can also pay as you grow. This means you can upgrade to the premium version if you need more chatbots. This option allows you to be flexible according to your business needs. And you don’t need any contract and you can cancel any time you want. Which is very useful for small businesses that don’t have much to invest.

These unique features make Landbot the perfect AI chatbot online you can implement in your business online.

7- Artibot – Chatbot for website

Artibot is the best free chatbot you should use in your business online. Because it provides more free features than any other online platform. You will get:

  • Unlimited Artibots and leads.
  • Appointment scheduler.
  • Google Calendar integration.
  • Hosted ArtiBot pages.
  • Over 45 templates.
  • Lead to email and Zapier.
  • Mobile notifications.
  • developers API.
  • receive payments.
  • 3 users/Recipients.

You will get all these professional features for free. That is a great opportunity to take your business to the next level. That’s why, there are more than one million websites all over the world enjoy the AritBot’s services.

You will also get more advance features in the premium level. That help you to create unlimited AI chatbots for any online business. And then you get more leads, sales and profit.

So Artibot is free chatbot you should consider when you create AI chatbots for your business. It worth your investment.

Use these paid AI chatbot tools to offer amazing customer services!


These are 7 free chatbots you can implement in your business to boost your revenue. You will enjoy these tools because they create amazing user experience for your visitors. Which helps to easily reach more customers for free.

So choose the AI chatbot that fits your business and you needs and start your journey.

Thanks for reading…


Which chatbot will you implement in your business?

Free Landing Page Builders

Free landing page builders are very useful to grow your business online. As they help you to create professional landing pages for your campaigns for free. This helps you to achieve your business’ goals fast, generate more revenue and make your business more competitive.

The best, you don’t need to build landing pages from scratch. As, there are unlimited choices you can leverage for free. Simply, you can use free page creator and customize these landing pages as you like to fit your marketing goal. Then publish and enjoy the profit you get. This allows you to focus only on your marketing strategies which will save you more money, efforts and time.

In this post, you will discover the best landing page creators you can easily use to create perfect web pages. Which avoid you all the hassle of finding and hiring freelancers or agencies online. You will just select the landing page template you want and easily edit it as you like, test and analyzing its results. If you are satisfied with its results, you can generate more profits.

What is a landing page?

Landing page is a web page that a visitor land on after clicking through from an ad, email or other digital material. In general, landing page has a different design from the rest of your website and you don’t show your site standard header and footer. This means landing page is built for a specific goal to achieve such as subscribe to email list or newsletter or a special product or offer…

What are free landing page builders’ benefits?

These best free landing pages will get you good benefits such as:

  • Get unlimited landing page templates to choose from.
  • Edit easily these templates to fit your business goal. This lets you to create unique templates for your brand.
  • Reuse these landing pages for another campaigns. Which is a great flexibility.
  • Generate more leads, sales and profit. As you can test and analyze to create the perfect one.
  • Stand out of the crowd through using your unique branding templates.
  • Build your email list.
  • Save your money, time and efforts.
  • Grow easily your business and overpass your competition.

According to marketing statistics:

  • 96 of users who visit a website will leave without converting to a lead or sale. This means you need the powerful landing pages to increase your conversion rates.
  • 77% of all landing pages are home pages.
  • 48% of landing pages includes more than one offer.
  • Companies with more than 30 landing pages get seven times more leads than those with one to five landing pages.
  • 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each new campaign.
  • 52% of marketers reuse landing pages for their campaigns.

All these stats state the benefits of best landing pages for your business online. As perfect landing page can easily increase your conversion rates. Which get more leads, sales and profits. This means you should create more powerful landing pages for your campaigns.

What are free landing page builders you should consider?

These are your best free page creators you can use to create unique landing page for your offer:

1- Hello Elementor – Best free landing page builder

Hello Elementor is a powerful option you can use to create unlimited landing page templates for your campaigns. As it allows you to create fast and flexible landing pages for any purpose. You have all features you need such as: Drag and drop live editor, responsive landing page templates, custom forms, integration of leading marketing and CRM tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or GetResponse and much more amazing features.

With Hello elementor, you can build any landing page you want like: lead capture pages, sales pages, eCommerce product pages, event registration pages, and much more. There is no limit, you create landing pages for any niche for free. There is no cost but you can upgrade to Elementor Pro version if you want more advanced options.

In Elementor Pro, you get more professional tools. That speeds up your workflow and helps you build more advanced content and then convert more visitors. Which generate you more revenue.

So Hello Elementor is the perfect solution you need to create unlimited free landing pages for any business.

2- Starter Templates – Another free landing page creator

Starter Templates are a free landing page builder for WordPress. That gives you more than 280 pre-made full website templates and individual pages for your favorite page builder like Elementor, Beaver builder and the Block Editor. This page builder helps you to easily edit these templates to fit your desire.

This great plugin has over 1 million users who like its amazing features like:

  • Easy customization.
  • Fast performance.
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Deep integration for all marketing tools you need like WooCommerce.

The best, Starter Templates are very easy to use. You don’t need any skills or knowledge. You should just select the template you want, import, tweak and publish your landing page. Because of this flexibility, it has 2,738 good reviews from happy users all over the globe.

Then consider Starter Templates as a reliable free landing pages that can get more profits.

3- SeedProd  – Unique landing page builder

SeedProd is another free page builder that lets you to create WordPress landing pages for free. This means SeedProd allows you to build every part of your WordPress landing page. You can create your WordPress headers, footers, single page templates, WooCommerce product pages and much more…

So you can create and edit all these landing pages as you like without any coding or skills. Because SeedProd made it easy for you through its unique options as drag and drop page builder. Which is a powerful tool to build websites and landing pages that are super fast, lightweight and easy to use for any purpose.

So SeedProd is the perfect WordPress page builder you can use to easily create custom theme and template parts like: Headers, Footers, Front pages, Content pages, Blog posts, Blog pages, Archives, Search results, Category pages, Tag pages, WooCommerce product pages and much more.

Watch this demo video

To accomplish all these pages, you need just a traditional WordPress theme to build unlimited pages for any business. Which makes it easy for you to create high-converting landing pages that are entirely separate from your website’s design.

All these amazing options made SeedProd the perfect WordPress landing page builder you need for your business.

4- Page Builder by SiteOrigin – Best landing page builder

Page Builder is a free lading page creator. That gives you complete freedom to choose any WordPress theme you want or even change the theme. There is no problem your content will come along with you. This means your new pages will run smoothly without any issue. Which will make your landing pages very unique and responsible.

With Page Builder’s drag and drop interface, you can easily create amazing landing pages for any business without a single code. This tool does the whole work for you. Which saves you time and efforts.

In addition, Page Builder supports live editing which helps you to see your creation and edit it as you like in real time. This will help you to adjust your content quickly and easily.

And many other features like: row and widget styles, history browser and much more options…

Watch this video for more details.

Page Builder is the only free landing page builders forever

Yes, Page Builder is free forever like WordPress. You get all professional page builder’s features for free. This saves you more money and lets you to create business landing pages that generate more revenue. Which is a great support for your business to build real brand online for free.

Page Builder has also a premium level for big companies. That want more professional options to take their business to the next level. Which you can leverage as well, if you want to grow your business fast and compete these big companies.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin worth your investment. Use it for your business landing pages.

5- Visual Composer – Landing page creator

Visual Composer is an amazing WordPress page builder that gives the freedom to create websites and landing pages. It’s a free builder with advanced features such as: powerful Drag and Drop editor, easy to use interface, templates, good design options and much more features.

All these features make Visual Composer a great tool to build landing pages for any business. You can easily create fast and SEO-friendly websites and landing pages using its super easy WordPress editor and its unique free landing page templates. So you can create:

  • Landing page form any purpose like:
  • Personal site
  • Business website
  • Portfolio
  • Coming soon page
  • Under construction page
  • Maintenance mode page
  • Blog
  • Ecommerce website

Really, Visual Composer is great marketing tool for you to create landing pages. That can boost your revenue.

Watch this video for more information

Besides, you don’t need to be a professional to use this free landing page builder. As you don’t need any coding skills or even knowledge. You should just start easy and build any page you like fast.

Simply choose a predesigned landing page template and drag and drop elements across the page. You have all options you need to create a page that fits your needs. Then go a live and enjoy your work.

So don’t miss Visual Composer to build landing pages that will convert more.

Use this powerful marketing platform to your business online.


These are 5 free landing page builders you should consider when you create landing pages for any business. They are very easy to use and perfect for all businesses online. You don’t need any coding or designing skills. All these options are very simple to use as beginner and advanced for professional who wants to take landing pages to the next level.

Thanks for reading…


What do you think about these free pages builders? which one will you use?

Trending Searches on YouTube

YouTube is a powerful video platform to reach unlimited users. This platform can easily take your business to the next level. Because it’s easy to use and perfect for business. You should just focus on trending searches on YouTube to make real profit. So you don’t need to be professional to leverage this platform. Just optimize your channels to reach right audience.

Many marketers had built successful business through their YouTube channels. Because people love their channels which generate them more revenue. Simply, follow best practices to build your profitable YouTube channels as well. As the profit is unlimited.

According to Google statistics:

  • There are 75% more YouTube channels with more than a million subscribers compared to this time last year.
  • 50B minutes of gaming content were watched on YouTube in the last 12 months.
  • Over 1K years of watch time on “shopping spree” videos over the past two years.
  • Watch time of recipe-related videos increased by 2.5X over the past two years.

These statistics show the power of YouTube to get more views, engagements and profits. That’s why, it’s a must-need for your business. As you will easily reach your targeted audience.

What are trending searches on YouTube?

YouTube has a huge number of users. There are over 2.6 billion people over the world use YouTube at once a month. This means unlimited opportunities for your business to reach your targeted audience. That’s you should focus on YouTube search trends because it will generate you unlimited profit.

Here, 5 most popular searches on YouTube:

1- Gaming content is most searched on YouTube

Gaming content has huge users all over the world. This makes this industry more profitable and competitive. Many game creators invest more content to attract more users. As they want the profit is huge. This means you should create amazing content to avoid this hard competition.

The best, you can expand your gameplay content to the new game content which users like and engage more with such as:

  • Storytelling
  • Role play
  • Animation
  • Elaborate challenges

This new game content are the most searched on YouTube today. People this new game content. That’s why, Minecraft has built its own world through challenges and roleplay. Which helps Minecraft to become like a TV drama series for users. This takes Minecraft to the most searched video game on YouTube. Its games have an overall 53.3 billon YouTube views.

However, other game creators entertain viewers with short-form gaming content like Fuze shorts. This type of game is also viral and has large audience all over the globe. You should just create amazing short-form gaming content to easily reach more users. Which will get you unlimited profits.

So Gaming content is your best content to rank higher on YouTube and get real revenue. You should just focus on using storytelling, roleplay, animation and challenges on your gaming content. People love it.

2- Live streams are second top searches on YouTube

Live streams are best practices to engage your audience. Which means you should use live streams to easily connect with audience. This will increase your reaching, subscribers and profits. All influencers and creators leverage this best practice because it has a huge power to boost your rankings and views.

So live stream creates amazing moments for users to interact with their brand. Which make people to engage more with this content. As result, live streams rank higher in top trending lists across the globe. As people want to be part of something as it happened.

According to YouTube statistics: there is more than one million people tune in to watch the live stream of The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final in May 2021.

This statistic shows the power of live stream to get huge audience online. Which you need to take your channels to the next level. Just leverage live streams to build branding channels.

3- Short-form videos are very trending searches on YouTube

Short-form videos are very profitable for your YouTube channels. As people like these style of videos for a range of topics such as: humor, daily life… That’s why, you should focus on short-videos to easily access to your audience. This will save you more time and efforts to create great content. That your visitors look for.

People all over the world consume more short-form videos than the long form ones. Because they want to get the messages quickly and save their time. That’s why, you should implement short videos in your business. This allows you to reach more audience and them build your brand awareness.

Just, look at TikTok’s videos. They are very short but they generate huge engagements and rankings. This is the purpose of short videos strategy which you need to grow your YouTube channels. As it works effectively for almost all niches. You should just create useful content in your short videos that your audience needs.

Therefore, short-form videos are the best strategy you can use to grow your channels. Because people like it. Which means you will get easily more views on YouTube.

4- Follows-up to past top-viewed videos – Sequels

This another trending searches on YouTube. That makes unlimited views, engagements and profit. This reveals the power of the sequels to get YouTube views and then double it to grow your channels. As people love the sequels and search for more of it. This means you need to create amazing sequels to get more views on YouTube. And then convert these views into real revenue.

Then focus on the Follows-up to past top-viewed videos. It worth your investment and your efforts. As the profit is huge!

5- Video podcasts are most searched keywords on YouTube

Video podcast is YouTube trend search in many countries like: UK, Brazil, Mexico, Italy… This indicates the huge demand for audio content on YouTube audience. Which is a perfect opportunity to grow your business. As there is less competition and more opportunities. Which will help you to reach easily your targeted viewers.

According to these podcast statistics:

  • 78% of Americans are aware of the podcast content.
  • 91% of Australians are aware of the podcast.
  • 60% of American consumers listen to podcasts.
  • 79% of consumers use mobile phones to listen to podcasts.
  • Podcast ad revenue expected to exceed $2 billion in 2023.

These stats indicate that podcast is a real online business. Where you can get more revenue, if you create useful content that your audience needs.

Then implement podcasts on your YouTube channels. As you will profit from this new YouTube option and you will also rank higher your business. The choice is yours but don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Best video tools to easily build professional videos


These are 5 trending searches on YouTube you should consider when you create YouTube videos. As they are very popular and profitable for your business to reach more audience. Which will get you more engagements, subscribers, sales and profits.

Gaming video content, live streams, short videos, sequels and video podcasts are top searches on YouTube. Because people loves this content and then they consume it more than any other YouTube content. That’s why, you should leverage them to grow your channels then your business online.

So don’t miss this profitable opportunity because the profit is very huge.

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Which search on YouTube is most relevant for your business?

How to Create a Sales Funnel

Business online is a profitable way to change your life. Because you can reach unlimited customers all over the globe. Which increase your sales and profits. That’s why you need to implement perfect marketing strategies and tools such as: how to create a sales funnel?

These marketing strategies are crucial for your business growth. You can’t easily reach your business goals without building a sales funnel that are professional. These marketing sales funnel are goldmine for your business. Because they increase the rate conversion of your business. This means more real money online. According to these business statistics:

  • 79% of consumers said web search influenced their purchase decision.
  • 94% of B2B buyers view multiple pieces of content from the vendor they choose to do business.
  • 95% of customers said that the vendor use email to stay in touch with them.
  • 84% of consumers said they were contacted by phone.
  • 59% of customers were pleased with the vendor’s touch.
  • Good landing page with video content can increase conversion rate up to 86%.
  • Perfect online sales funnel increases your conversion rates to 11%.

So these statistics indicate that the web content and the vendor’s strategy influence customers’ purchase decision. This means good content will get you more leads, sales and profit.

What the benefits of marketing sales funnel?

Online sales funnel are crucial for your business online because you will:

  • Understand your audience.
  • Create amazing user experience.
  • Boost your email list subscribers.
  • Increase your leads and sales and revenue.
  • Get good feedback and reviews from your audience.
  • Improve your business strategy.

All these benefits worth to build a funnel that can allows you to easily grow your business.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a powerful marketing strategy that can convert your visitors into loyal customers. This strategy is built through five stages: awareness, interest, desire and action.

This means you should create unique content that your visitors need. Because you should turn those visitors into customers. Not only a simple customers but a loyal ones who will promote your brand largely to his friends… Which generate you more leads and profits for free.

That’s why, sales funnel is the best strategy you should implement to take your business to the next level.

So how to create a sales funnel?

Funnel building is not easy as it seems. Because it demands more creativity and experience. You should have a good level in marketing, if you want to create the perfect business funnel. That can improve your business success and create amazing user experience. That’s why, these best practices can help you to easily create and improve your powerful sales funnel strategy:

1- Know your audience – The perfect way to make funnels

You should know and understand your visitors before creating your sales funnel strategy. It’s crucial to build unique online brand. Your visitors are the key to get unlimited benefits. Because they will help your business to grow, if you offer them the best content they need. This means you need to help them to solve their problems or just educate them.

People love good content that gives value. Which is a great opportunity to get their trust and then convert them to loyal consumers. This is the best strategy you need to get unlimited targeted website traffic. Because it work for all niches.

However, this understanding of your audience needs to make a good research to know your visitors: interests, desires, behaviors, location, gender… and other marketing data. That will offer you a clear analysis to create evergreen content marketing. Which your audience will like and share.

This research also needs to implement perfect marketing tools to get good insights of your audience such as: keyword research tools, analytics tools, content, video and design tools. Because these online tools can easily provide you with the right data about your visitors. Which allows you to create what your visitors look for and win the game!

2- Build good landing page is crucial for building a sales funnel

Good landing page is a must-need for your sales funnel strategy. Because landing page is your first interaction with your visitors. And you should create good impression, if you want to earn your visitors trust. That is very important because professional landing page creates amazing user experience. Which your audience needs to easily navigate, find what they desire and feel happy to return for purchasing.

But what makes a landing page good?

The best element you need to create a good landing page is simplicity. This means your visitors should easily navigate through your landing page. You don’t complicate your visitors journey in your page. Let them to find what they need easily and tell them what is the next. Use clear button to guide your audience to the next stage you want them to take. Don’t let your visitors to lose in your landing page. This creates a bad user experience which lose you these visitors or any sale or profit.

So use simple landing page structure, catching headline, useful content, good design and clear call to action button. Which takes your visitors to the next stage of your sales funnel process.

Also, your landing page should include customers’ testimonials. This encourages new prospects to take action and increase the conversion rate. And any other social proof that can make your business stand out.

All these tips will help you to create professional landing page that your visitors love. Which is the perfect sales funnel strategy you should leverage. Because it will get you loyal leads, sales and profit.

3- Create useful content – Marketing funnel content

Best content is a goldmine for your business. Because it can generate you more benefits like: leads, sales, subscribers to your email list and much profits for free. You need just create evergreen content that your audience needs to solve their problems.

To create this content, you should know your audience needs and their interests which I mention before. You need to analyze your visitors and test to know exactly what they want. Then offer them what their desire to build a powerful relationship with them. This will let them to trust your brand. Which will get you unlimited profit. Because people does not make a purchase, if they don’t love the vendor’s content according to this statistic:

  • 94% of B2B buyers view multiple pieces of content from the vendor they choose to do business.

So focus on good content that solves or educate your visitors.

4- Focus on video content to easily create a sales funnel

Video content is very profitable for your business. Because people and online platforms love it which will bet more traffic and profit. According to these statistics:

This shows you the unlimited opportunities you can leverage through creating useful video content. It’s a huge benefits for your business to get unlimited leads and profit.

So focus on video content to reach real customers. Who need your business. You can use many video tools to create professional video for any business you want. Then you can promote your videos for free through: social media platforms, your YouTube channels, your blog or website, related groups and forum… There is unlimited options to reach more traffic using video content.

5- Build a perfect bait to create sales funnel

To get real leads for your business, you should build the perfect bait that will catch more leads. This bait is an essential stage in the sales funnel. Because it can drive unlimited website traffic. Which means more leads and profits for free. That’s why, you need to analyze your visitors to know what they are looking for. Then create a perfect bait that they can’t avoid.

This bait can be a useful free ebook, lead magnet, free templates, unique course… You can be more creative in this stage. You should just offer something that is unique, useful and free. Because people loves these free giveaways.

So be more creative and offer value to get the visitors trust. Which is a goldmine to make unlimited sales and profits.

6- Provide email subscription form

Implement a perfect email subscription form to help your visitors to easily find where to subscribe to your list. It’s very useful to grow your email list. So don’t complicate it for your audience. People dislike to lose in the website. They want simple site structure to find what they need. That’s why, you should help your visitors to easily subscribe to your newsletter, if they want.

Fortunately, there are many email marketing providers out there. You can choose the service one you want according to your business needs. Just, focus on good email marketing services because it will get you more profit. This means you need to invest in the best email tools to take your business to the next level.

So offer a good email subscription form in your page and encourage people to subscribe. It worth your efforts.

7- Implement conversational AI chatbot

Conversational AI chatbot is a profitable marketing tool for your business. Because it will increase your business profit. Which is a perfect tool for your marketing sales funnel. As AI chatbot can interact effectively with your visitors and offer them amazing user experience. This convert them to loyal customers.

The best, there are many best AI chatbots for free or even with free trial to discover their benefits for your business. You can use these free chatbots or just purchase a good conversational AI chatbot that fits your business strategy.

Really, best AI chatbot is a must-need to create a perfect sales funnel.

8- Stay in touch with your visitors

Stay in touch with your audience is very important to grow. Because people loves business that care about them. This builds a powerful relationship which your business needs to reach more people for free. As your loyal customers will promote your brand through their social media account, groups, forums…

Really, your relationship with your audience is crucial. It will offer you unlimited opportunities to easily grow. So focus on helping your audience through creating good value, answering their comments, emailing them with helpful content and even offering some giveaway. This is a powerful strategy to build successful brand online. Which many big brands leverage.

So treat your audience as your family to get their trust. Then they were be your loyal customers.

9- Analyze your digital marketing sales funnel

Analyze your marketing sales funnel to know your gaps and improve it to grow. Because you can’t know what works and what does not, if you don’t test and analyze it. This marketing data guides you to implement the right solutions and tips. That can improve your business funnel and get more profit.

So it’s all about this analyzing to figure out which and where improvement you should make. You need just to learn how to analyze your website marketing insights through your Google analytics or other analytics tools. And make the needed improvements in your sales funnel process.

10- Analyze your competitions to improve your business funnel

Your competition analysis is a goldmine to create a sales funnel that generates more revenue. As this analysis provides you with profitable opportunities to leverage. That helps you to avoid their mistakes or just offer powerful online sales funnel than them.

So you need to keep a close look at the market to update your marketing sales funnel. Which allows to be more competitive and get more profits.

11- Leverage new AI marketing software

You should stay up to date and implement any AI technology. Which can saves your money, time and efforts such AI automation tools. That will automate your business or even automate a part of your business. You can use for example email automation flow or automation updates…

There are many automation softwares you can use to handle routine marketing tasks. Which save you money and time. You don’t need to work hard. These AI tools will help you to work easily and efficiently.

According to these statistics:

  • 78% of marketing organization have implemented new work collaboration technology.
  • 85% of marketers said they use video conferencing respectively.
  • 52% of marketers see AI technology is essential to their success.
  • 77% of marketers automate their marketing task.

These stats show that many marketers implement AI technology in their business because it helps them to get more revenue.

Finally, use this complete marketing sales funnel website to easily build your professional marketing sales funnel. That lets you to market and sell automatically your products. It worth your investment.


Now, you can easily create a sales funnel for any business you like through these best practices. These practices are proven and perfect to start growing your business online. You don’t need to be professional but you can test and analyze to improve your marketing sales funnel. This will teach you more marketing tips about your business and the visitors behaviors.

However, you can use funnel builder to easily make your funnel, if you avoid this hassle. There are many free funnel builder and paid ones. You should just choose the best one that can get you real benefits. Because the free online tools offer always limited features which can’t grow your business fast. The choice is yours.

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What do you think about these best practices to easily create a perfect sales funnel from scratch?

Best Hashtag Generator

Today, top hashtags are crucial for your business to reach the right audience on social media platforms. Because many users use them to search on mobile that is a profitable opportunity to get more followers… That’s why, you need best hashtag generator for Instagram. Where users use mostly hashtags to easily find their best brand.

According to the stats hashtags are very profitable:

  • Tweets with hashtags will increase engagement up to 100%. Which is very powerful for your reach.
  • On Instagram, a post with 1 hashtag will get 29% of engagement.
  • Post with 11 hashtags will get 79.5% of interactions on Instagram. That will increase your brand awareness.
  • On Facebook, posts with 1 hashtag get up to 39%. It’s very useful for your business.

These stats show that hashtags are very crucial for your brand to reach more the right users for free. Who can follow or like your brand.

First, what is a hashtag?

Hashtag is a combination of letters, numbers and in some case emoji which is preceded by the # symbol. You can use for example these hashtags: #onlinemarketingtools or #contentmarketing… and so on.

However, you need to use hashtag that your right audience use when they search on Instagram. As this will make your offer visible for them. Which is a great opportunity to reach more users and get more profit for free. You should just look for most trending hashtags related to your business. That can get you more leads, sales and profits. Which is the best strategy to grow your brand on Instagram.

So hashtag is another keyword that can generate you more social media engagement and rankings.

What are hashtags used for?

You can use hashtag to indicate that the content is related to a specific topic. Which helps social media algorithms to understand the content and then rank it to the right users. Who need this content. This creates a great user experience and generate more profit for social media websites and for businesses as well.

This makes hashtag very helpful to rank content for the right users. It’s like the role of keywords in search engines optimization.

What are best hashtag generator for Instagram?

Nowadays, there are many great marketing tools you can use to get top hashtags for your business online such as:

1- Influencer Marketing Hub – Best free hashtag generator

Influencer Marketing Hub offers you great online tool for free. Which can provide hashtags for your business. You should just upload your image to get the related hashtags. That can get you more traffic, leads and profit for free. This save you money and time. Visit the Influencer Marketing Hub Instagram hashtag generator here!

2- Flick – Powerful Instagram hashtag finder

Flick is another great marketing software. That offers many marketing services including Instagram hashtag search to find, manage and analyze hashtags.

These are some Flick’s hashtag Instagram tool:

  • Get 40 hashtags suggestions for every search you do. This offer you rich marketing data to find the relevant hashtag.
  • Use hashtag checker to analyze your finding hashtags.
  • Filter using key hashtag metrics. That offers you more trending hashtags to overpass your competitions.
  • Use +40 languages to search for hashtags. which allows you to sell this services to your customers and get real money.
  • And much more features.

Watch this demo video to see Flick’s hashtag Instagram tool in action!

Unfortunately, this unique tool dose not offer free level. You have just a 7 day free trial to discover Flick. Then you should upgrade to premium level, if you want to use this marketing software.

Otherwise, Flick is the best hashtag generator for Instagram you should use to get top hashtags for your brand.

3- Hashtagsforlikes – Trending hashtags on Instagram

Another perfect hashtag tool to generate hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can just write the related keyword to your post, to get popular hashtags that fit your content. As this tool provides a list of top hashtags you need to reach your targeted audience.

Also, this hashtag tool is a paid one. You can’t use it for free. You have only the premium version which start from $19 weekly. This level offers you profitable features like:

  • Get popular hashtags related to your business.
  • Track and manage your hashtags. Which increase your reach.
  • Get live analytics to improve your Instagram rankings.
  • Performance reports to analyze everything about your hashtag strategy.
  • Top hashtags for Instagram and TikTok platforms.
  • And other features to grow your hashtag strategy.

The best, Hashtagsforlikes provides a strong guarantee policy to secure your investment. This allows to get a full refund, if you are not satisfied with their services within your15 days of signing up.

Besides, Hashtagsforlikes works with all industries and personalities. This means it’s a powerful platform that offer a strong hashtag services for Instagram and TikTok. That’s why, it has over 11,000 marketers who love Hashtagsforlikes’ services all over the world.

So you can leverage this best hashtag generator for Instagram as well. And take your brand to the next level!

4- Kicksta – Unique Hashtag generator for Instagram

Kicksta is complete digital marketing software. That provides multiple Instagram marketing services including Instagram hashtag service. This great hashtag tool offers an easy service to reach targeted audience, increase your followers, promote your new product and build powerful brand.

Unfortunately, this hashtag tool is not free. It does not offer a free version. You need to invest in its premium version to profit from its services. Which start from $49.00 monthly to get amazing features and services. That include hashtag services, tracking and analyzing and growing your branding. This means you will get real followers, more engagements, new targeted users, more sales and profits.

So Kicksta offers organic Instagram reaching. This means real engagement and followers who need your business. There is no buying or faking Instagram engagement or followers. Which is very powerful for your brand. Because you build a real brand awareness on Instagram.

If you want real Instagram engagement, Kicksta is perfect Instagram hashtag generator to grow organically your business. It’s up to you!

5- Sistrix – Best hashtag generator

Sistrix is a powerful hashtag tool. Which generates unlimited hashtags for your Instagram content. You should just entre a word or a phrase to get most trending hashtags related to your industry. It’s the best tool with a free version you can use to get unlimited hashtags.

If you want to get the most of this hashtag tool, you should sign in and upgrade to premium level. This level offers you more advanced options than free one.

In addition, Sistrix is complete digital marketing software that offers many others services such as:

  • Full SEO services.
  • Content marketing services.
  • Influencer marketing service.
  • Packages marketing tools like: Instagram hashtag generator, measure your SEO success…

Even if Sistrix does not offer all its marketing services totally for free, but it’s good to start.

6- All-hashtag – Best free hashtag generator

All-hashtag is the best tool you can use for free to unlimited hashtags for your business. There is no limit and it’s very easy to use. You should just entre a word to get a list of hashtags.

The best, this hashtag app includes other amazing hashtag tools like:

  • Hashtag generator to get top, random and live hashtags.
  • Hashtag creator where you can easily create your hashtags.
  • And hashtag counter to count hashtags on existing text or create a new one.
  • Hashtag analytics to analyze your hashtags metrics and take action.
  • Top hashtag tool that shows the best hashtags for today or last 7 days.

All these hashtag tools make All- hashtag the best hashtag generator you can use for Instagram and other social media sites. Which saves you more money and time.

So All-hashtag is best free hashtag generator you ever need to grow your social media profiles.

Discover this perfect social media management tool!


These are 6 best hashtag generator for Instagram. That can help you to increase your Instagram profile visibility. All these hashtag tools have a free trial with premium version. This premium level will provide you with unique options that can easily grow your brand in social media platform.

So you have the choice to select the hashtag tool that fits your needs.

Lastly, i will create a full guide of the best free hashtag generators. That are totally free to help small businesses to grow their business.

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Which hashtag tool will implement in your Instagram profile?

Digital Marketing Softwares

Today, you can’t take your online business to the next level without using powerful digital marketing softwares. These tools are a must-need because they save you more money, efforts and time. Almost all big companies use more and more digital marketing tools in their businesses. As they worth the investment.

According to these statistics:

  • 78% of marketing organization have implemented new work collaboration technology.
  • 85% of marketers said they use video conferencing respectively.
  • 52% of marketers see AI technology is essential to their success.
  • 77% of marketers automate their marketing task.

These stats indicate the powerful of online marketing softwares which can get you more profit. This will change the way companies do their business. As these tools can make these companies more competitive and productive. That’s why, marketers want to implement more AI technology into their businesses.

Online marketing softwares’ benefits:

These online tools are very crucial for your business because they can:

  • Get relevant marketing data. Which can easily grow your business.
  • Help you to improve your marketing strategy.
  • Create a good user experience. Which grow your brand.
  • Make your business more competitive.
  • Save you money and time.
  • Generate more sales and revenue.

Which digital marketing softwares should you use?

As a professional marketer, you need the best tools that can save you money and time. That’s why, you should implement these online marketing tools in your business:

1- Best Google digital marketing software tools

Google tools are very useful for small and big businesses. As they provide profitable marketing data for free. Which you use to analyze and improve your performance. I had mentioned some these Google tools which you can use as a startup to grow.

Here, the two powerful Google marketing platforms that are a must-need for your online business:

1- 1 Google My Business for local businesses

GMB is a must-need for you to list your local business. That will allow you to be visible in local search. Which will generate your business unlimited leads, sales and profit. All you need is to optimize your local business through GMB. You should just verify and add your business information such as: your business name, your business address, your phone number and your opening hours. These business information will help you to rank higher in local searches. Which can get you more customers to find easily your business store.

That’s why, GMB is crucial for your local business because it helps your business to reach the right customers for free. You don’t need to pay anything for this great listing. And the same for listing your local store in Bing and other search engines. You can list your local site for free in all these search engines.

So if you have a local store, Google My Business is the best marketing tool you should consider. It worth your time and effort.

1-2 Google Analytics – The essential digital marketing softwares

Google Analytics is the best online tool you should use for your business analytics. Because it tracks everything element in your online website like: your goals, users activities on your page, users location, language… And many other measurement. All these marketing data is crucial to improve your business.

Really, you can’t do well without Google Analytics. It’s a goldmine that can take your business to the next level, if you know how to analyze this valuable marketing insights.

So what is benefits of the Google Analytics?
  • Gather marketing insights that can improve your business.
  • Track everything on your website.
  • Measure your website speed, traffic, conversion…
  • Track particular elements on your page to see its performance.
  • Measure your Ad campaigns.
  • Track your marketing goals.

These are some best benefits to use the Google Analytics for your business online. That are useful because they allow to take the right marketing strategy to easily improve your business.

2- HubSpot the perfect inbound marketing software

HubSpot is a great online software for your business online. As it offers all online marketing tools you need to improve and manage your marketing strategy. This means you can use their best tools such as: unique customer relationship management (CRM) platform, amazing landing pages, powerful email marketing tools, social media integration and management… And much more great online marketing softwares. That improve your business and save you money, time and efforts.

The best, you can start your journey with Hubspot for free. As it offers you many digital marketing softwares for free which helps you to easily start your business and get sales. Then you have the choice to upgrade your Hubspot account to premium level. Which allows to get more advanced internet marketing tools and services.

All these marketing services are very useful for business. Because they can get more leads, sales and profit. This will help you to easily build a powerful brand online from scratch.

What are the benefits of HubSpot?

Your business will get real benefits for this great marketing platform such as:

  • Get powerful best digital marketing softwares you ever need in one dashboard for free.
  • Build successful business online because you get will free courses and other marketing services. That can help your business to easily grow.
  • Create unique relationship with your customers. Which will increase your user experience and then your profits.
  • Leverage social media platforms successfully. As HupSpot provides unique tools to easily engage with your audience.
  • Get free courses, great support ( premium level) and many other marketing services. That will help your improve and grow your business.
  • Profit from great email marketing services with unique email tips. Which will grow your email list.
  • Track and improve your website. Because it provides you analytics data to make improvement you need.
  • Increase your sales and revenue. Which the goal of your business.
  • Build a powerful business online from scratch for free. Even if free version has a limit level but it’s better than nothing.

In other words, Hubspot is the powerful inbound marketing tool you should leverage to grow your brand.

3- Jasper AI – Unique AI software

Today, AI technology is a must-need to implement on your business online. Because it saves your money, time and efforts. Also this new AI tool will increase your revenue. As it allows you to use its power to automatically create good copy for your blog posts, landing pages, social media, ads, email marketing and other business content.

According to statistics:

  • The AI market is predicted to reach $180 billion by 2025. Which is a huge!
  • 20% of businesses automate their marketing task through AI tools.
  • 80% of retail executives expect to adopt AI technology automation in their businesses by 2027.
  • 80% of CEOs use AI technology in their offices.
  • 54% of executives say that using AI technology in their workplace has increased the productivity.
  • 79% of executives think the AI technology will make their task simple and more efficient.
  • In 2020, chatbots responded to 85% of customer service interactions. This means more sales and profits.

All these stats indicate that the AI tools are more profitable for business. Which means the market of AI technology will increase in the future.

Jsper AI copywriting software

Sure, Jasper is the perfect AI copywriting software you can implement in your content marketing. Because it’s a powerful online tool to make your job more easier and more productive.

With Jasper AI, you can write 5x more content than any other copywriting tool in the market. That’s why, it’s best software you can use to produce more content. Which increase your revenue as well.

However, Jasper AI has only a limited free trial to discover this amazing AI tool. As it offers 10,000 words for free but you need to upgrade to premium level to use it as you like.

How does Jasper AI work?

Jasper is a powerful AI technology to generate marketing content automatically. So you don’t need to writing anything. Jasper AI does the whole work.

Just, watch this demo video

In other words, Jasper AI is a powerful AI copywriting software you should implement in your business.

4- Ahrefs – Best SEO tools

Ahrefs provides all best SEO tools you need to grow your business. Which includes tools to analyze websites, look for new keywords, audit websites, find lucrative back links and gaps to overpass your competition… and much more SEO tools.

so Ahrefs offers exactly these SEO services:

  1. Unique dashboard to control your marketing strategy. Where you have an overview of all your projects and its insights. Which allows to track all your projects SEO performance.
  2. Site Explorer to explore any website you like and get all its SEO data such as its keywords, link building…
  3. Keywords Explorer to find new opportunities to rank higher than your competition.
  4. Site Audit to analyze any website to find any SEO issues. Which helps you to improve your website.
  5. Rank Tracker to track and improve your rankings on desktop and mobile.
  6. Content Explorer to find trending ideas to create evergreen content and link building opportunities.

These are the best Ahrefs’ SEO services that will get you unlimited benefits. Here, full guide of the best free keyword research tools.

Ahrefs is a unique keyword research tool

The best, Ahrefs can generate trending keywords for many search engines like Google , Bing, Yandex, YouTube, Amazon… This allows you to find more profitable keywords that your competitors can’t. That will generate you unlimited links building, leads, sales and profits.

Also you can get Ahrefs Webmaster tools for free. Which is great opportunity for your small businesses to start their journey. Because they provide many good SEO tools for free like: Backlink checker, Website authority checker, Keyword generator, Keyword rank checker…

All these SEO tools are crucial for your business to grow. That’s Ahrefs includes perfect softwares for digital marketing you ever need.

5- Canva – Another must-need online marketing software

Canva is very profitable for your business online. Because it helps you to create professional designs for any purpose for free. That’s why, all marketers use this great online tool. And it is very easy to use. You don’t any skills to create any graphic or design for any personal or commercial project.

With this design tool, you can create any design or graphic you like such as: logo, presentation, social media posts, poster, infographic, video, business cards… Also, you can upload your own designs or photos, if you want and edit them to fit your desire or need and much more options for free. Which save you money every time you need professional design for your marketing content.

The best, you can get more advanced features in Canva premium version like editing your designs by editing the background or adding sounds and music and other elements. There is no limit, you can create unlimited high quality graphics, designs, posters, videos, templates… That’s why, it’s the best digital marketing software you ever need to design unlimited graphic design for any business.

Can I use Canva offline?

Unfortunately, you can’t because Canva does not work offline. It needs Internet connection to work.

So if you need any high quality graphic design, Canva is the best design tool you ever need.

6- SendinBlue – Great internet marketing software for your email

SendinBlue is the best solution you can use for your email marketing. This marketing software fits more small and medium businesses. Because it offers professional email marketing services that suits your budge. Which means it’s a very affordable online platform.

Really, you will enjoy the professional email services with SendinBlue because they provide good services like: email marketing, SMS marketing, marketing automation, CRM services, landing pages and other services.

In addition, SendinBlue offers free plan up to 2,000 subscribers, unlimited contact storage and 300 emails a day. But unlimited email automation starts at just $25 monthly.

So discover this powerful email software that easily grow your business online.

What are digital marketing channels?

Digital marketing channels are online marketing platforms that help businesses to easily reach your right audience such as: search engines, social media platforms and specific groups and forums.


These are 6 digital marketing softwares that will save your money, time and efforts. Because they provide professional marketing services which make your job easy and allow you to increase your productivity.

Thanks for reading…


Which software do you think is most relevant to your business?

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Today, there are many profitable ways to generate easily real money online. That had changed life of many people for better but is it easy for affiliate marketing without a website to make any profit?

In this post, i will leverage some profitable options which you can use to generate real money online. These options still work, even if many online platforms try to block the affiliate links. But you can succeed to post these links within your content and make sales without any problems. Many marketers had used it before for years to get more profit through these proven affiliate marketing ideas. Which you can leverage as well. You need just to provide value in your content. Which can help you to easily reach the targeted audience.

Why Affiliate marketing is profitable?

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is a booming industry. As the majority of big businesses have created their affiliate programs to generate more revenue. This make marketers more creative to reach the right customers which generate them more revenue. Especially with the growing of ecommerce, you can promote unlimited products for the right audience. Which offers unlimited opportunities to make easily real money online. As people purchase basic products, household devices, tech gadgets… and many other products. This create a profitable options for you to provide your audience with their desired products or services.

In other words, you can promote unlimited affiliate products online and get your commissions. You need just to learn affiliate marketing and how to leverage many marketing channels out there to get the traffic to the product or service you are promoting.

Many stats indicate that affiliate marketing will go higher in the next five years. For example, Statista said that:

  • Affiliate marketing in the United States could reach $8.2 billion in 2022. Which increase from $7.4 billion in 2021.
  • In Japan, businesses spent 2.7 billion on affiliate marketing in 2019. Which will increase to $4.3 billion in 2024.
  • 90% of businesses and advertisers consider affiliate marketing as their essential strategy to generate higher revenue.
  • 84% of publishers also use affiliate marketing to grow.

So these stats shows you why you should leverage affiliate marketing niches. They worth your investment.

How to use affiliate marketing without a website to win money online?

You can use these proven strategies to earn real money online through affiliate links without any site such as:

1- Focus on YouTube channels – Powerful affiliate marketing ideas

YouTube is the best platform for video. This unique platform has over 2 billion users all over the world. This means it’s a great platform to leverage, if you want to take your business to the next level!

According to stats:

  • YouTube has over 2 billion logged in monthly users.
  • 18–34 year old are watching YouTube, on mobile alone, reaches more people in this US audience than any TV network.
  • YouTube is localized in over 100 countries and can be accessed in 80 different languages.
  • One billion hours watched daily!
  • 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.
  • 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
  • 96% of marketers have placed ad spend on video.
  • 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing on social media.
  • Facebook is the #1 platform where marketers plan to invest in the next 12 months, followed by YouTube and Instagram.

These stats direct you to create useful YouTube videos which educate and solve your audience’s problems. Then you can include your affiliate offer within your video description. This strategy works effectively with any industry. You can promote any affiliate program that is related with your audience interest through your YouTube channels.

However, you should short your affiliate links because it’s not professional to use it like this. Also, many platforms will block it. That’s why, you should short the affiliate links and focus on creating the best content. That your visitors really need.

So YouTube channels are the best technique you can use to earn commissions from affiliate marketing without a website.

2- Leverage other social media platforms – Get unlimited affiliate commissions

Other social media websites are very profitable to promote your affiliate offers. Because users in these websites love useful content that helps them to solve their needs. These websites also encourage good video content. Which helps you to reach more users and then make real money online using affiliate links within your content.

So you can create unique content as videos or posts or creative designs including the affiliate links… and post them in these social media platforms. But you need to make this content more educative and engaged. People in these platforms love useful guides and X list posts. That guide them to improve their living or life.

In other words, social media platforms encourage unique content which helps you to reach more people. Then you can get more profits or just build a powerful email list.

3- Publish useful content marketing in the groups related to your niche

You can publish good content in the groups and forums that are related to your niche. You use social media groups or specific forums where you can find your audience. As i mention before, your content should be more helpful to the audience than selling! Because many online platforms block affiliate links.

So you need to build good relationship with the users before guiding them to your offer. This means you should interact, answer, help and give more value to these forums or groups. That can build trustful relationship with the audience of these forums. Then you can guide this audience smoothly to your affiliate offers.

So the key here is the best content that the audience needs.

4- Use email marketing to promote your affiliate offers

Email marketing is the best way to make real money online. Because good email list converts better than any other marketing channel. According to many statistics email marketing is very profitable:

  • Every $1 you spend, you expect an average return of $42!
  • Over 4 billion people use email marketing! That is a huge number!
  • Conversion rates for emails are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search.
  • 81% of businesses say that email drives customer acquisition.
  • 59% of marketers cite email as their number one source of ROI.
  • Email offers result in shoppers spending 138% on their purchases.
  • 99% of consumers use email every single day. 
  • 60% of consumers prefer signing up for a brand’s email list for promotional offers.
  • 59% of consumers say that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions.

So email marketing is a goldmine but you should build perfect email list, if you want to generate real money online. In this article, you will learn 17 powerful tips to easily build profitable email list. Use these tips to make real money from email because it worth your investment.

If you don’t have a good email list, you should create professional landing page and start your journey to build a perfect list for the targeted audience. After that, you promote the affiliate offer that your subscribers look for.

In addition, you should be careful with your subscribers. Don’t just spam your list with affiliate offers. You can offer them some free items such as free ebook templates or free graphic designs… You have to be respectful, helpful and professional marketer to win their trust.

This trust is the key to get unlimited profit . Just, focus on good relationship because the money is in the list.

5- Create Perfect PPC campaigns for your affiliate link

PPC campaigns are crucial to generate real money online. Because you have the opportunity to target the right audience that need your affiliate offers. Which save you more money and time to get real profits and to build profitable email list. It’s the best practice to promote affiliate marketing without a website.

This great tip is really profitable because you can just use the landing pages that your email marketing provider offers yo. There are many email platforms that offer professional landing pages for free or upgrade to the premium level. Which will offers more valuable features than free version.

Paid digital marketing tools are more profitable

The choice is yours but premium level offers you more professional landing pages. Which you can use in your PPC campaigns to sell the affiliate offers and to gather subscribers to your list as well. That will double your opportunities because you can target this list in other email campaigns to increase your conversion rate. This means you will get unlimited profits.

However, profitable PPC marketing campaigns need marketing knowledge and skills to get the right results. That’s why, you should learn how to create powerful ad campaigns because it will save you money and time. As you don’t need to look for the best freelancer or agency or any ad creation tool

Today, there are many options to learn ad campaigns online such as: Google ppc training, Bing ppc, Facebook blueprint course, Udemy courses, YouTube videos… All these courses are free. You can learn everything about PPC campaigns for free but you can profit more from paid courses and videos. That can take you to another marketing level and to profit more from your affiliate marketing without a website.

So take action to easily build your powerful online affiliate marketing. You have all marketing tools and tips you ever need.


These are 5 best practices to earn real money online from affiliate marketing without a website. All these tips work for almost all affiliate offers. You should just analyse your affiliate offers and reach the right audience. So take action and change your life for better.

Thanks for reading…


What do you think about these 5 tips to leverage affiliate marketing without a website?

Instagram SEO

Optimizing your Instagram SEO can increase your products or services. This optimizing will get you more benefits for free because it helps to reach the right audience for your business. That saves you more money and time. This means you can start making sales, profit and then building powerful online branding.

Instagram is another profitable social media platform with huge number of users. That allows you to easily build successful online business because Instagram optimization is a must-need to rank your business higher to reach the profitable audience. Which generates you unlimited leads, sales and profits.

Stats show that:

  • Instagram has now more that 2 billion active users.
  • Instagram has 23% engagement than Facebook.
  • +70% of Instagram users are younger than 34.
  • 58% of marketers are using Instagram to market their services or products.
  • 70% of users watch Instagram stories daily.
  • 71% of Instagram content is image posts.
  • 75% of businesses have an Instagram account.

So these stats indicate that Instagram is a profitable social media platform that can get more profits.

What is Instagram seo?

Instagram search engine optimization (SEO) is about the best practices that can increase your Instagram profile and Instagram content to easily be found. Which will put your business in front of the right users who need your services or products. This can save you more money and time. As you don’t need to spend any money in advertising because you can easily reach unlimited targeted users. That’s why, Instagram optimization is crucial for your business online. You can’t miss this optimization because you will lose more leads and profits for your competition.

All big brands use Instagram tips and tricks that can help their businesses to easily reach more users and then generate more profit. As these brands know the powerful of Instagram in marketing.

So you need to optimize your Instagram account if you want to profit from this great social media platform. As it worth your money, time and effort.

What are these best practices to leverage Instagram SEO?

Instagram is the best social platform that can offer you unlimited leads and profits. But you should implement these powerful SEO optimization tips to increase your reaching:

1- Focus on trending keywords

You should add trending keywords related to your business to your Instagram name, bio, caption and your content as well. This simple tip is very important for optimization because it tells Insta about your business. That increases your Insta profile fast and saves you money and time. Here, a full guide about 7 free keyword research tools. Use it to get unlimited keywords for your business online for free.

Adding these keywords to your Instagram account is crucial. Because all search engines and social media platforms use them for ranking. You can’t get good rankings without optimizing your Insta account for the keywords that suit your business. It’s the basic of SEO. That’s why, all online businesses use keywords in their social media profiles to reach unlimited users easily and faster.

According to stats:

  • $79.27 billion: The estimated amount brands and agencies in the united states will shell out for SEO services in 2020.
  • More than $5,000: The monthly amount the majority of businesses are spending on SEO.
  • 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something end to visit a business within a day.
  • 90% of consumers used the web to find a local business.

So these stats tell you to focus on SEO tips because it’s crucial for your business online. You won’t get any visitors to your business online without using trending keywords that fit your business in your Insta account.

2- Leverage ALT text SEO

Adding ALT text to your insta posts is a must-need because it has a great benefits for your SEO best practices. You need to include related ALT text description on your posts or images… That can increase your rankings more to get more leads and profit.

ALT text is another basic SEO tip which you should use in all search engines and social media marketing. As it allows these platforms to rank your business for the right users. Which create amazing experience for your visitors.

Including ALT text in images or content will generate more Insta real followers, leads and profit for free. Here, more tips for image optimization SEO that can help any business online.

So don’t miss this profitable Instagram SEO hack if you want more Instagram traffic.

3- Add Insta trending hashtag today

Insta trending Hashtags are useful SEO tip to reach more users who need your business. these Hashtags are very important on Instagram because your content will be visible on the corresponding Hashtag pages. Which increase your visibility on Instagram to reach more targeted users for free.

So viral hashtags for Instagram can get you real leads and profit because these hashtags really work in comment and caption. They help your content to be visible to your targeted audience. That’s why, there are many Insta tag generators that many big businesses use them to get more likes, followers and profits.

In other words, Insta post hashtag works because they reach your content to the hashtag’s audience related.

4- Add geo tags

You can add your location or popular place near you to you insta posts. This can also increase your reaching for free. These geo tags work as keywords which generate more visitors and profit. You should just choose what fit your business. This means you need to look for popular geo tags can that can increase your reaching or what geo tags that your audience use.

So, don’t forget to use these trending geo tags that fit your business because they work as well.

5- Create useful guides – Perfect Instagram SEO tip

You should create good guides that teach or solve your visitors’ problems. People loves this type of content. When you create unique guide for anything that is related to your business, people will like, share, follow and visit your business online. Which increases your reaching and get you more profit.

However, you need to create unique guides that teach your visitors. Don’t just copy what is online and paste it. This can harm your branding. Be creative and offer some great content. It may need money, time and effort but it worth it because you can go viral on the Instagram which gets you unlimited profit.

You can create guides for any business such as: designs and graphics, social media best practices, email marketing tips, save money habits, self-improvement hacks, home and decor techniques… There is no limit and you can be more creative.

So, creating content for Instagram that your audience wants is the key to success.

6- Use perfect social media design to get more Insta engagement

People loves powerful social media design because they say these designs as an art. That has a power in impact on your business. As the more your content gets more social engagement, the more you reach more users and get more leads, sales and profit.

According to stats:

  • 80 % of people remember things they see or do.
  • A post was three times more likely to be re-shared if it included an image.
  • 35 % of people on the internet are willing to share images they find on the web!
  • Articles with images get 94% more views!
  • 60% of consumers will contact a business when its image shows up in local search results!
  • In eCommerce, 67% of consumers buy according to products’ images!

So illustration design is a must-need for your Instagram branded content because it will get unlimited profits for free. Read why do you need illustration design in your business online.

7- Be social

You should participate on Instagram through liking, commenting and engaging with other Instagram pages within your niche. If you don’t engage with others on Instagram, you won’t build powerful business online. It’s crucial to grow your Instagram page because people like to engage with them. So you need to give more value before to get anything.

So comment and follow other good Insta pages within your industry to be noticed and then build strong relationship with them, if you want to generate more Instagram engagement. Which will grow your business fast than your competitors.

In addition, you can build powerful partnership with other businesses and marketers. You can easily find Instagram influencers, you should just offer them the value they need to let them to engage with your business. There are huge opportunities in this type of partnership which will save you money and time and then you will grow easier and faster.

If the competition is very hard within your niche, you can leverage micro influencers on Instagram. There is less competition and more opportunities to grow.

Don’t miss micro influencers on Instagram, it’s a powerful Instagram strategy to take your business to the next level.

You should also tag people, create more videos and go alive on Instagram. They are useful best practices to build powerful brand on Instagram.


These are 7 best tips for your Instagram SEO which you should leverage to build powerful Instagram branding. You can use these tips for any business online. They work because they are the basic hacks for Instagram optimization.

Thanks for reading…


What do you think about these Instagram marketing tips?