YouTube is the best platform for video industry. This unique platform has over 2 billion users all over the world. So this huge number makes YouTube very profitable for business. This means all businesses should leverage YouTube SEO successfully, if they want to profit from this platform!

You can’t ignore or miss a platform with a such number of engaged users!

You should learn and test more tips and tricks to profit from this platform. As the profit is unlimited!

According to stats:

  • YouTube has over 2 billion logged in monthly users.
  • 18–34 year old are watching YouTube, on mobile alone, reaches more people in this US audience than any TV network.
  • YouTube is localized in over 100 countries and can be accessed in 80 different languages.
  • One billion hours watched daily!

So Youtube has over 2 billion users monthly!

Do you know what this number means for any business?

This means you can make unlimited leads, sales and profits…

First What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is simply optimize your video to rank higher on YouTube, search engines and social media platforms as well. Which can get you unlimited views, leads, sales and profits!

This optimization is the key to reach the right audience and take your business to the next level. As the perfect video optimization saves you more money, time and efforts!

So good YouTube SEO leads to high revenue and bad one bury your Youtube channels!

Nobody wants to bury his videos! That’s why video SEO is a must-need for your business!

Today, all platforms focus more on video content! According to Forbes:

Four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it”!


This means customers love videos which bring huge views and leads for your business!

What are video SEO benefits for any business?

  • Generate unlimited free targeted traffic
  • Build a powerful YouTube channels
  • Dominate social media sites
  • Dominate your industry
  • Grow your business fast
  • Build a perfect email list
  • Generate unlimited views, subscribers and leads
  • Make unlimited sales and profits
  • Build a great brand
  • Make tons of money
  • Save your money, time and effort
youtube seo the best practices!

So how to rank YouTube videos fast?

These are the best Youtube SEO practices you can use to rank any video higher:

1- Find a relevant niche

To avoid hard competition, you should search for a YouTube micro niche such as the best coffee machines or the best epresso machines or french coffee…

A micro niche is a great tactic to avoid the competition from the big companies. And can save you much money and time… because you don’t have money to compete in these big niche as health or hotels or cars…

That’s why a micro niche is a very useful to build your YouTube channels without competition. Read this post for more video ideas!

2- Search for a long-tail keywords

YouTube and all platforms provide search bar which helps to find what users are looking for. You can just tape any word in YouTube search bar to see if it’s trending one or not! Also, you can use other free or paid keyword tools. That offers rich data to help you to create a trending video that can go viral and get huge views and leads.

This step is very important to build a powerful YouTube channels. As it can determine the future of your business! So take your time and do a deep research to find the relevant long-tail keywords. And don’t build your business around one or two keywords.

However, you should build your channels about a trending niche or topic and then divide it into more profitable keywords! Which can help you to grow easily in the future.

3- Analysis your competitor popular videos

You can just take any competitor popular video and analyse it! This analysis can give you profitable insightful to find the gaps and then create the best video content than your competitors!

This strategy saves time and effort to find and reach the profitable audience you are looking for.

Analysis competition is the best marketing strategy you should leverage, if you want build a professional business. All marketers use it to overpass their competitors. You should just offer the best content than your competition because what works for them should works for you too, if you provide best content than them!

So useful content is a goldmine!

4- Create unique content

Good video content is a must-need for you business. All businesses create useful content that teach and solve their audience’s needs! Don’t forget this marketing basic. You make money through solving people’s problems. So if your video doesn’t teach or solve users needs, no one will care about it! Because no one need this content. And search engines won’t rank it because it’s useless!

Therefore, don’t spend your time and effort in content that is unsearchable!

5- Write a compelling title

Compelling title is a great way to attract people to watch your video content. Your title is the first thing visitors see and read. If it’s a bad one, no one will click to watch your video. Which affect your click trough rate and your rankings. Because Youtube or any other search engines won’t rank your videos.

Simply search engines rank what users want to read or to watch!

So by writing appealing title, you invite visitors to discover your videos that increase your CTR, your social engagement and your rankings as well!

6- Put the keyword in the beginning of your title

Starting the title with your main keyword is the best practice to optimize videos. This helps search engines to understand your content which leads to high rankings.

So don’t bury the main keyword in the end of title. This can harm your rankings!

For more inspiration, you can read magazines and newspapers’ titles. You will find good models that can help you to write compelling titles for your videos.

7- Write a captivate meta description for your videos

Good meta description is a goldmine for your YouTube videos too. As it invites visitors to watch your content which can convert them to leads and profits.. This means it worth time and effort to create a professional one! Also, you can analyse your competition to know what work for your niche or just for inspiration… You don’t need to copy your competition!

8- Make a promise or a good benefit or solve a need

You should make a promise to solve a problem or a good benefit in the title and in the meta description. This attracts unlimited users and increase your CTR. But you should give them what you have promised or you risk to destroy your brand!

In other words, be loyal and respect your audience.

You are here to build a profitable brand. And branding needs to provide value..

Users love value and share it with their friends which builds your brand fast!

9- Create tags for videos

Tags can help to rank higher your YouTube videos. So they are very useful for your channels. You should just search for the suitable tags for your video. You use your second keyword or other variation of the keyword you are using the main one as tags for your videos. Also, you can use YouTube search bar or good keyword tools to find the trending tags for your video!

In addition, you can use many tags for a single video. There is no exact number but you can test to find what works better for your videos.

Just, test and test… Write everything change you have made to know its SEO effects. Don’t forget it!

Data is everything in marketing! Then use it and analyse it before making any changes in your YouTube SEO!

10- Name your video file

Name your video file using the main keyword before uploading this video into your YouTube channels or any other platform! It’s crucial for the optimization because it helps users and search engines to read and understand your video marketing.

11- Categorize your videos

Categorization is useful for your audience because it creates a great user experience. Which helps your rankings because good user experience is a factor for high rankings. As it tells YouTube and Google… that users love this video that increases your rankings.

However, you should make a good and helpful categories that can offer value for your audience. Don’t create bad categories; you can use search bar or the keyword tools to find relevant ones or just, analyse your competitors’ videos to figure out the best categories for your YouTube videos!

12- Create and a upload custom thumbnail for your video

The more the thumbnail is professional the more you increase your traffic, clicks, leads and profits. People love good graphic and design which can generate more views, leads and profits…

So making an attractive thumbnail can stand out of the crowd and generate more profits!

13- Encourage people to engage with your videos

Encouraging visitors to like, share and comment on your videos can help you to reach more users and maybe this trick can turn your content into viral one. People love to engage with good videos and images. That’s why you should tell them to like and share… Also, you can ask them a question which can lead to unlimited comments.

So don’t be afraid, just tell the audience leave a comment. And you can make viral videos, if you provide high quality!

14- Promote your video

After publishing your video, you should share it in all social platforms, forums and groups where your audience attend.

This step is very useful to get more attention. If you market your video successfully during the first day, the reach can be huge.

You can do this promotion for free, you don’t need to paid the advertisement. You can just target the right groups and forums to market your video but don’t spam them. Be more creative and help them to help you!

15- Use other marketing tools such as quizzes…

Yes, you can market your YouTube video using quizzes for example. Quiz is a great marketing tool that makes your audience ore engaging and provides valuable data for your business.

YouTube SEO - special offer

Note that you use other tools to market your videos. You use can free templates or giveaway or give bonuses free ticks to attend an event or special discount or even free trial… There is no limit, you should use what works for the audience you target.

The key is to reach more people as possible!

Who can profit from this YouTube optimization?

This optimization is for YouTube channels but you can use it also for any video optimization. Because they are the basic SEO tips for any video content. They works well for any video marketing. Then you can use these tips as a/an:

  • YouTuber
  • Video marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Agency business
  • Local business
  • And many other business


These are the proven YouTube SEO tips you ever need to leverage video marketing. That can take your videos to the next level. They are very useful for any YouTube video but you can also use them to rank videos in any other platform such as social media sites.

Today, video marketing is dominate all platforms and searches because users love it and consume more video content than any other content. Which makes video industry more competitive. That’s why you need the best practice to optimize video, if you want high rankings.

Thanks for commenting…


Which YouTube SEO tips will you leverage for your business?

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