9 reasons to use progressive web application

Today, users look for the best business online to purchase their needs. They want more speed and happy customer journey on the web. This is a huge opportunity, if your business provides these users’ needs. You will make huge profits. These are some reasons to use progressive web application. Many businesses get more profits through this great technology.

According to these PWA insights:

  • PWAs have 36% conversion rates than native apps.
  • PWAs get 50% higher customer engagement.
  • Businesses using PWAs noticed a decrease in page loading speed of up to10 times.
  • PWAs cost 3 to 4 times less than native mobile apps.
  • Also PWAs cost 33% less in maintain.

These insights show you the importance of progressive web application for your business. They are a goldmine because they help your business to easily make real profits.

First, what is progressive web application?

Progressive web application or PWA is a new web technology to build great websites that look and work like an app. Which helps users to access to all information they want quickly and without installing any mobile app. This offer them an amazing journey on the web.

Do you know that you are using progressive web apps daily, without even knowing it?

Yes, you are. Because many big companies use it for their businesses such as:

  • ” Pinterest rebuilt their mobile site as a PWA and core engagements increase by 60%. They also saw a 44% increase in user-generated ad revenue and time spent on the site has increased by 40%.
  • Twitter Lite saw a 65% increase in pages per session, 75% in Tweets, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate. Twitter Lite loads in under 3 seconds for repeat visits even on slow networks
  • Forbes redesigned their mobile experience as a PWA resulting in 43% increase in sessions per user, ad viewability up 20%, and 100% more engagement.
  • Fashion brand Rooted Objects saw an increase in conversions of 162% after launching their PWA. Page load times decreased by 25% and average redirection time decreased by 80%.
  • The Raphael Hotels’ new PWA increased website conversions by 20%, pageviews by 66%, sessions by 59%, and reduced bounce rate 51%” : According to pwastats.com (page 1, 2 and 3)

What are reasons to use progressive web application?

Nowadays, more people use their mobile phone to search and to purchase on the web. This means they want more speed and best user experience which progressive web application can offer and more:

1- PWAs speed up your page

PWAs are powerful tools to load your page fast than any other tools in the market. Which create great journey for audience and then get you more good reviews, leads, sales and revenue. That’s why, many big companies switch to progressive web application such as: Pinterest, twitter, Trivago…

All these companies enjoy the powerful of PWAs because PWAs provide the best user experience on the web. Which help these companies to get more free web traffic and revenue. This helps them to easily grow without spending more money and time. Which is very crucial for your business as well.

2- PWAs increase your conversion rates

Conversion rate is another best benefits for using PWAs because these marketing tools have increase conversion rates for many businesses. Which is very important for you too. You need to increase conversion, if you want to take your business to the next level.

Statistics show that:

  • PWAs have 36% conversion rates than native apps.

This is very important for your business because it will generate you huge profits. Which helps you to grow and reach more users.

So increasing your conversion rate is the best benefit for switching to progressive web application.

3- PWAs get you more customer engagement

reasons to use progressive web application

Engagement are useful for your business to grow and make more profits. This engagement is a great factor for SEO because it indicates that users like your content. Which makes search engines to rank higher your business and get more leads, sales and profit.

Fortunately, PWAs are very powerful to get your business more engagements than any other native mobile apps. This great benefit will save you more money, time and efforts to go viral online.

Do you imagine what means more engagements for your business?

Simply, you dominate your industry because people like and want your business.

4- Progressive web application costs less

PWAs cost 3 to 4 times less than native mobile apps which is very profitable for your business. This saves you more money and helps to focus on your marketing strategies to make more profits. Which is very useful to easily grow your brand online without the hassle of native mobile apps.

So this is another big benefit that can help you to focus on growing your business through PWA technology.

5- PWAs work offline

Progressive web application is perfect marketing tools you should use to make your visitors happy, even if they are offline. This means PWAs allow your audience to access the information they want without the Internet connection. Which is a powerful feature to reach more users over the globe.

Although this offline is not totally because PWAs work through cached data. This means PWAs let you access only parts that have cached data. If these parts are not part of the pages’ natural caching system, you won’t access until the connectivity is restored.

Even if this partial offline access, PWAs provide a good offline user experience which increases your engagement, rankings and profits.

6- PWAs are 90% smaller than native apps

PWAs are also very smaller and lighter. They can be up to 90% smaller than native apps. Which means they need less maintenance as well. This is a great benefit that saves you more money, time and efforts to keep your progressive web application up-to-date. That will make your business unique and very powerful than your competitors and then you make more revenue.

This amount of space will encourage mobile users to download these PWAs to their mobile which helps you to reach more mobile users. Then you can make more sales and profits. Which is another reasons to use progressive web application in your business.

7- Progressive web application decreases your bounce rate

reasons to use progressive web application

Decreasing your bounce rate is a profitable PWA benefit that worth your investment because it means your visitors enjoy their journey within your website. Which will rank your site higher and generate you more profits.

Therefore, you will grow your business for free. You don’t need to spend money to reach new visitors and profits. You should just use PWA to get huge profits because people like these marketing tools and engage more with them. Which is a great opportunity for your business.

8- PWAs are useful for push notification

Push notification is a great way to engage your audience and increase your brand awareness. PWAs can also effective to send your notifications to your audience and make more sales and profits.

According to these insights:

  • Push notification can reach 80% of internet users.
  • The average deliverability of web pushes is 80%.
  • Push notification can increase your daily web traffic up to 25%.
  • Push notification can bring you an ROI of up to 2200%.

These insights state the benefits of push notification for your business. That’s why, you should implement push notification strategy in your website through progressive web application or native mobile apps. The choice is yours.

9- Progressive web application will increase your mobile presence

PWA is the perfect strategy to build powerful mobile presence. Because PWA is a fast, light and high quality technology you ever need to reach unlimited mobile web traffic for free. Which is a powerful opportunity to easily build your brand online. You don’t need any coding or technique skills, you can use this perfect tool to build progressive web apps for any business. It’s an easy software to create high quality PWAs for your business and for your clients as well:


Mobile presence is a must-need for your business. You can’t lose this huge mobile traffic because your website is not optimized for mobile. Which will destroy your entire business. You should leverage this online traffic because the profit is very huge. For these reasons you need to use progressive web application, if you want to make unlimited sales and profits.

You can also use both PWA and native mobile app. There is no problem. Many marketers use them to reach and engage more users online. This strategy works and build a perfect mobile presence on the web. If you want, you can implement it your business online. Just, learn about it to get the best of it.

Thanks for reading…


What do you think about these PWAs benefits?

Reasons to Use Progressive Web Application
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