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Best recruitment platform is crucial for your company to efficiently find the right candidates and save more money, time and effort. That means you need to compare large numbers of candidates to efficiently hire the best employees for your business. That’s why you need best recruiting tools like Testlify that I will present in this complete review.

Testlify is a great marketing tool to easily find and hire the right employee for your business and then you can increase your productivity and your profits.

So Testlify is a great option for talent assessment because it provides a large test library that allows you to assess candidates for certain capabilities fast and efficiently that will save you more money and time and make your company more productive and competitive.

That’s why many talent management statistics focus on using the perfect HR talent management software because it will generate huge profit for your business:

  • 95% Of businesses feel their organizations have poor recruitment strategies.
  • 40% Of companies struggle to identify high-potential employees.
  • 78% Of businesses consider talent management a highly important issue.
  • 75% Of HR leaders believe talent management deficiencies are causing decreased business performance.
  • 67% Of companies are investing in talent management software.

Therefore, all these statistics state the need of using best AI recruiting software because it provides more potential opportunities to increase your revenue and easily grow your business.

What are Testlify’ s benefits

Testlify is a perfect automated recruitment system to generate real benefits such as:

  • Easily create assessment
  • Quickly find the right employee for your company
  • Improve your business performance
  • Boost your company productivity and competitiveness
  • Increase your sales and revenue
  • Save your money and time

Therefore, Testlify is a great AI recruiting software to quicken your hiring process because it allows you to test candidates for on-the-job abilities to quickly find the most competent candidate that will save you money, time and effort.

What’s Testlify  

Testlify is an amazing assessment platform to easily test candidates and find the right one for your company because it utilizes accurate, automated and unbiased deep analysis.

It also provides a growing collection of 650+ exams covering a wide range of skills and industries and great templates to help you create an assessment or you can even create your own using a combination of exams.

So all these tests are classified into eight major categories:

  • Role specific
  • Programming
  • Software
  • Cognitive ability
  • Language
  • Situational
  • Engineering
  • Personality and culture

Besides, each of these categories will have a list of applicable skills assessments that allows you to determine which skills to test.

Watch Testlify’ s video presentation.

Testlify review

Product Name: Testlify

Founder Name: Abhishek Shah

Sales Page: Click here

Front-End Price: $99.00 – Lifetime deal!

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Level Skill: All levels

Support: Fast Support

Recommend: Highly Recommended

Testlify ’s features

Testlify is a best hiring platform you should consider because it offers amazing features such as : 

  • Live coding test
  • 100 candidates per year
  • 500+ premium test templates
  • $3 per additional candidate
  • Unlimited assessments
  • Unlimited recruiter seats
  • Video & amp, audio interviewing
  • File upload & typing test
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides integration
  • Advanced proctoring
  • ATS integrations via Zapier
  • Multi-lingual candidate experience
  • Reports & insights
  • GDPR compliant
  • Lifetime access to Testlify
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One time purchase of

If you need more features, you have 5 other codes to choose the best one that fits your company needs.

Who can leverage this best recruiting software 

Testlify is a perfect recruitment automation software you can use for many businesses such as:

  • Marketing agency
  • Social media a
  • Ecommerce business
  • Elearning business
  • Coaching website
  • Small business
  • Big business
  • And much more…

Therefore, Testlify is a great automated recruitment software you should consider because it can save more money, time and effort and easily will help you to strengthen your company with the right employees.

What users are saying about this best talent management platform

“Highly Recommend Testlify Tool for Screening Potential Candidates” – Deepthi L.

What do you like best about Testlify? As a recruiter, I loved the ease of use that Testlify provides. Setting up the tests for the pre-screening of candidates process is quite smooth and not too complicated. It is a hassle-free process and easy to manage the candidates from the assessment portal. What do you dislike about Testlify? There is nothing that we dislike about the testlify tool as far as we have used it. Recommendations to others considering Testlify: Definitely a great tool for hiring managers to quickly find the most suitable candidates without compromising on quality. What problems is Testlify solving and how is that benefiting you? The huge test question library + we can custom the questions is really a great combo, which completely solved our problem of designing the questions. Definitely, reducing the time to create these skill tests will help us to focus on shortlisting more and more candidates for my organization. Response from Anuraag Surany Raman of Testlify Hi Deepthi, We’re glad you’ve had a great experience with Testlify. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your feedback. Happy to know that you found our platform easy to use and hassle-free when creating tests, assessing and managing candidates during the test-taking process. Glad you like Testlify’s test libraries and that it enabled you to efficiently screen candidates and shortlist the best among them:) Thanks very much for the positive recommendation of Testlify and for using it for your hiring. We truly value your support!

“Makes hiring easier and faster! Customer support is cheery on the cake:)” – Ruby L.

What do you like best about Testlify? There are a lot of things that I liked about Testlify. I have used many hiring tools before, but none of them was as seamless and easy to use as this. The platform is user-friendly and I did not find any complexity in using the features mentioned. One of the best things about Testlify is that it allows you to use every feature available in the free plan, making it easier to decide whether you want the paid plan. Another fantastic feature that fits well into any assignment is the custom question that has different types too! What do you dislike about Testlify? There are certain things that the platform must add to make the experience better. However, the library has over 250+ templates but needs more additions. The limitations of the assessment settings are yet another fact that I disliked. It would also be great if I could rate the candidates’ answers! What problems is Testlify solving and how is that benefiting you? The biggest problem that Testlify is currently solving is decreasing the bulk of applications that we receive for any job posting, and thus, our burden too. It becomes difficult for any hirer to select one or two candidates from among the hundreds that have applied. There are features that help us know the candidates better even before we meet them personally for an interview. Thanks to Testlify, we have been able to select some of the best employees that have been pivotal in our growth. So, we owe Testlify one! Response from Anuraag Surany Raman of Testlify Hi Ruby, we’re glad you had a great experience using Testlify! Thank you for taking out time to write about us. And a big thank you for the positive recommendation, really appreciate it:) We also value your feedback and will surely work on the limitations you have mentioned and bring in new and improved features!

Is Testlify worth your investment

Testlify is a perfect hiring tool that will unlock a huge potential of hiring the right employees and easily increase your business productivity and competitiveness.

It also provides all options you ever need to easily create your own assessment and modify or add any specific questions to your exam to perfectly test and evaluate each candidate.

That means Testlify is worth your investment because you will get all features you need to create or customize your tests or exams to fit your business needs.

You will also get lifetime access toTestlify with zero monthly fees, GDPR compliant to avoid any law issues, a 30 day back guarantee and more.

So don’t miss this amazing tool for sourcing candidates because it’s a limited offer!

After this Testlify review, you have all the details you need to easily make the right decision. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use – No skill needed
  • For newbies and experts
  • Create unlimited assessments
  • Reports & insights
  • GDPR compliant
  • Lifetime access to Testlify
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One time purchase of


  • Limit offer – The price will go up
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

Visit Testlify sales page


Testlify is your best recruiting software to easily create unlimited assessments and choose the right employees for your company that will save you money and time and will boost your business productivity and competitiveness.

That’s why Testlify is the best alternative to many other talent management software in the market.

So I hope this Testlify review will help you to make the right decision and start hiring the right employees for your business.   



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Testlify Review

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