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Best URL shortener is the marketing tool that your business needs. Because it will generate you more web traffic, leads, and profit.

This list provides you with the best URL shorteners to make real money online. These URL shorteners allows you to track the number of link clicks, conversion rates, referral sources and more.

You should just choose the best one for your business because each shortener is different and has its unique features. Let’s dive in!

What is URL shortener?

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortener is an online website that makes link shorter to easily remember and track. There are many short URL links on the market with different options and plans.

Some of them offer free plan with limited features such as Others are paid marketing tools that include more features and benefits like drive web traffic, leads, sales and more profits.

therefore, you have the opportunity to choose the tool you like.

The benefits of using best URL shortener?

You should make link shorter because it helps you to:

  • Optimize your social bio links.
  • Track and measure your performance.
  • Get rich marketing data about your business and your audience.
  • Understand deeply your visitors.
  • Build your brand online.
  • Make your links easy to remember.
  • Generate more leads and profit.

So all these benefits are important for you to easily grow to build powerful brand online.

What are the best URL shortener?

In this list, I will present these 5 unique short link creators because they offer more than just URL shortening service. So you can leverage:

1- Linkjoy – Best Bitly alternative

Linkjoy is more than short URL link. It’s a marketing tool to increase web traffic to your site, retarget your visitors and get more leads through maximizing your bio links.

So this short URL creator is perfect to generate more income from your links in social media websites and retarget your visitors.

Watch this Linkjoy video presentation for more information.

The best, LinkJoy allows you to create mobile first, micro landing pages in minutes using themes and customizable layouts. These layouts help you to easily customize the layout to fit your products or services which will increase your conversion rates.

You can also add links to your products, videos and services to direct your followers to the right page within your site. Then you can measure and track all clicks your content receive to understand your audience behaviors.

Besides, Linkjoy will help you to get the most out of that one bio link by taking your followers to exactly where you want them to go. That’s means when your followers click on your bio link, they will see your feed with clickable images that they can use to start shopping or check out your website pages.

In addition, Linkjoy is short link creator to personalize your links and create a seamless branded visitor experience. This will help your build your authority on the web, retarget your visitors and offer you more marketing data about your audience by tracking pixels from Facebook, Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Then Linkjoy provides these great features in all its plans:

  • Unlimited custom script.
  • Customizable layout selection.
  • Customizable postflix in shortened URL.
  • Tag feature.
  • UTM builder.
  • Link preview.
  • GDPR settings.
  • Generate QR code.
  • A/B testing.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Layout selection.
  • ALL themes.
  • Customizable font, buttons and backgrounds
  • Unlimited blocks.
  • Autosave.
  • And more options.

You will all these options for one time payment during this limited offer with 60 day money back guarantee.

Visit Linkjoy sales page.

So it’s a great opportunity to generate real profit from your links.

2- OpenMyLink – Collection of Marketing Tools


OpenMyLink is a collection of marketing tools including Bio Pages, QR codes, a best URL shortener and more tools such as:

  • Powerful dashboard to easily overview your pages, campaigns…
  • Branded domains.
  • Splash and overlay pages.
  • A link rotator to split web traffic as you like.
  • URL bookmarking.
  • Pixel management to multiple marketing techniques.
  • Track your clicks to easily optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • User history to analyze your audience and find more opportunities.
  • Geotargeting.
  • Device and language targeting.
  • And more.

So OpenMyLink is complete package of marketing tools that will get you huge benefits.

Watch this OpenMyLink promo video

As I mentioned before, OpenMyLink includes huge features that will help your online business to make more profits like:

  • You will get unlimited of:
    • URLs allowed.
    • Clicks per month.
    • Bio profiles.
    • QR codes.
    • Custom splash and CTA overlay pages.
    • Event tracking.
    • Team members.
    • Branded domains.
    • Pixel integrations.
  • Short URL custom aliases.
  • Multiple domains.
  • Channels, campaigns and link rotator.
  • customer parameters and URL customization.
  • Export data and forever data retention.
  • Developer API.
  • Advertisement free.
  • Lifetime access to OpenMyLink.
  • Free updates plan.
  • One time payment in this limited offer.
  • Access to bonus SEO reporting software.
  • And much more features.

OpenMyLink is a unique custom URL shortener with huge marketing tools to easily generate more revenue and build powerful brand.

Visit OpenMyLink sales page

Thus, it’s up to you to get this best best URL shortener with all its powerful features!

3- – Plus Exclusive – Amazing Short URL Link

pxl-to-best-best-url-shortener – Plus Exclusive is great online tool (exclusively for AppSumo Plus member) to transform your links into powerful marketing tools. It’s perfect web link shortener built with server-less technology to help you grow without the looming concern of downtime or click limits.

This web link shortener allows you easily build trust with your audience through connecting your domains for secure and branded links. It also helps to discover what content resonates with metrics like clicks, geographic data and top web traffic sources. That means it offers you powerful marketing data to find your right visitors and make more revenue.

What are – Plus exclusive’s features? – Plus Exclusive includes amazing features that will increase your income like:

  • Unlimited links and pixels.
  • unlimited tracked clicks per month.
  • 20 team members.
  • 20 custom domains.
  • Priority support.
  • Auto generated SSL certificates.
  • Weekly performance reports.
  • QR codes to reach your audience virtually anywhere.
  • 1 click Chrome extension.
  • API access.
  • Lifetime access to
  • All the plan’s features updates.
  • One time payment in this limited offer. No monthly fees!
  • This deal is not stackable.

So Pxl. – Plus Exclusive is a marketing tool for only AppSumo Plus member. That means you need to subscribe to AppSumo Plus Members to profit from this great deal and many other AppSumo member’s benefits like:

  • 10% Off on any AppSumo purchases.
  • All the apps from LastCall promotions.
  • All early access promotions.
  • All access to select deals.
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro.

These are the best AppSumo Members’ benefits you will get when you join this program. It’s up to you!

If you don’t subscribe to AppSumo Plus Member, you can get for NO AppSumo member that is also a great online tool to create short URL for you links and generate more profits. It’s included all main features that are not specific for AppSumo members.

Otherwise, – Plus Exclusive is a powerful shorten hyperlink that includes many other marketing tools to increase your revenue and build professional brand online.

Visit – Plus Exclusive sales page

Then the choice is yours. You can select the custom link shortener you like.

4- Linko – All in one Short URL Link

Linko create short links

Linko is an amazing custom URL shortener with powerful marketing tools for marketers, bloggers, YouTubers and influencers. It helps you to get the right marketing data about your links and your audience. This marketing data will help to build the right marketing strategy to increase your web traffic, leads, sales and profits.

So Linko gives the complete control over your links and destinations. That means you can track your short URL links, measure, target and retarget your visitors according the marketing data you from the Linko’s Analytics.

Linko is also providing powerful features such as:

  • 60 day data retention.
  • Unlimited URLs allowed.
  • Unlimited clicks per month.
  • Custom aliases.
  • Geotargeting, device targeting and language targeting.
  • 50 Bio profiles, 50 QR codes, 50 custom splash,50 CTA overlay and 50 channels.
  • 20 Event tracking.
  • 5 Team members.
  • Unlimited branded domains.
  • URL customization.
  • Campaigns and Link rotator.
  • Export data.
  • Advertisement-free.
  • Email support.
  • Link cloaking.
  • Multiple domains.
  • Custom parameters.
  • Lifetime access to Linko plan.
  • All features Linko plan updates.
  • One time payment. No monthly fees.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.

Then these are the main Linko’s features that will increase your income, help you to optimize your business and understand deeply your audience.

Visit Linko sales page

So take action and get Linko the best URL shortener because it’s a limit offer!

5- Splitmat – Best Shortener

Splitmat is a great custom URL shortener to split your web traffic between multiple pages. It allows you to track clicks and email, run A/B testes, compare conversions, page load time, customize URLs and more.

Watch this Splitmat video presentation

So Splitmat offers you limited features compared with the above short URL creators. It includes only these features:

  • 1 custom domain.
  • Unlimited A/B tests.
  • Unlimited Analytics.
  • Free SSL (https).
  • Automatic conversion repots.
  • Custom domain name.
  • Advanced features.
  • Lifetime access to Splitmat.
  • All feature plan updates.
  • This deal is not stackable.
  • One time payment. No monthly fees.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.

These are the main Splitmat’s feature that will help you to understand your visitors and optimize your links, campaigns and emails.

Visit Splitmat sales page


If you search for best URL shortener that will help you to optimize your links and campaigns and help you to get the most of your business, these 5 apps are the best for small business.

All these 5 apps offer free feature plan updates, 60 day money back guarantee and one time payment. That’s means there is no monthly fees during this limited offer.

You should just filter this list to find the perfect short link creator that fits your needs and offers more valuable marketing tools. Because there are many online tools that are very powerful to track links and get you valuable data and profit like this PopLinks Bundle that is an amazing marketing system.

Thanks for reading, commenting…


Feel free to leave your comment below about these marketing tools.

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