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Secure a website is a must-need for all businesses because safe site means trust, authority, profit and growth. That’s why, you should choose the best web hosting when you build your website because it’s crucial for your business.

So if you need the best practices for securing WordPress site, this post is your solution because you will get actionable tips that will make your website safe from hackers and offer amazing experience for your visitors. Let’s begin!

According to these security web statistics:

  • 50+ Of all cyber attacks are done on SMB’s.
  • The annual cost of cyber security for enterprises increase to 22,7%.
  • 71+ Million people fall victim to cyber crimes yearly.
  • 68% Of companies experienced a targeted attack on their network.

So these statistics show the importance of your website security.

What are the benefits to secure a website?

When you create safe website, you will:

  • Increase your online authority and reputation.
  • Generate more profit.
  • Protect your business and your audience.
  • Make good user experience.
  • Save money and time

All these benefits are very important for your business and you can’t get them if you don’t have a safe site.

How to secure a website?

To make your site safe, you should leverage these best practices because they generate you unlimited profits and save you more money and time as well:

1- Best hosting

Choosing best hosting for WordPress is crucial for your safe site because it provides good site security features like: daily backups, data protection, your visitors protection and more.

All these security feature are crucial to secure WordPress site because your presence online is not safe due to unlimited attacks. These attacks can destroy your website, steal your data and your customer data, damage your reputation… and many other dangers.

You can easily avoid all these online dangers if you choose best cloud hosting. There are hosting to select the best one that fits your business needs which will easily secure site and your clients’ data.

if you don’t know which one is best cloud hosting for your business, you can read this full review about best hosting services. It will guide to select the one that will easily secure your site and your customers data as well.

2- Best domain register

Best domain register is also best practice to secure site because it offers your site the best domain privacy service. This privacy is very important for securing a website.

Any website needs two main channels of security:

  1. A domain privacy service with its security features like SSL certificates, DNS and son on.
  2. Web hosting security to protect your hosting from any attacks. It includes many feature like software firewalls, serve and network monitoring and other feature.

So best domain and best cloud hosting provide high security for their clients because they know the danger of the online hackers. That’s why, they offer the best services that worth your investment.

Fortunately, there are many online platforms that offer powerful services for site security. These services include SSL certificates, fast VPN, premium DNS, domain Vault, personal privacy protection and more.

There are some online platforms that are specialized on SSL certificates like SSLs with different plans. However, others platforms provide all the hosting and domain services like Namecheap with affordable pricing and many other best cloud hosting providers.

3- SSL website

Installing SSL certificates is crucial for your site. If your web hosting doesn’t offers this certificates (https), you need to purchase it from the best providers like SSLs platform. Because it’s a main factor for Google rankings and users won’t trust your website that damage your online business.

So SSL certificates is a must-need for your website.

4- Strength your password

secure a website password

Create a long strong password is a good practice that can avoid these online attacks. It’s your first line of defense against unauthorized access to your web page.

Many web page owners don’t care about this good practice because they don’t know its importance to avoid many hackers’ attacks. The stronger your password, the more protected your website.

The stronger password makes it difficult for hackers and malicious software. That’s why, you should learn to choose the strongest password even if many people don’t know how to do it effectively.

Google provides amazing information about creating strong password for a website.

Some people do the worst mistake when they reuse the same password for many accounts including their websites. This mistake makes it easy for hackers and malicious software to detect and easily damage their website or take their data or the customers’ data.

Therefore, leverage best practices when you choose your website password and make it very secured.

5- WordPress security plugins

You can implement some powerful WordPress security plugins that are prove to fight hackers attacks and software malicious like Wordfence plugin, Sucuri Security plugin, WPS Hide Login plugin and other plugins like this powerful online tool.

All these security tools will save you money and time because they are proven tools that will avoid your site many online attacks. That’s means you should implement the best ones if needed to make your website safe.

Fortunate, you can find as many as you want of plugins to secure your website login, to detect any website attacks, to change your IP address and much more.

You should just use the best one that provides high security.

6- Update your website

secure a website: update your site

Another best best tip is to update your website. This update should include all your site’s feature like plugins, website theme and WordPress version.

This update is crucial for your page security because it allows all these feature to up to date. That’s means more security because you will get the latest web technology to fight any hacking attacks.

So this update will reduce the risk of online attacks and make all website feature work smoothly. This has great benefit on your web page because it makes your site stronger and increase your web traffic and your authority in the market.

7- Regular Backups

Regular backups can protect your website because if something does occur to your site, you don’t need to start from scratch. You can just restore it from a previews backup without loosing your site.

This backup is crucial because it saves you time and allows you to work without the fear to loose your website completely. That’s why, you need to set up a daily backup automatically.

Some best hosting provides this daily backup within their business package. That’s why, you should select best hosting for WordPress when you build your web page because they save you more money and time.

Then don’t miss to backup daily your site and it’s better to do it automatically.

8- Scan for vulnerabilities

Scan your website for any vulnerability can prevent your site from any software malunions or hackers attacks. This scan will detect areas on your website that need more protection, updates or plugins. Then you can take actions needed before any online attacks that saves you money and time and lets your site more powerful against these cyber attacks.

It’s also better to scan regularly your web page using secured online tools that offer you real data about your site. Don’t use fake online tools and sites. They may destroy your website and make your data and your clients’ data in serious danger.

So scan your site using the high secured websites and tools. You should just read reviews about any tool or website before using it.

9- Limit user permission

Unlimited user permission can help hackers to easily access your website that is a big mistake you should not do. You need to limit and secure the user permission for your website which will save unlimited online attacks.

Limited user permission is a simple practice to make website safe. There are many plugins you can use to limit user permission and even educate your employees about the privacy policy of your company.

So you need to consider the user permission to make safe site for your audience.

You can also use this unique marketing tool to easily protect every post/page of your blog and monitor your content.


Secure a website is a must-need for your business because it’s about your data, your clients trust, rankings and your profits. That’s why, you should implement these best tips to build powerful online brand.

So site security should focus on best hosting and professional website theme. Because they use the latest technology and professional developers to easily make your website safe.

Thanks for reading…


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How to Secure a Website

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