21 best tips to increase sales

Marketing is a rich field to develop and test new tips to increase sales. These best tips can change your business for better results!

All marketers try to improve their business’ profits. They use new business ideas that can skyrocket their revenue. That’s why you should use the powerful business strategies, if you want more sales and then revenue! Because your competitors use and look for new business ideas that can bring more profit!

What are these best tips to increase sales?

To boost sales, you should use those marketing tips. Because they work for any online business. Many great marketers have used these marketing tips to grow their businesses and make huge profits. This means these sales tips can bring you huge profits.

So you should leverage these 21 marketing tips, if you want to increase sales:

1 – Create your online store or website:

Today, website is a need for any business because it has huge benefits such as:

  • Business awareness: Website can help your brand to be famous among your targeted audience.
  • Drive unlimited traffic and leads for free.
  • Increase sales and then revenue.
  • Save more money and time!

That’s why you should have a website for your business.

Now, there are many perfect website builder to create professional website or store. You can use anyone. Just choose the best not the cheapest!

These are some great builders: Shopify, Wix, Weely, BigCommerce, WordPress… 

2 – Simple and clear website structure:

You should create a clear website using profitable tools such as: attractive theme, payment options or shopping carts… You don’t need to lose your visitors in your store or website. In other words, your website should be simple to provide great experience to your visitors. People don’t have time and hate complicate system!

Therefore, create a website or store that is very easy to navigate!

3 –  Optimize your store to sell more:

After choosing your domain name for your store, you should:

  • Include your profitable keywords to target your niche successfully. You can’t sell your products without knowing your audience search terms. So, give it time to find the right keywords with less competition.
  • Create a great contact page with your information such as: your email, your location, your social media pages… Just , make all your contact information visible and simple!
  • Create a professional Policy page. Just, make it simple and clear for your visitors and mention exactly how you will deal with your visitors’ questions and objections. Be brief and don’t hide rule of your policy. You can use Private Policy Generator to create one!
  • Optimize your content or your product pages with your trending keywords. Which will your business easy to find.

4 – Create professional homepage:

This main page makes the deference because it:

  • Displays your products or services and it is the first page your visitors see! As you know the first impression is very important! So capture your visitors with high quality images or videos…
  • Includes headlines, description, texts, products details… then make it rich with your targeted keywords. Let search engines know your targeted niche. Here, you use some copywriting techniques or hide a good copywriter to do it for you. It is easy, don’t worry. You can learn it, if you have time!

5 – SEO optimization:

Here, you should use some SEO tools to optimize your website or store like YoastWooCommerce SEO or RankMath. They are free plugins to help you to fix all your SEO issues! Really, they are great tools to use in your business because they save you much money and time! These SEO tools are very simple to use, you don’t need to be an expert. And there many free videos to explain how to use them effectively!

6 – Fix all your website’s issues:

You should fix any issue in your Google console, SEO, speed site or any other website’s issue that can effect your business! So take time to verify that you don’t have any problem in your site. Because it can harm your user experience and then your rankings.

So try to make the best website to profit more and for long term!

best tips to increase sales for any business

7 – Link building:

The best thing you need to succeed in your business is link building.  You should build good links for your business. And the best strategy is to be human! This means to help others with good content or services to get their profitable links.

Sure, link building takes effort and time to build trust. But Link building worth it!

Imagine to get a dofollow link from any bigger platforms like: Amazon or Walmart or BigCommerce, Medium, Forbes…

But don’t buy any link, it will harm you!

Stay with white techniques and avoid any black ones! Read this post to improve your local business!

8 – Build a fast website:

Make your store very fast. In one word, speed is everything. Speed is good to have a great user experience, more leads, sales and then huge revenue…

Therefore, focus on your store’s speed! Because users dislike slow website. That means loose of traffic, leads and profits

Also, your store should load faster than your competitors, if you want dominate your niche! Read this post about best practices to speed easily your website!

9 – Social media platforms are very profitable:

Promote your store in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… because they grow your business fast than you imagine! Just, help those sites to achieve their goals to help you to grow your business. That means be professional with these sites and learn how to use them successfully!

And the best strategy is to go live in these social platforms. Because they love live videos and stories. Which keep visitors in these platforms and then earn you huge traffic, leads and profits!

According to statista:

” Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. In 2018, an estimated 2.65 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 3.1 billion in 2021. Social network penetration is constantly increasing worldwide and as of January 2019 stood at 45 percent.”

This means the profit is huge!

10 – Boost sales using other platforms:

Here, you can use your niche’s forums or groups to build huge relationship with others but don’t spam with your products promotion. You can do well in these forums or groups by helping their members to solve their problems and then they will help you to reach more visitors.

In other words, you should give more before taking!

Also, you can speak in events, podcasts… Here, be creative in your business. Because there are many techniques to reach to more visitors. All depend on you and your location. Just, search for what is the best way to get targeted audience to your business. Take time and put a great strategy and test it. But write everything in paper and test to find what work for you.

11 – High quality product or service:

Offer valuable products or services in your website. Customers want quality product or service that can help them! Then offer unique product to overpass your competitors which will grow your business automatically. And then build a great branding!

Customers look for valuable thing and give their hard money for it. So give them what they desire to build trustful relationship with them. That is profitable to your business. Just, look at Nike’s products for example, people love it because they are great!

The best, be unique in your business to dominate your niche.

12 – Offer the right product to the right audience in the right time:

This is a great tip to increase sales for any business because it combines three bigger factors to succeed in your business.

So look for what your audience needs and answer their needs or desires with the right product or service when they need it.

For example, you can’t offer games to beauty audience and expect to sell these games. Simply, your audience does not need your offer. They need beauty products or services.

So take time to study your audience (their interests, gender, behavior, social level, education…) before offering anything!

13- Keywords:

Look for terms or keywords your audience search for. This stage is very important to get unlimited targeted visitors for your business. Also, it saves huge money and time. Because to reach the right people in limited time without any advertising. And the perfect marketing strategy is to focus on long tail keywords. These terms are your gold mine to rank in first page on search engines for any business. 

Sure, you can use many great keyword tools (free or paid ones) such as: Google Planner… Read this post about a great keyword tool!

21 best tips to increase sales - small business

14 – Up date your content or your listing..

Search engines and users love fresh content or product listing. That drive free traffic for your business. This means more leads, sales and revenue…

Then focus on it and offer unique content, product or service to your audience. That will help you to dominate your niche for long years! Because search engines will rank your brand higher and visitors will trust you. Which increase sales volume for your business!

15 – Focus on video marketing:

Stats state that:

So, video marketing is a powerful business strategy to reach more visitors and grow your business. Because people engage more, like and share videos more than text! That’s why you must use more high quality videos to get huge traffic, leads and sales!

Also, you can leverage social media platforms to promote your videos. As these platforms love videos which can get you more free traffic and then improve sales performance!

16 – Focus on your actual customers:

Give more time to your customers, listen to them, answer their comments and care about them. Treat them as your family and help them to get the best result from your business.

In one word, build a real relationship with your customers!

17 – Offer guarantee:

Offering guarantee is an amazing tactic to get traffic to your store. Guarantee compels visitors to take action and use your products. And it is essential in marketing. All companies use it to sell their products and it works effectively.

So, focus on it to generate unlimited loyal customers because guarantee makes people to feel very secured!

You can offer:

  • Free trial
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • If you aren’t satisfied, get your full money back!

Also, you can be creative by offering other guarantees according to your niche and space!

18 – Offer valuable bonuses:

Bonus is a great way to increase sales for your business. Because people love free things. That’s why it’s a perfect business strategy to sell more and make more profits.

Even if big companies use it such as Amazon which offers fast free shipping services as bonus.

Again, it depends on your creativity, your location, your audience… to offer many types of bonuses like:

  • Free shipping service
  • Free business consulting
  • Or free ebooks, PDFs, Images…
  • Free courses, logos..

So there is no limit but offer the best quality bonus than your competitor.

19 – Use good reviews:

Good reviews sell anything. If you have real reviews in your website, you can increase sales massively. Because visitors trust these reviews and act according to them.

In other words, you should have good real reviews in your site but don’t buy or use fake reviews. Because they will burn your business faster than you imagine. Always stay with the white SEO techniques and avoid any black ones!

To get good reviews, offer great product or service and then ask your customers to leave their testimonials. People love to rate their journey with business. If you create great user experience, you will get great testimonials and then display them in your website to increase sales!

20 – Be human with your visitors:

you can use emotions with your audience to show them that you care about them as a human not as number of sales. People dislike it. Also, you can use emotional terms in your headlines and copy because human to human matter in business. People like warm relationship and engage more.

So act as human with your visitors and respect them to increase sales!


21 – Use profitable marketing tools:

Marketing tools can help you to:

  • Write good content without errors such as Grammarly…
  • Track your visitors using Google analytics
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Create professional visuals, videos, audios and podcasts…

These business tools are crucial for your business! Because they save your money, time and effort.

So you should invest more in these marketing tools, if you want to earn unlimited profits!

Who can leverage these tips to increase sales?

As i mentioned before, all businesses should use these profitable tips to increase their sales. This means you can use them in website or store:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Agency business
  • Ecommerce business
  • Freelance business
  • Coaching
  • Local business
  • And any online business


These best tips can easily increase sales for any business. Your niche doesn’t matter! Because you can use them in any small or big business. They work effectively! As many big businesses use them to generate unlimited profits.

So leverage these best tips, if you want to increase sales for any online business!

Thanks for reading…


Which tip will you focus on?

21 Best Tips to Increase Sales

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