Managing WordPress websites is not easy as it seems because it consumes more time, effort and even money for hiring the best developer and marketer and for investing high quality marketing tools to quickly achieve more profits. Imagine getting the perfect WordPress website management services you ever need in one online platform like PrettyWP that I will review in this post.

PrettyWP will provide amazing WordPress website management to perfectly optimize your website files, compress images, JS and CSS files, enable caching, optimize wordpress for mobile and much more.

So PrettyWP will optimize your site to create unique experience for your visitors which is crucial to market your business successfully according these online website statistics:

  • The WordPress content management system powers 43% of all websites.
  • 71% of small businesses have a website.
  • 28% of all business takes place online.
  • 43% of small businesses are looking to invest in their websites’ performance.
  • 31% of customers state that user experience should be a priority in website design.

So this BlueHost insights state the importance of web site optimization to reach unlimited users and generate unlimited profits.

That’s why you should leverage PrettyWP to easily manage and fix all your WOrdPress site’s issues that will save you more money, time and effort.

What are PrettyWP’ s benefits

PrettyWP is a great website management tool to quickly generate real benefits such as:

  • Perfectly manage your WP sites
  • Optimize your website for best user experience
  • Optimize your WP websites for everyone
  • Improve your WordPress websites’ performance
  • Protect your WP websites against any cyber attacks
  • Perfectly monitoring your WP sites
  • Increase your sales and revenue
  • Save your money and time

So PrettyWP provides the perfect WordPress site management to make your website unique and offer an amazing service for your audience.

What’s PrettyWP

PrettyWP is a unique online platform that provides the perfect website management system to quickly optimize, secure, manage WordPress websites and deal with any WP sites issues with amazing support.

With PrettyWP, you can easily improve your WordPress website, reach more users, make these users happy to use your site, increase sales and then grow your online business.

Watch this PrettyWP’ s Intro video       

So PrettyWP is a revolutionary monitoring solution for WordPress websites you should leverage because it will get you more profits. 

PrettyWP review

Product Name: PrettyWP

Founder Name: Tharun

Sales Page: Click here

Front-End Price: $169.00 – Lifetime deal!

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Level Skill: All levels

Support: Great Support

Recommend: Highly Recommended

PrettyWP ’s features (Common features in all plans)

PrettyWP is a perfect online tool to easily manage a website with amazing features such as : 

  • WordPress updates
    • Update all WordPress core files, themes and plugins weekly
    • Backup before every update or change
    • Involve full manual inspection of your site to ensure no error
    • Secure your WP site from hackers and malware
  • WordPress security optimization
    • Scan your websites and files
    • Set up advanced security, firewall, and other measures to protect your WordPress sites
    • Keep up with the latest threats and monitors your site every minute for possible issues
    • Constantly scan your WP websites and PrettyWP team will clean and remove any malware 
  • Daily backups
    • Backup your entire WP site to the encrypted S3 cloud server
  • Uptime monitoring
    • Monitor your WordPress website and server ports every minute
    • If anything goes wrong, PrettyWP will act immediately, solve the issue and get your website back on track
  • WordPress speed optimization
    • Optimize your website files, compress images, JS and CSS files, enable caching, and other options to improve your site’s loading speed
    • Optimize wordpress for mobile to reach unlimited users and improve the mobile experience
  • Unlimited edits: You can request edits anytime via support center

Unique support

  • White label support
    • Send white-labeled weekly reports to you and your clients too
    • Get full access to support system to track your client tickets and use it as your support portal
    • Provide support to your clients via email 
  • Migrations: PrettyWP team can easily move your website to a different provider or domain for free if you want it
  • Google analytic setup
  • Weekly reports
  • 24/7 premium support: You can contact PrettyWP support team via multiple support channels such as:
    • Live chat support
    • Email support
    • Ticket support
  • Lifetime access to PrettyWP
  • Stacking is allowed
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One time purchase of

For this Care plan (Tier 1), you can use PrettyWP only:

  • For 5 websites

Therefore, these are the common features you will get for all these plans during this PrettyWP review but you have the opportunity to upgrade or to purchase advanced plans or tiers such as: Tier 2 (Care Plus), Tier 3 (Care Premium), Tier 4 (Entreprise), Tier 5 (Entreprise Plus) or Tier 6 (Entreprise Premium).

Who can leverage this website management tool

PrettyWP is a unique WordPress management services you can use for many businesses such as:

  • Non-techie WordPress site owner
  • Freelancer
  • Blogger
  • Solo entrepreneur
  • Marketing agency
  • Small and medium business
  • Online marketer
  • And all users who have a WP website

So PrettyWP is a great online platform to easily manage and optimize all your WordPress websites and create an amazing online journey for your visitors.

What users are saying about this WordPress site management

I would like to share my experience… – Ari Eko Prasethio

I would like to share my experience with the exceptional customer support provided by pretty wp.

From the moment I reached out for assistance, I was met with professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine desire to help.

The support team went above and beyond to ensure that my concerns were addressed promptly and effectively. Their dedication and expertise gave me confidence that my issue would be resolved, and indeed, it was resolved in a timely manner. I am truly grateful for the outstanding customer support I received and would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of assistance. – Trustpilot

Great technical support – Julien Vanwinsberghe

I’m in love with PrettyWP, every time I have an issue with a WordPress site, I open a support ticket, and they fix it the same day. This is really great!
I 100% recommend it! Trustpilot

Is PrettyWP worth your investment

PrettyWP is a powerful marketing tool to efficiently manage your WordPress website and solve all the WP sites problems because it has a professional team that manage and optimize your website to generate more profits.

That means it’s worth your investment because you can easily manage multiple WordPress sites in one place, help your audience to enjoy their online journey, get lifetime access to PrettyWP, unlimited edits, free updates, premium support, 30 day money back guarantee and more.

After this PrettyWP review, you have all the details you need to easily make the right decision. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use – No skill needed
  • For newbies and experts
  • WordPress optimization, monitoring, update and more
  • Daily backup
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Lifetime access to PrettyWP
  • Stacking is allowed
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One time purchase of


  • Limit offer – Only 100 license are left
  • Stack up to 10 codes
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

Visit PrettyWP sales page


PrettyWP is an amazing website management tool to quickly optimize, secure, manage WordPress websites and deal with any WP sites issues with premium support.

That’s why it’s the best alternative to many WordPress website management services like WP Buffs, WP Fix It, Maintainn, and GoWp.

So I hope this PrettyWP review will help you to make the right decision and start managing and optimizing your WP websites.   



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PrettyWP Review

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