best affiliate marketing niches!

The best affiliate marketing niches are niches with evergreen demands to make more money. In these marketing niches, you can build easily a powerful passive income. Because you have high quality products and profitable customers who are ready to buy these products.

These two elements are crucial, if you want to make money from affiliate marketing. Sure, you should blog about what you like. You should also solve the main problem of your readers. Because you write for them, to educate or inform or persuade or entertain them…

That’s why you need these best niches where you can help people to find what they are looking for and make money as a professional marketer!

What are best affiliate marketing niches?

Affiliate marketing is a process where you promote a product to earn a commission. So you find and market a product you think is best for your audience then you get a percentage of its price after the visitors buy from your link.

This marketing system is very profitable for the product owner, the affiliate and the customer. Because everyone enjoy the result he gets. The product owner and the affiliate earn money and the customer solve a problem!

In other words, affiliate marketing is a very profitable system to create a perfect income and change your life better.

15 best affiliate marketing niches to make more money!

That’s why you need these best affiliate marketing niches:

1- Beauty

Beauty is great niche where you find good products to promote for your visitors and earn huge commissions.

Cosmetic industry is booming one with unlimited products for any gender or age.. Many big companies invest more money in this niche because there is unlimited profits!

According to stats:

  • The global beauty industry expected to reach a value of $863 billion by 2024.
  • American women spend a monthly average of $313 on their appearance.
  • Nearly 50% of women search for their products online.
  • The men’s personal care industry predicted to rise to an astonishing $166 billion by 2022.
  • Skincare accounts for 45% of the total cosmetic products’ sales.
  • Every 15 seconds, 1 Avon lipstick is sold in the US.

These stats announce a big market you should leverage with high quality products, if you want to profit. Because the competition is very hard from the bigger companies.

Beauty niche is great to earn unlimited affiliate commissions, if you market the best offer for the right audience.

Beauty industry worth your investment!

2- Health

Health is a great one that provides an unlimited products for many micro health niches such as:

  • Healthy food
  • Healthy living home
  • Teeth health
  • Hair health
  • Baby health
  • Aye and vision care
  • Fat loss
  • Depression
  • Back pain
  • Diabetes
  • And much more sub-niches…

These micro niches are a goldmine because they let you to avoid the hard competition and reach a very profitable market.

If you focus on these micro niches, you can rank easily your offer and build a profitable passive income!

3- Fashion

Another broad niche where you can build a powerful income as a professional marketer. This niche is a huge evergreen demands all over the world.

According to Shopify:

  • The global fashion ecommerce industry was expected to hit $672.71 billion by 2023!
  • The value of the US market is projected to reach $100 billion by 2021.

This means more competition!

So what can you do to rank higher your affiliate site?

The solution for you as a startup is to focus on its micro niches!

If you search for these fashion small niches, you will find unlimited ideas. This is the best solution to market easily this profitable niche and avoiding the hard competition from the big companies.

You can use these micro niches to make more money from fashion industry:

  • Fashion news
  • Fashion history, fashion technology…
  • Celebrity fashion
  • Handbags: Luxury
  • Handbags: Sale
  • Shoes for men
  • Shoes for women
  • New hats
  • Vintage hats
  • Personal style
  • Wedding style
  • And many other ideas…

These are some ideas to leverage fashion as a broad niche because these small fashion niches can make you tons of money!

4- Hobbies

Hobbies and interests is another best affiliate marketing niches that you can turn into a passive income. In this profitable niche, you can find unlimited ideas, products and items to market to huge audience. As hobbies include huge interests worldwide such as:

  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Designing
  • Painting
  • Blogging
  • Traveling
  • And many other interests…

So Hobbies is a broad niche that includes a huge interests which you can turn any one of your interest into passive income!

5- info products

best affiliate marketing niches- learning is a must-need!

Elearning business is booming industry during this period of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic! Everybody wants to learn a way to make money online or just learning other skills to improve his career!

According to stats:

  • The global eLearning market will reach $325 billion by 2025!
  • 77% Of US companies Used Online Learning!
  • 72% of organizations believe that eLearning puts them at a competitive advantage!

In addition, elearning products have great benefits for people and organizations:

  • Elearning can reduce the required time for students to learn the material by 25%-60% compared to traditional learning methods.
  • Seven in 10 teachers agree that elearning tools are helpful to students when studying things on their own.
  • 96% of students, especially children, say that elearning tools are fun to use and help them learn things on their own.
  • 77% of students who enroll in online programs claim that it will help them reach their employment and career goals.
  • 71% of principals say that digital learning tools facilitate their students’ real-world problem-solving skills.
  • 35% of teachers and school administrators believe that the elearning system helps them provide more personalized instructions that are more suitable to the skill levels of their students.

This huge demand is great opportunity to create your powerful income. You should just market good elearning products to your visitors to earn more affiliate commissions.

In this industry, you have many info products such as: online courses, membership websites, webinars, template, events, ebooks, virtual classroom…

So the profit is huge!

6- DIY and home improvement

DIY is another great niche to make more profits as an affiliate. Because it has huge audience and many affiliate websites and products to promote and earn unlimited affiliate commissions!

Fortunately, the competition in this niche is not very hard the health or the beauty or the fashion. You can find many opportunities to rank easily your offers higher in search engines!

You should just be more creative to find more effective ways to reach the right audience and sell your affiliate offer!

Then give it a try!

7- Home decor and design

Home decor is great niche to generate real money online. Because it has a huge evergreen demands and unlimited affiliate programs. That you can leverage by offering the best products that solve the people needs.

This niche is very growing locally and internationally. So you can market your affiliate links to many markets to make more real money online!

Also, this profitable niche has many sub-niches that you can leverage easily to avoid the massive competition as:

  • Living room decoration and designing ideas
  • Kitchen decoration ideas
  • Bathroom decor and paints
  • Walls decor or paints
  • And more home design ideas…

The but is to break down this good niche into more profitable micro niches. That can help you to get easily more affiliate commissions!

Micro niches is where you can find the best affiliate marketing niches!

8- Self-Improvement

Self-improve or personal development is good niche. Which includes profitable ideas as:

  • Having good habits
  • Developing personal success
  • Developing a good mindset
  • Creating powerful social profile
  • And many other self improvement ideas…

Today, the web is full of self developing blogs, websites, offers, courses… That means it’s a profitable niche, even if there is more competition! But good content can help you to leverage this market and get unlimited commissions!

Good content is the key for all niches. People love and interact with it which leads to more revenue!

9- Wealth

Making money is the most research niche on the web. Sure, there is a mass competition but it worth to give a try! You need just to promote a good affiliate links that teach people real ways and tips to make money or to invest in good markets.

Don’t promote fake or spam offers! This will harm your name in the future.

There are unlimited money making affiliate sites or platforms, courses… which you can promote to your audience and make huge commissions.

Respect your visitors, if you want to build a powerful online business!

10- Baby niche

Offering good products for babies is the best affiliate niches you can try. This niche is very growing with huge affiliate offers to promote. You can use Amazon affiliate program if you want or many other affiliate programs!

Also, this niche is a broad one which includes many categories such as:

  • Baby clothes
  • Baby skin care
  • Toys for baby
  • Baby shoes
  • And many other ideas…

These are some examples you can use to find more micro niche that are profitable with less competition!

In this great niche, people can pay more to get high quality products and items for their children. They can pay for anything to improve the living of their family!

This means there is more money to get!

Just, offer the best products!

11- Food and cooking

This is a big niche with huge competition. As you find the bigger companies competing to dominate this market. These companies invest millions of dollars to advertise their offers all over the world.

Fortunately, you can turn this huge competition into goldmine if you leverage the micro niches of this big niche. So you can try:

  • Specific food or cooking
  • Specific cuisine or restaurant
  • Grilling
  • French cooking
  • British cooking
  • Japanese cake
  • Local food or cooking
  • And many other creative ideas…

The goal is to avoid hard competition and reach the audience of this big niche! Because it worth your investment and effort!

The market value of this niche is USD 11.7 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow!

The profit is huge!

12- Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a profitable niche because it has a strong relation some other bigger niches as food, fashion, beauty, fitness, self-improvement, art… Because they are related to have a good style in your life.

So this means a lot of affiliate programs and offers to promote to unlimited users all over the world. Which makes this niche a money making. As the audience of this niche can pay for anything to live and to have a good lifestyle!

In other words, people can pay more to have the best living!

You should just focus on the sub-niches to avoid the hard competition as i mention before for all these big niches!

However, lifestyle niche worth your investment!

13- Gaming

Today, games are a huge industry that makes millions of dollars. Because there are great products and hungry customers!

According to stats:

  • The global video game market size was valued at USD 151.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow!
  • at the end of 2020, this industry revenue is set to reach $159.3 billion!

This is huge money that you can try to profit from, if you market the right affiliate links to the perfect audience.

Sure, the competition is hard but you can leverage it, if you focus on:

local business
  • The micro niches
  • The local markets
  • Good keyword research tools
  • Use long-tail keywords
  • Write useful content
  • Use good videos
  • Promote your affiliate site in social media platforms and groups!

Gaming niche can make more money to change your life for better. Then leverage it!

14- Tech

Technology niche has unlimited opportunities to build a profitable affiliate income. As there is a huge industry of huge products and unlimited demands.

People use more and more tech items and services than before. They use technology in every area of their life! This means they need more of these products. Which makes this market very profitable!

So you can leverage this niche on focusing on these sub-niches:

  • Communication technology
  • Information technology
  • Medical technology
  • New technology
  • High tech..

This way, you can reach easily the profitable users and increase profit and revenue!

15- Sport

The sport niche is a big market because it has unlimited demands, a huge audience and good products. But you should break it down into more small niches, if you want to stand out of the crowd!

So you can try its sub-niches:

  • Sport equipment
  • Indoor sport
  • Running niche
  • Basketball coaching techniques
  • Baseball coaching techniques
  • Golf coaching techniques
  • Golf equipment
  • Basketball equipment
  • Mountain biking
  • Biking techniques
  • Professional cycling
  • Cycling techniques
  • And much more sport ideas…

These small sport ideas are very profitable and have less competition!

So these examples of micro niches are your way to build a powerful affiliate income!

How can you find more profitable niches for affiliate marketing?

1- Keyword research

You should do a deep keyword research to find the most profitable niches. This search is a must-need for your affiliate business. As it avoids you to compete against the big companies and save you more money and time by focusing on the niches where the real money online is!

Also, this keyword research allows to overpass your competitors you are the first to leverage these great niches. Which lets to become the expert!

Later you can market this knowledge in courses, ebooks or even write books about your affiliate knowledge and make more real money online! Which is very profitable…

2- Break down big niches

There are huge money in big niches but you can compete these bigger companies which spend more money on advertising. That’s why you should break down these big niches into small and local ones and you can find more opportunities.

As i mentioned before you can leverage any big niche into very micro niche and get more money.

For example, you can leverage travel niche into:

  • Travel equipment
  • Travel books
  • Food travel blog
  • Travel Guides
  • Travel coaching
  • Road trips

If you use keyword research tools, you will unlimited profitable ideas… But you should focus on keywords with high volume and less competition. This is the magic source to succeed on affiliate marketing!

3- Use perfect marketing tools to get more data

Here, you can use free or paid tools to get more data about your finding ideas such as: Google Trends, Google Ads Keyword Planner… or many other alternatives!

These marketing tools provide a great data that you can analyse to find what will work and what not. Which can save you more money and time!

4- Use social media sites and forums

Social media sites are very useful because they offer more tips and data to find the best niches out there. These are a list of best tips to leverage social media!

So you can use Quora, Reddit and Facebook groups to know what people are looking for in special area, country or universal…

These platforms can help you to find more ideas because you can use them to collect users interests, needs and fears… That give you more insights to test some ideas.

5- Focus on users’ comments on blogs

You need to analyse the users ‘ comments on big logs such as Shopify blog… and try to figure out if you can find more sub-niches. Because people share their thoughts, needs, objections and feelings which can be a great marketing data.

So read more useful blogs and focus on users comments. They can help you to find other best affiliate marketing niches.

Here, some perfect affiliate marketing tips:

These 15 best affiliate marketing niches need the perfect marketing tips that can help you to earn more commissions and improve your affiliate business:

  • Blog about what you like more! Passion is very important here to reach your goals.
  • Search for micro niches and local ones.
  • Look for evergreen niche with high quality offers and unlimited demands!
  • Use keywords with high volume and less competition
  • Focus on the niches where there is the money.
  • Avoid spamming affiliate programs
  • Avoid big niches with hard competition
  • Provide value!
  • Help your audience to solve their problems.
  • Respect your visitors.
  • Focus on your audience because you create content for them. Try to discover them!
  • Use more video content and good designs. Professional visuals are great to attract your users attention!
  • Test, test… and write your findings!
  • Learn and read more about the affiliate markets and about your niche.
  • Identify your main competition and analyse them.
  • Provide more useful content than your competitors!
  • Listen and answer to your visitors.
  • Offer free tools, WP themes for sites, ebooks, templates, stock images
  • Build good relationship with other affiliate marketers.
  • Go to good good affiliate events.

Where can you learn about affiliate marketing?

Learning and knowledge is a goldmine to success in any business. Because you can reach your goals without good knowledge. That’s you need to learn everything about affiliate marketing. Sure, there are many videos and courses out there but i found that Wealthy Affiliate the best platform you ever need to learn everything about affiliate and niche markets and many other ways to make more real money online! Read the full Wealthy Affiliate review.

Also, you use other learning sources as Udemy, Cousera, YouTube videos… They are all useful!

Don’t forget your competitors. You need to read and analyse their content in order to create better and unique content than them. And don’t be afraid of the competition. This competition can help to develop your skills, knowledge and your business.

Therefore, learning is a great strategy to grow your online business.

What are the affiliate programs you can use as a beginner?

affiliate programs!

Today, there are unlimited affiliate programs you can use. Every successful business create their affiliate program to make more money! But you should begin with the most profitable ones such as:

  • The ClickBank affiliate program
  • Commission Junction affiliate program
  • ShareAsale affiliate program
  • Jvzoo affiliateprogram
  • Amazon Associates affiliate program
  • eBay affiliate program
  • Etsy affiliate program
  • Web hosting affiliate program as Bluehost…
  • Email marketing providers as GetResponse, Aweber…
  • And much more affiliate programs…

You should just look for the highest paying affiliate programs on the web to make more real money! After you get more experience, you leverage advanced affiliate levels, strategies and big niches…

Don’t stop learning stage!


These are 15 best affiliate marketing niches you can leverage and build your successful affiliate business. All these niches are very profitable and can change your life for better. You need just to learn the affiliate marketing, select your interest niche, start your journey and focus on micro affiliate niches and local markets. They are very profitable!

Today, you have all you need to success in affiliate marketing. You can find free marketing tools, courses, videos, ebooks, guides… that explain and provide more data for any niche you want for free!

So, you don’t need to pay anything. But if you want more and deep data and sources you can use paid tools, platforms, courses, events… And they are useful.

However, you must avoid spamming affiliate links, websites, sources… Because they will harm you.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid these spammers by search about any offer or site in respected blogs, platforms, groups and forums such as Reddit, , Quora, Scamadviser… There are many free sources to identify these spam websites and platforms. If you don’t find information about any affiliate site, ask about it in Quora’s forum or sub-Reddit… And you will get the information. Or leave comment below i can help you.

In other words, you have all sources you need to start your affiliate business. You can just pick one these 15 best affiliate marketing niches and try the tips in this post which can save more money and time.

So start your journey if you want to build your passive income!

Tank you for reading, commenting, sharing…


Which niche will you leverage? Are there other profitable affiliate niches?

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

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