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Chatbot is a powerful marketing tool you can use to easily grow your business online. As it helps you to interact with your visitors which creates amazing user experience and boost your revenue. Fortunately, there are many free chatbots that you can use in your website and convert your visitors into customers.

These free chatbots are useful and proven to start your journey because many marketers have used them to get real profits online. You should just choose the best one that fit your business. And if you can upgrade to premium, you will get more profit. You can also purchase the best AI chatbot out there or create your own ones. There are many freelancers and AI companies that provide this AI technology for businesses. Just, choose the best one in the market to stand out of the crowd.

Otherwise, artificial intelligence bots are a must-need for your business because the statistics state the benefits of this technology:

  • 40% of online users prefer interacting with chatbots than virtual agents.
  • 55% of users enjoy getting fast responses from a chat bot.
  • 40% of businesses in the US, EU and Chine are using chatbot.
  • 58% of companies using chatbot are B2B. (Source: Drift)

These stats show that both users and businesses prefer and enjoy the chatbots’ services. Which will increase the usage of this online tool in the next years. And then generate more leads, sales and profits for businesses and great customer service for visitors.

So the chat bot’s benefit is very huge.

What are free chatbots you should consider?

Unique user experience means good services, useful interacting and fast support. These are some benefits that chatbots can provide for your business. But you need to choose the best AI chatbots that are fast and proven such as:

1- MobileMonkey – Free chatbots for website

MobileMonkey is a powerful online platform that offers you great chatbots through its marketing services. Which helps your business to easily connect with your visitors in real time through SMS, Messenger and many other web chat. This allows you to avoid losing leads and to convert more visitors to loyal customers.

The best, MobileMonkey offers this profitable chatbots for free. You can enjoy its free version and grow your business online. As it offers you all you need to create successful Messenger marketing campaigns that will get real leads, sales and profit. This service includes options like:

  • Chat bot builder
  • Messenger ads
  • Chat blaster
  • Triggers
  • And other features that can generate real revenue.

You get all these features for free. Do you imagine the profit will get when you upgrade to premium level?

The profit is very huge.

So MobileMonkey is a perfect marketing platform to build amazing free chatbots. That will generate you more profits. Because it helps to automate your communication through Facebook and get real profit without to be a professional.

2- ManyChat- Another free chatbot for website

ManyChat is a powerful Facebook Messenger chatbot. That helps you to automate your business and interact successfully with your visitors. This makes your customers happy which will increase your profits.

This online software also offers you the best features you need to easily build your chatbots on Facebook Messenger. You have a great easy interface where to build your marketing strategies to get more sales. The whole process is easy. Just, sign with your Facebook account and you will be directed to Facebook to complete the sign in process.

Besides, ManyChat offers you a free version to enjoy this best platform. This version allows you to create free chatbots for your website and profit from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. That can get more leads and sales. You can also automate conversations- up to 1,000 contacts, acquire new customers, segment your contacts – 10 contact tags and email support.

To get more ManyChat features, you should upgrade to the premium level. That includes more advanced options to grow easily your business online. Because you can:

  • Access more channels like SMS text messaging and email.
  • Engage unlimited contacts.
  • Build advanced campaigns to reach targeted customers.
  • Get analytics to optimize and improve your campaigns.
  • And much more options.

All these great features will generate unlimited leads, sales and profits. Which lets you to take your business to the next level.

3- Tidio – Best free chatbots

Tidio provides a powerful online customer service through live chat and chatbot. You can connect this online tool to all your websites via dedicated plugin to offer live chat service for your visitors. And you can easily customize this live chat widget to fit your visitors’ devices. You edit this widget as you want. There is no limits. You can change the color, the placement, the position…

The same for chatbots, you can use 20 templates that Tidio provides for free to create the chatbot you want for your business online. Or build your own chatbots flow to automate your customer service conversations. You can easily use the drag and drop visual editor to create and edit as you like. You don’t need any skills or coding knowledge.

All these features will get more leads and profits for free. Which is a profitable opportunity to implement AI technology in your business and then boost your revenue. All you need is to follow these simple steps:


Also, Tidio is integrated with all marketing platforms you need online to make more profit like: WordPress, shopify, Wix… That can help your business to stand out of the crowd.

Tidio offers a free level forever to start your journey and save your money. You can use the trial version to discover the benefits of this online software before engage for a long time. No credit card needed.

So implement this free chatbot in your business is a must-need. Because the profit is huge.

4- SnatchBot – Artificial intelligence bots

AI chatbots

SnatchBot is powerful platform to easily build perfect AI chatbots. So you can build an automated bot or chatbot without coding skills. As, this tool supports the entire lifecycle of a bot by offering all features you need to create, test, host, publish and track your chatbots to make more conversions for your website, WhatsApp, Messenger… And many other marketing channels.

The premium version of this chat bot tool is more advanced with more features to take chatbot to the next level like: customization, advanced analytics, premium plugins, integration tools and more features.

Then Snatchbot is good AI chatbots to implement in your business.

5- Chatfuel – Perfect AI chatbot online

Chatfuel is an easy chatbot builder. This amazing tool allows you to create chatbots that can talk with your visitors in a humanlike which create unique interacts with your audience. This will increase your business profit.

Unfortunately, you can connect Chatfuel only to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. You can’t use it for WhatsApp and other marketing channels. But Chatfuel provides a deep analytics that can improve your marketing strategy and then boost your revenue.

Also, this chatbot creator provides many level from free one to business level. This offers you the opportunity to choose the best ones that fits your business and your needs. Then enjoy the journey.

6- Landbot – Free and unique chatbot builder

best free AI chatbots

LandBot is an easy drag and drop chat bot builder. That helps you to create advanced conversational flows. This amazing online tool allows you to easily create AI chatbots without any coding skills or experience. Just, use Landbot’s chat platform to design and deploy chatbots anywhere in the web. You can use these best AI chatbots in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other channel with API.

The best, Landbot lets you to be more creative than other chat bot maker in the market. Which is a great tool, if you have advanced coding skills to create unique AI chatbot for your business. That will let you to stand out of the crowd and generate you more leads and profit for free.

So you will create your own free AI chatbot and you can also pay as you grow. This means you can upgrade to the premium version if you need more chatbots. This option allows you to be flexible according to your business needs. And you don’t need any contract and you can cancel any time you want. Which is very useful for small businesses that don’t have much to invest.

These unique features make Landbot the perfect AI chatbot online you can implement in your business online.

7- Artibot – Chatbot for website

Artibot is the best free chatbot you should use in your business online. Because it provides more free features than any other online platform. You will get:

  • Unlimited Artibots and leads.
  • Appointment scheduler.
  • Google Calendar integration.
  • Hosted ArtiBot pages.
  • Over 45 templates.
  • Lead to email and Zapier.
  • Mobile notifications.
  • developers API.
  • receive payments.
  • 3 users/Recipients.

You will get all these professional features for free. That is a great opportunity to take your business to the next level. That’s why, there are more than one million websites all over the world enjoy the AritBot’s services.

Artibot video presentation

You will also get more advance features in the premium level. That help you to create unlimited AI chatbots for any online business. And then you get more leads, sales and profit.

So Artibot is free chatbot you should consider when you create AI chatbots for your business. It worth your investment.

8- Tiledesk – Free AI-Powered chatbot


Tiledesk is an innovative chatbot builder that offers many features for free, while its competitors are costly. It’s one of a few open-source chatbot builders. That means you use its features for free that will help your business to easily engage with your visitors and then generate more profits.

With Tiledesk, you can provide seamless customer service through chatbot and live chat to support your customer on 7/24 and in more than 24 languages. This support will make your online business more productive and competitive that will build amazing branding for your business.

Tiledesk is also allowing you to build unlimited chatbots for different purposes and departments that you can easily integrate with the most important communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and more.

For eCommerce and online stores, Tiledesk is among the best options. As, it provides much integration with online store makers like Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress, and other Apps like Zapier, Dialogflow, and RASA. While it has many professional features, it is also easy to use.

One of the most exciting things about Tiledesk is its chatbot templates that enable business owners to quickly test and implement their suitable chatbot templates. And then, according to their needs, modify templates easily.

Let’s have a look at the free Tiledesk features:

  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited Chatbots
  • Unified Messaging Interface
  • Canned Responses
  • Knowledge Base (beta)
  • Community Support
  • CRM & Analytics
  • User Rating feature
  • Manage Multi-project

Tiledesk is one of a few open-source chatbot builders that companies with their developers adore.

Use these paid AI chatbot tools to offer amazing customer services!


These are 7+ free chatbots you can implement in your business to boost your revenue. You will enjoy these tools because they create amazing user experience for your visitors. Which helps to easily reach more customers for free.

So choose the AI chatbot that fits your business and you needs and start your journey.

Thanks for reading…


Which chatbot will you implement in your business?

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