4 best tips for web page images

Today, web page images are crucial for your business online. As these images can slow down your site or speed it up. Which has a huge impacts on your visitors experience and then your rankings. This means you should implement the best tips for your web page images that can enhance your website speed. Which will make your audience because they have an amazing journey within your site. This will converting them into loyal customers and get more good reviews for your business. That can easily build your powerful brand online for free. Because these visitors like your branding.

According to Google insights:

  • The probability of bounce increases 32% as page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds.
  • 63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps offer them relevant recommendations.

Other statistics indicate:

  • 92.6% of Internet users use their mobile phone to search online.
  • 73.1 % of users leave a non-responsive web design site.
  • 61.5 % of users leave a badly designed navigation website.
  • 50% of customers believe that brands should prioritize web design.

So these stats guide you to focus on website mobile friendly and good web designs. These two elements can speed up or slow down your site. This means bad rankings, less or no sales and no profits as well.

What are the benefits of images for web page?

Good images are a goldmine for your site because they will:

  • Increase your rankings. Because people like and engage more with good web designed site. This encourages Google to rank higher your website.
  • Get you more good reviews, web traffic, leads, sales and profits.
  • Increase your site authority in the market.
  • Build a profitable email list.
  • Take your brand to the next level.

What are the best tips for web page images?

Good web design is very crucial for your website because it can speed up easily your web page. That is essential to offer your audience an amazing customer journey and then rank higher on the top search. Which will generate you unlimited web traffic for free, leads, sales and more revenue.

According to these design statistics:

  • 48% of users claim that a website’s design affect the credibility of website. (Source: Blue Corona)
  • 73% of companies invest in design. (Source: Blue Corona)
  • 94% of people don’t trust bad designed website. (Source: Social Media today)
  • 94% of users judge websites on responsive design. (Source: Infront Webworks)

All these stats indicate that responsive website design is very important to create good journey for your visitors. You won’t get more engagement, if your web page images are not responsive and professional. That will lose you more leads and profits. That’s why, you should implement these best tips for web page images in your online business:

1- Prioritize your website images

You should use the only images that are necessary for your business. You need to use the images that help your business to get more engagement, more leads and more sales. This means you should avoid any unwanted images. Because you need to optimize site’s images that don’t generate any real profits for your business.

In addition, you should remove all unnecessary photos or Gifts… because it will help your page to load fast and make your visitors more enjoying their journey with your site. This will save you more money and time because you reduce maintenance and complexity of your site. That helps you to focus more on your business goals and then grow easily your branding.

Thus, you need to remove all unneeded images or any visuals from your website. Which will speed up your website and create good customer experience to your audience. Which search engines encourage.

2- Use the correct format for your web design images

best tips for web page images!

The correct image format is useful for your website because it can speed up your page. Which creates good user experience for your visitors and then searches engines rank higher your site. That’s why, you should use WebP for your web page images. This image format has 30% more compression than JEPG format without loss of image quality. Which is very profitable for your business because it saves you the hassle of compress images to speed up your page.

You can read more about the WebP format and its powerful benefits for your site speed.

Therefore, choosing the right image format is a must-need to create fast website that will increase your rankings and your profits.

3- Leverage AMP site for web page images

best tips for web page images

AMP is useful for your website because it enhance your site speed to create amazing journey for your audience. Which is a need for your rankings. This technology makes your site very fast and responsive for mobile devices. That will help you to reach huge number of mobile users.

The best, AMP helps you to provides a fast-reliable web experience without the hassle of coding. This means you need to implement AMP technology in your business online. Because it saves you more money and get you more rankings, leads, sales and profits for free. You can read more about AMP from this Google Help.

So AMP is a must-need for your site to load fast your website images, adjustment on any browser, low bounce rate, improve your SEO and many other benefits.

4- Use compressing, resizing and other image loading techniques

You should also implement other image techniques such as: resizing and compressing your images, use customer image tags, use lazy loading, progressive loading and other basic image SEO.

All these best tips are useful for your web page images because they provide a good user experience. Which will increase your conversion rates and take your brand to the next level.

Get flexible images for multiple project


Creating the best images for website is very profitable for your business but it’s not enough. You need also to implement the best tips for web page images, if you want huge benefits like: improving your visitors journey, getting more free web traffic and increasing your conversion rates.

So implement these proven techniques in your site to take your business to the next level.

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What do you think about these best practices for site’s images?

Best Tips for Web Page Images

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