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Optimizing your Instagram SEO can increase your products or services. This optimizing will get you more benefits for free because it helps to reach the right audience for your business. That saves you more money and time. This means you can start making sales, profit and then building powerful online branding.

Instagram is another profitable social media platform with huge number of users. That allows you to easily build successful online business because Instagram optimization is a must-need to rank your business higher to reach the profitable audience. Which generates you unlimited leads, sales and profits.

Stats show that:

  • Instagram has now more that 2 billion active users.
  • Instagram has 23% engagement than Facebook.
  • +70% of Instagram users are younger than 34.
  • 58% of marketers are using Instagram to market their services or products.
  • 70% of users watch Instagram stories daily.
  • 71% of Instagram content is image posts.
  • 75% of businesses have an Instagram account.

So these stats indicate that Instagram is a profitable social media platform that can get more profits.

What is Instagram seo?

Instagram search engine optimization (SEO) is about the best practices that can increase your Instagram profile and Instagram content to easily be found. Which will put your business in front of the right users who need your services or products. This can save you more money and time. As you don’t need to spend any money in advertising because you can easily reach unlimited targeted users. That’s why, Instagram optimization is crucial for your business online. You can’t miss this optimization because you will lose more leads and profits for your competition.

All big brands use Instagram tips and tricks that can help their businesses to easily reach more users and then generate more profit. As these brands know the powerful of Instagram in marketing.

So you need to optimize your Instagram account if you want to profit from this great social media platform. As it worth your money, time and effort.

What are these best practices to leverage Instagram SEO?

Instagram is the best social platform that can offer you unlimited leads and profits. But you should implement these powerful SEO optimization tips to increase your reaching:

1- Focus on trending keywords

You should add trending keywords related to your business to your Instagram name, bio, caption and your content as well. This simple tip is very important for optimization because it tells Insta about your business. That increases your Insta profile fast and saves you money and time. Here, a full guide about 7 free keyword research tools. Use it to get unlimited keywords for your business online for free.

Adding these keywords to your Instagram account is crucial. Because all search engines and social media platforms use them for ranking. You can’t get good rankings without optimizing your Insta account for the keywords that suit your business. It’s the basic of SEO. That’s why, all online businesses use keywords in their social media profiles to reach unlimited users easily and faster.

According to stats:

  • $79.27 billion: The estimated amount brands and agencies in the united states will shell out for SEO services in 2020.
  • More than $5,000: The monthly amount the majority of businesses are spending on SEO.
  • 76% of people who search on their smartphones for something end to visit a business within a day.
  • 90% of consumers used the web to find a local business.

So these stats tell you to focus on SEO tips because it’s crucial for your business online. You won’t get any visitors to your business online without using trending keywords that fit your business in your Insta account.

2- Leverage ALT text SEO

Adding ALT text to your insta posts is a must-need because it has a great benefits for your SEO best practices. You need to include related ALT text description on your posts or images… That can increase your rankings more to get more leads and profit.

ALT text is another basic SEO tip which you should use in all search engines and social media marketing. As it allows these platforms to rank your business for the right users. Which create amazing experience for your visitors.

Including ALT text in images or content will generate more Insta real followers, leads and profit for free. Here, more tips for image optimization SEO that can help any business online.

So don’t miss this profitable Instagram SEO hack if you want more Instagram traffic.

3- Add Insta trending hashtag today

Insta trending Hashtags are useful SEO tip to reach more users who need your business. these Hashtags are very important on Instagram because your content will be visible on the corresponding Hashtag pages. Which increase your visibility on Instagram to reach more targeted users for free.

So viral hashtags for Instagram can get you real leads and profit because these hashtags really work in comment and caption. They help your content to be visible to your targeted audience. That’s why, there are many Insta tag generators that many big businesses use them to get more likes, followers and profits.

In other words, Insta post hashtag works because they reach your content to the hashtag’s audience related.

4- Add geo tags

You can add your location or popular place near you to you insta posts. This can also increase your reaching for free. These geo tags work as keywords which generate more visitors and profit. You should just choose what fit your business. This means you need to look for popular geo tags can that can increase your reaching or what geo tags that your audience use.

So, don’t forget to use these trending geo tags that fit your business because they work as well.

5- Create useful guides – Perfect Instagram SEO tip

You should create good guides that teach or solve your visitors’ problems. People loves this type of content. When you create unique guide for anything that is related to your business, people will like, share, follow and visit your business online. Which increases your reaching and get you more profit.

However, you need to create unique guides that teach your visitors. Don’t just copy what is online and paste it. This can harm your branding. Be creative and offer some great content. It may need money, time and effort but it worth it because you can go viral on the Instagram which gets you unlimited profit.

You can create guides for any business such as: designs and graphics, social media best practices, email marketing tips, save money habits, self-improvement hacks, home and decor techniques… There is no limit and you can be more creative.

So, creating content for Instagram that your audience wants is the key to success.

6- Use perfect social media design to get more Insta engagement

People loves powerful social media design because they say these designs as an art. That has a power in impact on your business. As the more your content gets more social engagement, the more you reach more users and get more leads, sales and profit.

According to stats:

  • 80 % of people remember things they see or do.
  • A post was three times more likely to be re-shared if it included an image.
  • 35 % of people on the internet are willing to share images they find on the web!
  • Articles with images get 94% more views!
  • 60% of consumers will contact a business when its image shows up in local search results!
  • In eCommerce, 67% of consumers buy according to products’ images!

So illustration design is a must-need for your Instagram branded content because it will get unlimited profits for free. Read why do you need illustration design in your business online.

7- Be social

You should participate on Instagram through liking, commenting and engaging with other Instagram pages within your niche. If you don’t engage with others on Instagram, you won’t build powerful business online. It’s crucial to grow your Instagram page because people like to engage with them. So you need to give more value before to get anything.

So comment and follow other good Insta pages within your industry to be noticed and then build strong relationship with them, if you want to generate more Instagram engagement. Which will grow your business fast than your competitors.

In addition, you can build powerful partnership with other businesses and marketers. You can easily find Instagram influencers, you should just offer them the value they need to let them to engage with your business. There are huge opportunities in this type of partnership which will save you money and time and then you will grow easier and faster.

If the competition is very hard within your niche, you can leverage micro influencers on Instagram. There is less competition and more opportunities to grow.

Don’t miss micro influencers on Instagram, it’s a powerful Instagram strategy to take your business to the next level.

You should also tag people, create more videos and go alive on Instagram. They are useful best practices to build powerful brand on Instagram.


These are 7 best tips for your Instagram SEO which you should leverage to build powerful Instagram branding. You can use these tips for any business online. They work because they are the basic hacks for Instagram optimization.

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Instagram SEO

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