Video marketing is the best tactic you can use to market your business successfully. As it has a powerful impact on customers. This means unlimited profits! So imagine the profit you get using this unique video translator for your business!

According to Wikipedia:

video translator- Wikipedia language stats!

This stat states that Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are the most spoken languages in the world! Which means you loose a huge traffic, if you just publish English content!

So any professional business won’t leave all this money on the table! And you won’t too!

The question is how can you get this traffic? How can you create content in multiple languages?

Today, you can access these users of these languages. You can create video content in multiple languages using the perfect video translator!

What is this unique video translator for business?

This video translator app can translate any video into 30 languages with 100 different voices. This generates you unlimited leads, sales and profits…

Users love to engage with their language and culture! They enjoy to interact with the content that uses their own words!

That’s why you need VidScripto Pro!

VidScripto Pro overview:

Product Name: VidScripto Pro

Vendor Name: Kimberly & Danny DeVries

Sales Page: Click here

Front-End Price: $57.00

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Niche: Video App

Bonus: Special Bonuses

Support: Good Support

Recommend: Highly recommend

What is VidScripto Pro?

VidScripto Pro is the perfect video app that automatically converts any video into text, creates and adds auto-captions, translates the auto-captions and translates the audio in the video to multiple different languages! That save you ton of money and time. And let you to overpass your competitors!

In other words, this video translator app allows you easily to transcribe and translate any video in 30 different languages with 100 different voices… Which helps you to reach unlimited users all over the world. Which increase your sales and profits instantly!

All in few minutes! You don’t need any skill or experience… All is done for you!

Do you imagine the profit you can get?

You can make ton of money because you have the opportunity to produce viral videos in multiple languages!

What are the best benefits of this video translator?

  • Create viral videos in multiple languages
  • Reach unlimited users all over the world
  • Build a powerful brand
  • Build a profitable email list
  • Beat your competitors
  • Make unlimited profits
  • Grow your business
  • Save your money and time

What are the features of this online video translator?

VidScripto Pro is the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning! So you will get:

  • Automatic Transcription: This lets you to transcribe ANY video by uploading mp4! Then add video link or just use their in-built viral video finder.
  • Automatic Subtitles! So you can add subtitles to your videos with customization options, using their Interactive Editor. Which saves your money and time!
  • Subtitle Translator! That can translate your subtitle in more than 30 languages using their AI powered translator. This helps you to reach unlimited leads!
  • Speech Voice Creation! That lets you to create a new voice for your video using their AI Powered Text to Speech Engine with over 100 real voices. Which can engage your audience and convert them into real customers!
  • Video Auto-Resize! This allows you to resize your video marketing to fit any web page or social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok…) that saves your more money and time!
  • Clone Projects which means you can create multiple transcriptions and translations in various languages  with different voices for your business!
  • The best one is commercial license to create and sell transcription and translation services for any video! This license is a goldmine that can generate you tons of money! As you can sell transcripted and translated videos to clients in your local area and provide them with commercial translation services too.

These are the best features, you get in this video translator app! Which are unique and proven to work.

Also, you get more features such as:

  • Clean dashboard with overall analytics (project, views & clicks counter) and welcome video.
  • Import, upload, or select from YouTube to help you to profit more!
  • Add progress bar to your Video which make it more professional and increase your profits!
  • Add or remove Watermark to fit your need!
  • Get free hosting for all your translated and transcribed videos!That saves you more money!

This is the best opportunity to create viral videos for your business and get huge profits!

unique video translator for business

How this video translator app works?

VidScripto Pro is a super new technology to use easily for your business. You can just follow these three simple steps to create viral video in multiple local languages:

  1. Select your video
  2. Edit the script (add caption, resize your video, progress bar, voice…)
  3. Publish your video to any platform or social site ( Whatsapp, Mediafire, DropBox, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter..)

Watch this demo video for more details!

Who can use this video translation services?

Any marketer can use this video software to create viral videos in 30 languages. So you can use this services as a/an:

This marketing tool can be used for any business. Your niche doesn’t matter because video is the best strategy to reach more users and grow your business fast!

So the choice is yours!

What users are saying about this online video translator?

“As a Video Marketer, I need to pump hundreds of video contents on a daily basis. From researching, writing the story board and creating the actual video using multiple software. It’s just not feasible if you’ll do it by yourself. VidScripto solved these problems. From niche research, video content curation, video transcriptions, text to speech and translate them in different languages. With VidScripto you can pump fresh curated video contents very easily and all in one neat dashboard.”

Gama Seva, – Video Marketing Agency

Vidscripto has added a new dimension to my business. I love that I can now transcribe, add captions and change voiceovers on the videos I created for my clients previously, and on my own old videos. This is extremely useful for social media advertising as the captions grab attention while scrolling. I have bought money making products from Kimberley and Danny before and this is definitely another winner.

Ashan BridgebunseeChatbots & Video Marketing – CEO 

Wow, I just beta tested Vidscripto and it is amazing.  I was able to transcribe one of my videos perfectly and then I was able to download the text. It was so easy to use.  If you create videos in your agency, this is something that you will definitely want to purchase once it goes live.

Myrlene Thomas – VP Marketing Agency

unique video translator for business...
Video Translator is Very Profitable!

These are some reasons why this video translator worth your investment!

  • Great options you need to translate any video for any purpose.
  • Translate in any language with translated speech!
  • Discount price and one time payment!
  • No monthly fees.
  • Suitable for any business!
  • Produce viral videos in multiple languages!
  • Take your business to the next level.
  • Sell video translation services to your customers!

In one word, VidScripto Pro worth your investment because it can change your business for better results!

Pros & Cons:


  • Discount Price – COUPON “VID8” FOR $8 OFF!
  • One time payment – No monthly fee
  • Easy to use – 100% cloud based
  • Accessible to all browsers and all Devices
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Clean dashboard
  • Transcribe and translate any video
  • Host all your transcribed & translated videos
  • Useful tutorials
  • Expert support team (
  • Regular updates
  • Commercial license to sell your videos


  • Special offer

Visit VidScripto Pro’s Sales Page

VidScripto Pro’s Bonuses:

You get special bonuses during this launch event such as:

  • Access To VidScripto’s exclusive VIP Facebook membership! Where you connect with minded people that have a great marketing experience. Which can help you to grow your business!
  • 90 Minutes of professional VidScripto transcription & translation training! You get a full training to profit from this unique video translator for any business!
  • Training high converting Sales Videos! This training is a goldmine because you get the best step by step to sell more through video marketing!


VidScripto Pro is a unique video translator for your business because it helps you to reach unlimited users all over the world! You can translate videos online for your business and for your customers as well. Which can easily earn you ton of money!

All marketers know the powerful of video in marketing!

So imagine the profit you get, if you talk to users through their own languages!

Don’t miss this unique tool!

The choice is yours!

Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing…


How do translate videos to reach more people? What tool do you use?

Unique Video Translator for Business

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