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Today, page speed is a must need for your online business, if you want high rankings and great user experience. Which generate you more profits.

According to Google:

  • The probability of bounce increases 32% as page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds.

That’s why, all businesses wants more speed to make their users more happy and then and respect the search engines’ recommendations.

In this post, i will discuss page speed and best tips you should do to improve your website speed in few minutes!

What’s page speed?

Page speed is the amount of time that a website takes to load. Which is determine by many factors such as host service, visual designs and uploading many stuff… which you don’t need!

This amount of time should be less than 1 seconds or your users will left your website to your competitor!

That’s why, fastest site is a need because it’s about high rankings, leads, sales and money.

So you can’t ignore it. It’s crucial for your business.

Can you imagine the amount of money you will lose everyday for your competition?

Sure, it’s tons of money and leads… Which means death of your business!

Can you accept this?

Of course, no!

Why do you need to speed up website ?

Faster site means more benefits for your business such as:

1- High rankings which means great opportunities, more leads, sales and money. Because Google considers speed an important factor for high rankings.

2- Mobile searches, Google considers speed as a crucial element to benefit from mobile searches. Because users want quick site to find their solutions. They dislike to wait more than 3 seconds.

3- Also, don’t forget Ads searches too. Promoting your business is great way to grow your business and make more money. But you need quick website to captive more views, subscribers, leads and sales!

4- Powerful email list. Speed helps to build great list for any niche. As, it offers you high rankings. Which helps you to earn users trust and then their email addresses.

Read how to create perfect email list from scratch!

You can easily use email list to build seven figure or more… There is no limited!

That’s why, website speed is very profitable for any business

5- Growing your business to the next level with no limit too. As smart marketer, you can start small business and use marketing tools and techniques to grow fast and easy. This can turn any business to become an empire one. website performance is one of those best technique you can leverage to build unique online business. As users and search engines love fast sites which helps to grow fast.

6- Beating your online competitors! If you have quick site than your competitor, then the game is over. You will make high RIO than your competitors.

Simply, fastest website helps your visitors to interact better with your offer which increases sales and revenue.

Here, all you need to build amazing website for your business.

7- Offering great user experience. This is the key to succeed online for a any niche. Because your users will like, share, rate your business than others. Which tells google that you offer what users want and then Google will rank you higher!

All search engines and social media platforms as well care about user experience. They want you to make their users happy and then to stay as long as possible on their platforms.

Therefore, those users will return and use more and more their services.

That’s why, you should offer what users like quickly, if you want high ranking and more ROI!

8- Saving your money and time. That is another great benefit because speed makes great results with less time and money.

In other words, speed grows your business, earns you money and make your users happy to solve their problems.

Everybody wins with faster website!

Which tools can you use to test my website speed?

Today, digital marketing provides more useful tools, tactics and strategies you need to take your business to professional level! That means you have many choices to test and improve site speed for free!

Yes, you don’t need to pay anything or to hire any freelancer. If you don’t have time or you don’t how, contact me i will help you! As there are free and paid tools.

Free and perfect website performance tools:

1-The best and free page speed analysis, you ever need is Google Speedpage Insight!

Google Speedpage tests your website speed for mobile and desktop and then suggests the right solutions you should take to fix these errors.

All those suggestions can help your website performance!

In other words, Google Speedpage saves you time and more money.

Visit Google Speedpage Insight here

2- Lighthouse provides perfect website page speed test

lighthouse is an automated tool for improving the quality of your website. But it’s more than this because it has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO and much more.

Lighthouse is a great marketing tool for fixing all your site’s issues!

Visit Lighthouse

3- Webpage test

Also, WebPage Test is another awesome marketing tool you can use to test your site speed for free. It offers you all data you need to fix your site speed errors!

Visit WebPage Test here

Free website speed checker tools with upgrade option:

1- The first one is GTMetrix. This amazing tool analyzes your page’s speed performance and suggests solutions too. But it has a paid level with great features.

This tool tests your website in different countries, devices, browsers and connection speeds. Also, it tracks your your page performance over time and get notified when your website is slow…

GTMetrix is perfect tool to check website performance!

2- The second one is Pingdom. Another useful website to analyze speed website. Also, this tool has a free and a paid level with 14 day free trial!

Pingdom is a great website for your business. Because it has unique features. That can help you to achieve your goals!

Pingdom is website performance monitoring you need for any business.

Visit Pindom website here

Paid and best website speed test tools:

The last option is paid tools such as:

1- UFT One is a great paid tool to test web, mobile, API and enterprise apps. It’s a unique tool for medium and big companies with great features.

Visit site for more details!

2- TestComplete is an automated UI testing tool. Which makes it easy to create, maintain, and execute functional tests across desktop, web and mobile.

For more information, visit TestComplete site.

Well, those website performance tools are enough for any business to test and improve website performance. Because they are the basic speed tools you ever need.

What can you do to improve website speed?

To speed up your website, you should:

  1. Choose best hosting. It’s very important. Don’t choose the cheapest one, but the best one that suits your business. I had reviewed one great hosting, read it here! But best web host services you ever need to build successful business is SiteGround! This web host is unique because it provides high quality services. (I will write more about hosting platforms).
  2. Use CDN to offer fast services which will improve your user experience.
  3. Use best theme for your website because it can improve website speed and attract more visitors more than a bad theme!
  4. Install Lazy Load plugin, it’s a powerful plugin. Because it displays your images and all designs only when they are visible to the user. Which reduces the number of HTTP requests and improves the loading time. Lazy Load is the best plugin for site speed with more features!
  5. Compress your images, designs… You can use many plugins such as Smush – Compress, Optimize or ShortPixel Image Optimizer…
  6. Remove render-blocking resources and minify CSS and Javascript… using plugins like: LiteSpeed Cache, Hummingbird – Speed Optimize…
  7. Install caching plugins such as: WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache…
  8. Load less stuff. You should use the needed plugins, images, designs… Load only the basic plugins…
  9. Reduce your redirects.
  10. Update your theme, plugins… regularly!
  11. Use AMP. It’s very important because it helps to speed up website easily and improve your site’s usability. Which means more leads and sales.
  12. Use Google products such as fonts…
  13. Avoid third party in your business. It can harm you, if it’s not very secured.

Well, this is all you need to speed up your website.


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Page speed is very crucial for online sites. Your business can’t do well, if your website isn’t quick loading! That means death of your online business!

Moreover, mobile searches dominate all online traffic. That means fastest website is a must-need for your business. Because mobile users want more speed which Google and other search engines focus on to rank your website higher.

Nobody likes pages loading slowly! You can use this unique platform to build your business. It offers you all tools and features you need to take your online business to the next level.

However, you can just use the above tools and tips to fix all errors. Which will improve website performance automatically!

If your web hosting causes you problems, change it. Don’t waste your money and time!

Thank you for reading.


What do you think about marketing those tools and tips? Do i forget any more important tip or tool?

Page Speed

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