Email marketing is the best strategy to reach your audience effectively. That’s why you should grow your email list. This list gets you unlimited profits for long time.

In this post, i will leverage powerful ways to get more subscriber into your email list.

According to some email marketing stats:

  • Every $1 you spend, you expect an average return of $42!
  • Over 4 billion people use email marketing! Which is a huge number!
  • Conversion rates for emails are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search.
  • 81% of businesses say that email drives customer acquisition, and 80% for retention.
  • 59% of marketers cite email as their number one source of ROI.
  • Email offers result in shoppers spending 138% on their purchases.
  • 99% of consumers use email every single day. 
  • 60% of consumers prefer signing up for a brand’s email list for promotional offers compared to 20% who follow brands on social for deals.
  • 59% of consumers say that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions.

These stats show that email marketing is very profitable for all businesses!

How to grow your email list?

Email list building is your way to make more money online for long time. So if you build this list the right way, you can generate unlimited profits. Because those subscribes trust you then you can easily guide them to your services or products without objections.

That’s why you should put in this list more effort and time, because the profit is huge!

how to grow your email list 2021!

You can leverage these email marketing tips:

1- Choose the best niche

The best niche is the one with huge audience. This can lead to hard competition. Which is not for you because you can’t compete and you don’t have big budget to do it.

You should focus on small niches where there is real money with less or zero competition.

If you do a deep research, you can find unlimited opportunities to build a good email list such as:

  • Living room decoration
  • Specific designing ideas
  • Kitchen decoration ideas
  • Bathroom decor ideas
  • Walls decor or paints
  • Mountain biking
  • Biking techniques
  • Professional cycling
  • Cycling techniques
  • And much more…

You need just to give it a try and you can find profitable micro niches where you can grow your email list fast and with no competition!

2- Give them what they need

This mean you should solve your audience’s pain or problem, if you want to get their trust.

You should analyse the market to find the need of your audience. As you can’t succeed online marketing, if you don’t solve the audience pain. It’s crucial!

So give it a deep thought and gather all data you need to help your audience.

3- Create unique content

Here, valuable content is the best strategy you need to generate unlimited subscribers to your email list.

No one will subscribe to get boring or normal content.

Today, the audience want the best content because they have many choices online. If you can’t offer the amazing content, they leave you to your competitors.

This is the game!

You create useful content to collect email addresses and easily grow your email list!

4- Create the best landing page

Landing page or home page is the first contact with your visitors. If this contact is amazing, you win the game.

people love good and easy web page because they dislike complicate one and they don’t have time to understand your site. Therefore, don’t loose your visitors.

Simply, you should build an amazing simple website. Where your visitors know exactly what is the next step and understand clearly your message.

In this article, i have explained how to build the professional website?

5- Set up a good autoresponder

Professional autoresponder is a must-need for growing an email list. The more features this tool has, the best you easily reach your subscribers. As, there are some autoresponder that offers great features such as: SMS text and Messenger emails to reach your prospects. Which help you to grow your email list fast!

Of course there are free and paid autoresponder which you can use for your business. The choice is yours.

However, you should choose the best autoreponder to easily reach and grow email subscribes!

6- Blogging

Blogging about your audience needs and solve their pains is the best strategy to get more subscribers for your list.

According to stats:

  1. Over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month.
  2. Users produce around 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month.
  3. Content marketing is predicted to be an industry worth $412.88 billion by 2021.
  4. There are 89,409 Google searches per second.

So blogging worth the hard-work because many people read and interact with useful content. This means you can reach the profitable customers for your business and make more money.

7- Video content

Including more videos in your content can rank your content, reach more visitors and grow your email list fast.

Today, video is the best way to take your business to the next level.

According to stats:

  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users.
  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.
  • More than 500 million hours of videosare watched on YouTube each day.
  • More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.
  • 87% of online marketers use video content.
  • Over half of video content is viewed on mobile.
  • 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others.
  • 90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device.
  • 10 million videos are watched on Snapchat per day.

So everybody loves video and share it with his friends. Which is a great opportunity to build your audience and then to grow your email list as well.

8- Exit popup

Exit popup is the best tactic you can use to push your visitors to subscribe to your list. This strategy can increase email list in record time, if you provide useful content.

This technique doesn’t have any negative impact on the user experience. That helps you to offer an other content or free tool or bonuses to retain the visitors that are going to leave your website.

Therefore, try exit intent popup to grow your email list fast!

9- Leverage webinar

Webinar is a great strategy to engage your audience and gather more subscribers. There are some great free tools such as Zoho and GoToWebinar… or you use the paid ones with more options. But you can start with the free tool and then the paid one.

According to stats:

  • Nearly 70% of webinar hosts are seeking to increase sales and engagement.
  • Marketing webinars have a general rate of attendance in the 44% region.
  • Of all webinar resources Q&A sessions seen as 81% better than the rest.
  • Studies show that 65% of entrepreneurs see email as the best webinar promotion tool.
  • 56% of webinar hosts said that they used both live and on-demand video.

In other words, webinar is a great way to grow email list for any niche.

10- Free ebooks, templates, checklist, courses…

You can offer free ebook, template and checklist to collect email addresses. People like these free ebooks and templates… Which grow your email list.

You need just to offer high quality ebook or checklist. Because users love and engage with high quality product.

11- Giveaway

Giveaway is another way to grow your email list for any business. As people love these giveaway, if they are valuable. This means you should offer great offer as a giveaway to to build email list for your business.

12- Bonus and special offer

Good bonus or special offer can get you unlimited visitors and subscribers to your email list. People engage positively with bonuses and special offer. That can be a huge opportunity to increase your subscribers.

Special offers can be discount price or a limited product or buy one and get one for free…

So use bonuses and good offers to grow your subscriber list.

13- Use social media

Leverage social media platforms to grow email subscribes through offering unique content, free tools and special offers… These platforms are profitable for your business, if you leverage them successfully. You can use video content to reach more users. Because social media rank high videos. That’s why you should profit from its algorithm!

14- Offer email marketing tips

Blogging about useful email marketing tips can generate unlimited targeted prospects that are ready to subscribe to your email list. This is the best tactic you can use to get more subscribers.

15- Ask and encourage

Just, ask and encourage your visitors to subscribe to your email list after their engagement with your offer. This remind visitors to leave their email address.

So you should ask visitors to subscribe to your email list whenever there is an opportunity. Don’t waste the moment when your visitors are happy with your offer. This is the best moment to encourage them to subscribe.

16- Opt in email marketing

Don’t forget to add Opt-in and sign up forms to your content. you can add many opt-in to your home page, blog post, product page, landing page…

Also, you can test many opt-in forms and places within your website to find the best form and place to increase email list!

17- Content upgrades

Unique content is the key to grow an email list in record time. Because people love this kind of upgrade where they find valuable to solve their needs.

This unique content can be best analysis, marketing data and statistics, marketing strategy, step-by-step learning course…

There is no limit for this content upgrades. You can any valuable and unique content that your audience need!

Now, what can i do with my email list?

You can share your stories, promote your content, services and products with your subscribers.

Is it illegal to buy email list?

Buying an email list is not illegal, but it’s useless for business. Because you don’t those email subscribers and they didn’t subscribe to your list. This means it’s illegal to send them emails.

Can you buy an email list?

Sure, you can buy it, but be careful. These lists can be useless and many of them are fake email lists!


These are the best tips where to get email lists for any niche. These tips work for all marketers and business owners. You can leverage most of them, if you want to make money from email marketing.

However, you should avoid fake email list and focus on building your list. It needs time and hard work but it worth!

Email marketing is an easy way to build your passive income for life time.

Don’t waste this opportunity to start your email list and make money. As, they said the money is in the list!



Which tips can you try in your website? Are there other tips that get more subscribers?

How to Grow Your Email List

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