ADA compliance software 2022

ADA compliance software is a goldmine for your business online. As this software can avoid you any lawsuit and lets you to easily market your business. Which generates you more profits.

Today, there are many people live with some form of disability. Which increases every year because of health and political problems. According to World Health organisation:

  • Over 1 Billion people live with some form of disability.

Other stats reveal:

  • 72% American adults with disability report having high-speed internet at home.
  • 75% American adults with disability use the internet on a daily basis.

These stats show that the American adults with disability present a profitable market. Which you should consider when you market your business.

However, you should consider the website accessibility lawsuits that can harm your online business. According to this stat:

  • ADA Title III Website Accessibility Lawsuits American Federal Court in 2019 has 2,256 and in 2020 increases to 2,523.

That’s why, you need to avoid all these problems because it can cost you more money and harm your brand in the future.

What does ADA compliant mean for websites?

ADA compliant means the Americans with disabilities acts, it’s a human right. Which means all people with disabilities have the same opportunities as anyone else. There is no discrimination!

Thus, your website should be too accessible to all users including who have disabilities. They have the same right to access any website including your! Or you will have lawsuits, because you don’t respect this right.

Also, it’s a wasting opportunities for your business, if you don’t target Adults with disability in your marketing strategies. Which loses you a huge number of users. It’s over 60 million users in United States.

In other word, you should include ADA requirements for websites, blogs, pages… This means you should create ADA compliance for all those websites, if you want to access this profitable market and to avoid any lawsuits!

What are the ADA web compliance’ s benefits?

The best ADA website compliance benefits are:

  • Avoid lawsuits
  • Sell ADA compliance services
  • Focus on building a strong brand
  • Improve user experience including users with disabilities
  • Generate more leads, subscribers, sales and profit
  • Build a powerful email list
  • Save money and time
  • Grow your business

What’s the best ADA compliance software?

ADA Bundle Accessibility Software is the best tool you can use to easily create your ADA compliance for your websites. Which you can use without any skill needed. You can just follow 3 simple steps to create ADA site compliance for your business and for your clients as well. You can just copy and paste a single code in the website.

ADA Bundle Accessibility Software overview:

Product Name: ADA Bundle Accessibility Software

Seller Name: Ifiok Nkem

Launch Date: 2021-Jun-19

Sales Page: Click here

Front-End Price: $67.00

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Niche : Software

Bonuses: Huge Bonuses

Recommend: Highly Recommend

How can you profit from ADA Bundle Accessibility Software?

  • Make your site accessible
  • Make huge profits
  • Improve your rankings on search engines
  • Grow your business
  • Profit from disabilities market
  • Find profitable local business’opportunities
  • Run accessibility audit on your site and build links or email list for your business
  • Get paid to optimize your clients’ website to become compliant.
  • Get full commercial license to sell ADA services

What are the best features that this ADA compliance software includes?

1- Readable experience Accessibility features such as:

  • Content scaling, readability font, Dyslesia friendly, highlight titles and links, text magnifier, font sizing, text alignment…

2- Visual pleasing experience Accessibility features like:

  • Epilepsy safe mode, cognitive disability mode, ADHD friendly mode, Blindness mode and visually impaired mode.

3- Accessibility mode features as:

  • Dark and light contrast, Monochrome, high and low saturation, high contrast, text and title color and background color.

4- Easy orientation experience accessibility includes:

  • Mute sound, hide images, virtual keyboards, stop animations, highlight hover and focus, big black and white cursor…

5- Website accessibility and ADA compliance audit which helps you to fix your site’s issues. Also, you can use this feature in your website to build links or to make money by offering paid service to your clients.

6- Generate professional compliance reports that you can use as a lead magnet to get unlimited targeted leads for your business or build links to your website or sell it to clients. So this ADA compliance tool is a goldmine that can generate more profit for lifetime.

7- Robust lead finder engine and business search to find profitable opportunities for your business online. This is a great tool to generate more revenue for any local business.

8- Accessibility policy statement creator to generate professional policy statement for your business and for your clients as well. Which will get you more profits.

Those are the best ADA Bundle Accessibility Software’s features. Which will generate you unlimited opportunities to make more profits. Because there are many profitable niches related to ADA web compliance.

How to use this ADA compliance tool?

ADA Bundle Accessibility Software is an easy and powerful ADA software to use. You don’t need any skills, just follow these three simple steps to create your ADA compliance for any website:

  1. Add your website URL to generate your accessibility profile and compliance pixel.
  2. Personalize and customize your Accessibility option.
  3. Finally, paste the pixel code in your website. And stop losing leads and profits.

That’s all!

And the same process for your clients. That can make more than 6 figure income.

Who can use this software?

WordPress ADA compliance is a must-need for any online business. So it’s doesn’t matter, if you are a:

  • Blogger
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Web develop marketer
  • Design marketer
  • eCommerce marketer
  • Online marketer
  • Local marketer
  • Realtor
  • CEO
  • Or any other type of business
ADA compliance software 2022!

So, your business need to be accessible for disabilities because this market is over 60 million users. That’s why you need this ADA compliance software!

Now, what real users are saying about this ADA software:

I’m a professional who works with businesses of all sizes, and I’ve been using your ADA toolkit for weeks. It’s really well done and I’ve found it to be an indispensable resource for anyone who’s responsible for ensuring that their business or organization is in compliance with the ADA. 


ADA Bundle User

I have been a freelancer and local marketing consultant for 1 year. I made more in 1 week from ADA compliance service than I have made in 12 months. Finally seeen a service I can sell. Am tired of web design, seo and bot services which are already over crowded with service providers who are willingly to ‘work for food’. – Steve

I’ve read through the ADA requirements and it’s very confusing. I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep up with all of this for a small business.  The ADA bundle is a perfect package for us small businesses and it will save us thousands of dollars.


ADA Bundle User

I’ll be honest, I was completely clueless about the ADA laws. With your help, we were able to address the problem and come up with a solution that everyone’s happy with.


ADA Bundle User

Those are some ADA Bundle Accessibility Software users’ testimonials, you can log in sales page to see more testimonials!

ADA Bundle Accessibility Software is the best investment:

This ADA tool is now for $67.00 for one time payment with a discount and limited offer during this launch period. The normal price for this marketing tool is $97.00 per year. So it’s a great deal to make six figure income because you get commercial license use this ADA software to make real revenue.

Don’t miss this profitable opportunity. It’s a good investment because it offers you great opportunities to sell ADA services to your clients and profit from other related niches such as: Accessibility audit, accessibility policy statement …

In other words, this ADA tool is a great opportunity to avoid any lawsuit and to profit from this market as well.

So don’t miss it!

ADA compliance software 2022
ADA compliance software
ADA compliance software!

Pros & Cons:


  • Discount price NOW
  • Your investment is secured: 30 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use – No skill needed
  • 100% cloud-based – Nothing to download
  • Work for any type of website
  • Use this on 20 websites or upgrade for unlimited websites
  • Create ADA compliance for any website
  • Make real revenue from this ADA tool
  • Commercial license to use ADA services for your clients
  • Save your time and money


  • Limited offer
  • The price will go up

ADA software Bundle Accessibility’s bonuses:

this great ADA compliance software you get valuable bonuses such as:

  1. Commercial license to sell the ADA services to your clients and make easily six figure income.
  2. Accessibility agency Accelerator program which is a full training to build a profitable ADA optimization agency and start making money.
  3. Exclusive access to the Ifiok Nk’ private Skype mentorship for 365 days.
  4. Bi-weekly hands-on webinar training and coaching sessions.
  5. SFO webinar Replay Vault where to learn professonal techniques to make money online…
  6. Free live call on Zoom with Ifiok’s team of experts.
  7. Ifiok’s special “ADA & WCAG” sensitization, preselling and client closing report.

Visit sales page for more details!


ADA Bundle Accessibility Software is a powerful software to build ADA compliance for your websites and for your clients as well. It’s a high quality product. That’s why big companies as Cocacola, Ebay, Toyota, Disney… use this unique ADA tool to optimize their websites to become compliant. That avoids them lawsuits and helps them to grow their brands and make more profits.

In addition, you get the commercial license to sell ADA services online and generate 6 figure income. Also, you get a step by step training and support from professional experts to build powerful business online

So, this ADA compliance software is very profitable because it protects you and offers you a great opportunity to turn it into six figure income by selling ADA services.

Just, take action now and don’t waste this great opportunity!

Thanks for reading…

I hope this too will help your business.

Feel free to rate this marketing tool.

Is your website ADA compliant? Which ADA software do you use?

ADA Compliance Software

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