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Today, there are many profitable ways to generate easily real money online. That had changed life of many people for better but is it easy for affiliate marketing without a website to make any profit?

In this post, i will leverage some profitable options which you can use to generate real money online. These options still work, even if many online platforms try to block the affiliate links. But you can succeed to post these links within your content and make sales without any problems. Many marketers had used it before for years to get more profit through these proven affiliate marketing ideas. Which you can leverage as well. You need just to provide value in your content. Which can help you to easily reach the targeted audience.

Why Affiliate marketing is profitable?

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is a booming industry. As the majority of big businesses have created their affiliate programs to generate more revenue. This make marketers more creative to reach the right customers which generate them more revenue. Especially with the growing of ecommerce, you can promote unlimited products for the right audience. Which offers unlimited opportunities to make easily real money online. As people purchase basic products, household devices, tech gadgets… and many other products. This create a profitable options for you to provide your audience with their desired products or services.

In other words, you can promote unlimited affiliate products online and get your commissions. You need just to learn affiliate marketing and how to leverage many marketing channels out there to get the traffic to the product or service you are promoting.

Many stats indicate that affiliate marketing will go higher in the next five years. For example, Statista said that:

  • Affiliate marketing in the United States could reach $8.2 billion in 2022. Which increase from $7.4 billion in 2021.
  • In Japan, businesses spent 2.7 billion on affiliate marketing in 2019. Which will increase to $4.3 billion in 2024.
  • 90% of businesses and advertisers consider affiliate marketing as their essential strategy to generate higher revenue.
  • 84% of publishers also use affiliate marketing to grow.

So these stats shows you why you should leverage affiliate marketing niches. They worth your investment.

How to use affiliate marketing without a website to win money online?

You can use these proven strategies to earn real money online through affiliate links without any site such as:

1- Focus on YouTube channels – Powerful affiliate marketing ideas

YouTube is the best platform for video. This unique platform has over 2 billion users all over the world. This means it’s a great platform to leverage, if you want to take your business to the next level!

According to stats:

  • YouTube has over 2 billion logged in monthly users.
  • 18–34 year old are watching YouTube, on mobile alone, reaches more people in this US audience than any TV network.
  • YouTube is localized in over 100 countries and can be accessed in 80 different languages.
  • One billion hours watched daily!
  • 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.
  • 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
  • 96% of marketers have placed ad spend on video.
  • 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing on social media.
  • Facebook is the #1 platform where marketers plan to invest in the next 12 months, followed by YouTube and Instagram.

These stats direct you to create useful YouTube videos which educate and solve your audience’s problems. Then you can include your affiliate offer within your video description. This strategy works effectively with any industry. You can promote any affiliate program that is related with your audience interest through your YouTube channels.

However, you should short your affiliate links because it’s not professional to use it like this. Also, many platforms will block it. That’s why, you should short the affiliate links and focus on creating the best content. That your visitors really need.

So YouTube channels are the best technique you can use to earn commissions from affiliate marketing without a website.

2- Leverage other social media platforms – Get unlimited affiliate commissions

Other social media websites are very profitable to promote your affiliate offers. Because users in these websites love useful content that helps them to solve their needs. These websites also encourage good video content. Which helps you to reach more users and then make real money online using affiliate links within your content.

So you can create unique content as videos or posts or creative designs including the affiliate links… and post them in these social media platforms. But you need to make this content more educative and engaged. People in these platforms love useful guides and X list posts. That guide them to improve their living or life.

In other words, social media platforms encourage unique content which helps you to reach more people. Then you can get more profits or just build a powerful email list.

3- Publish useful content marketing in the groups related to your niche

You can publish good content in the groups and forums that are related to your niche. You use social media groups or specific forums where you can find your audience. As i mention before, your content should be more helpful to the audience than selling! Because many online platforms block affiliate links.

So you need to build good relationship with the users before guiding them to your offer. This means you should interact, answer, help and give more value to these forums or groups. That can build trustful relationship with the audience of these forums. Then you can guide this audience smoothly to your affiliate offers.

So the key here is the best content that the audience needs.

4- Use email marketing to promote your affiliate offers

Email marketing is the best way to make real money online. Because good email list converts better than any other marketing channel. According to many statistics email marketing is very profitable:

  • Every $1 you spend, you expect an average return of $42!
  • Over 4 billion people use email marketing! That is a huge number!
  • Conversion rates for emails are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search.
  • 81% of businesses say that email drives customer acquisition.
  • 59% of marketers cite email as their number one source of ROI.
  • Email offers result in shoppers spending 138% on their purchases.
  • 99% of consumers use email every single day. 
  • 60% of consumers prefer signing up for a brand’s email list for promotional offers.
  • 59% of consumers say that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions.

So email marketing is a goldmine but you should build perfect email list, if you want to generate real money online. In this article, you will learn 17 powerful tips to easily build profitable email list. Use these tips to make real money from email because it worth your investment.

If you don’t have a good email list, you should create professional landing page and start your journey to build a perfect list for the targeted audience. After that, you promote the affiliate offer that your subscribers look for.

In addition, you should be careful with your subscribers. Don’t just spam your list with affiliate offers. You can offer them some free items such as free ebook templates or free graphic designs… You have to be respectful, helpful and professional marketer to win their trust.

This trust is the key to get unlimited profit . Just, focus on good relationship because the money is in the list.

5- Create Perfect PPC campaigns for your affiliate link

PPC campaigns are crucial to generate real money online. Because you have the opportunity to target the right audience that need your affiliate offers. Which save you more money and time to get real profits and to build profitable email list. It’s the best practice to promote affiliate marketing without a website.

This great tip is really profitable because you can just use the landing pages that your email marketing provider offers yo. There are many email platforms that offer professional landing pages for free or upgrade to the premium level. Which will offers more valuable features than free version.

Paid digital marketing tools are more profitable

The choice is yours but premium level offers you more professional landing pages. Which you can use in your PPC campaigns to sell the affiliate offers and to gather subscribers to your list as well. That will double your opportunities because you can target this list in other email campaigns to increase your conversion rate. This means you will get unlimited profits.

However, profitable PPC marketing campaigns need marketing knowledge and skills to get the right results. That’s why, you should learn how to create powerful ad campaigns because it will save you money and time. As you don’t need to look for the best freelancer or agency or any ad creation tool

Today, there are many options to learn ad campaigns online such as: Google ppc training, Bing ppc, Facebook blueprint course, Udemy courses, YouTube videos… All these courses are free. You can learn everything about PPC campaigns for free but you can profit more from paid courses and videos. That can take you to another marketing level and to profit more from your affiliate marketing without a website.

So take action to easily build your powerful online affiliate marketing. You have all marketing tools and tips you ever need.


These are 5 best practices to earn real money online from affiliate marketing without a website. All these tips work for almost all affiliate offers. You should just analyse your affiliate offers and reach the right audience. So take action and change your life for better.

Thanks for reading…


What do you think about these 5 tips to leverage affiliate marketing without a website?

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

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