Best WordPress security plugins are crucial for your website because they offer you more choices to select the best one for your site. Which makes it more secure and strong to face any online attack. This saves you money, time and efforts because you don’t need to hire any freelancer to secure your web page or even to build you a specific coding… You can just choose the best WordPress security plugin that fits your needs and install it.

Thus, WordPress is the best online platform to build powerful business online. It is unique and easy to make changes through themes and plugins. You can easily modify your WordPress website to fit your needs and desires. There are unlimited themes and plugins for everything for free.

Also, those WordPress plugins will make your web page more flexible and powerful to deal with all online issues and attacks. Which helps you to provide an amazing journey for your visitors and allow you to focus on marketing your business successfully. That’s why, many marketers use WordPress to build their websites according to these WordPress statistics:

  • More than 42% of websites use WordPress.
  • 49K is the number of plugins on WordPress plugins.
  • WordPress has been translated into 160 languages.
  • 90K attacks on WordPress sites every minute.

All those statistics state the power of WordPress for business because many marketers choose it to build their online business. As it’s secured and easy to fix any website’s issue that might occur online.

Why do you need best WordPress security plugins?

WordPress security plugins are crucial for your website because they will:

  • Make your web page more secure. There are many WP security plugins to select the best one.
  • Easily fix your WordPress’s issues. You don’t any coding skills or experience. Just, choose and install the plugin.
  • Secure your users’ information during their journey on your WordPress site.
  • Provide the best customer journey for your audience and avoid them web attacks.
  • Save you money, time and efforts because you need to hire any one to secure your site.
  • Help you to easily grow your website and reach more people online. Which will double your revenue.
  • Build powerful online branding that people trust.

So all those benefits worth to invest in choosing WordPress platform to create your website. Also you need to select the best web hosting service that can help your site to be fast loaded and more secure.

What are these best WordPress security plugins?

Website security is a must-need for your business to grow. You won’t do will, if you can’t secure your site and your audience. No one can trust your website which will lose you web traffic and profits. That’s why, you should use one of these security plugins:

1- All in One WP Security & Firewall – Perfect security plugin

best WordPress security plugins

ALL in One WP Security & Firewall is an easy WordPress plugin that can secure your site from any attacks. Because it implements and enforces the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques. Which save more money and time because you get the best security updates that will make your website more powerful to get more web traffic.

The best, this WP security plugin provides you with advanced security features without slowing down your site. Which is very useful for your website because you get fast site with powerful security options that will grow your business online.

Here, some features of this great security plugin:

  • Stop user enumeration. So users or bots can’t discover user information via author permalink.
  • Detect if there is a user account which has the default admin username and easily change the username.
  • Get a password strength tool to create strong passwords.
  • Protect against brute force login attacks.
  • Add Google recaptcha to WordPress login form.
  • Automatically, lockout IP address ranges which attempt to login with invalid username.
  • And much more features that will strengthen your website security.

Besides, this best WordPress security plugin has translated to many languages like: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Hungarian, Portuguese ( Brazil) and Persian. This will make it easy to use for everyone in the market.

2- IThemes Security – Another best WordPress security plugins

best WordPress security plugins

IThemes Security is the best plugin to secure and protect your WP site. As it can identify those attacks and prevent them which makes your website more secure to get more online users. Then you can generate more leads, sales and profits than your competitions.

Also, this best security plugins for WordPress offers you six different site templates to apply the type of security your website needs:

  1. Ecommerce for sites that sell online products or services.
  2. Network for sites that connect people or community.
  3. Non-profit for websites that promote your cause and collect donations.
  4. Blog sites to share your thoughts.
  5. Portfolio sites to showcase your craft.
  6. Brochure sites to promote your business.

In addition, IThemes provides an amazing dashboard that shows you all WordPress website’s security activity statistics. You can see all the brute force attacks your site has, banner users, site scan results… and much more insights.

So Ithemes is the perfect WordPress security plugin you can use for your online business because it includes more features. Which will save you more money and time such as:

  • Secure your site by adding two-factor authentication to your WP site login.
  • Enforce a password policy for your user.
  • Stop bad bots from engaging your site.
  • Identify the devices you and other users use.
  • Ban users that have bad activities within your site.
  • And many other features which you can read here.

That’s why, IThemes is a good WP security plugin that can secure and protect your WordPress site from any attack.

3- Wordfence Security – Most Popular security plugins for WordPress

best WordPress security plugins

Wordfence plugin is the most popular security option you can use to protect your WP site. Because it includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner which will keep your site more safe. That will help you to easily grow your online business and save your business the headaches of online attacks.

Thus, Wordfence security plugin is the best choice you can make to secure your site because it provides much security features for:

  • WordPress Firewall like: web application firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic…
  • WordPress security scanner.
  • Login security.
  • Security tools.

So all those powerful features are a must-need for your website to identify and block any online attack. Which will enforce your authority and build your powerful brand online.


Website security is crucial for your business to reach more users online and get their trust. That’s why, you need to implement the one of these 3 best WordPress security plugins. You should select one that fits your website type because they are proven to enforce and protect your WordPress site from online attacks.



Which WordPress security plugin is powerful for your business?

Best WordPress Security Plugins

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