Blogging is profitable way to build your powerful income for life time. But you should leverage powerful blogging tips to reach more users. You should stand out of the crowd, if you want more success.

Today, there are huge blogs online, according to stats there are:

  • In 2020, there were 31.7 million bloggers in the United States.
  • There are more than 500 million blogs.
  • Users produce around 70 million new posts!
  • Content marketing is predicted to be an industry worth $412.88 billion by 2021!

This means hard competition to stand out of the crowd. But if you use the perfect blogging tips, you can easily make real money online.

What are these powerful blogging tips?

These blogging tips are very profitable for any niche because they are the basic to blog successfully. So you should:

1- Profitable blog niches

Choose profitable niche where you can reach profitable customers. These customers can easily help you to grow. Because they will engage with your content, purchase your products or services and make your free advertisement for your blog through referring.

2- Avoid big niches

Big niches are hard to rank and then to reach profitable audience. So you should use micro niches to avoid this hard competition. for examples, you leverage small niches as:

  • Fashion news
  • Fashion history, fashion technology…
  • Celebrity fashion
  • Handbags: Luxury
  • Handbags: Sale
  • Shoes for men
  • Shoes for women
  • New hats
  • Vintage hats
  • Personal style
  • Wedding style
  • Basketball coaching techniques
  • Baseball coaching techniques
  • Basketball equipment
  • Mountain biking
  • Biking techniques
  • Professional cycling
  • Cycling techniques
  • And much more…

These are some examples of small niches where you can rank higher and reach profitable users. You can read this post for more ideas of micro niches.

So don’t leverage the biggest niches because you need more money to advertise your blog and unique content to beat these big companies.

To start your journey, it’s better to use small niches.

3- focus on one niche

Select and write on one niche is the best strategy to blog successfully. This lets you to create more content and build specific audience that needs this content which helps to rank higher and dominate your niches.

Moreover, this focus saves you money and time. Because you don’t need to read and research more to create good blog posts.

4- Write unique and useful content

Useful content marketing is the key to reach unlimited users all over the world. People love great content and engage more with it. This will generate unlimited likes, shares, comments, back links, rankings and then more profits.

In other words, people want great content that help them to solve a need. Then give them what they want to get more profits.

5- Use catching headline

Headlines are the first thing users read. That’s why you should write good headline to get visitors to read your blog post. Your headline should:

  • Include clear benefit that users will get
  • Include your main keyword
  • Be short and precise
  • Include adjectives and active verbs
  • Include urgency and scare

The best headline leads to read your blog post which increases your engagement and rankings.

6- User more and relevant headings

Good headings help people to easily read your post which increase the duration spend on your post. That rank your post higher and get more traffic which means more profits for your business.

So good headings are a must-need for your blog.

7- Write small paragraph

Small paragraphs build good blog for long time. People don’t like long paragraphs. This is not good for web content. Then you need to write small paragraphs 4 to 5 lines is more enough.

It’s better to write 2 or 3 lines for each paragraphs. This increase the reading time for your blog and generate more rankings because this factor tells Google that users love this content which get your high rankings.

So avoid long and complex paragraphs.

8- Write for your audience

You should write good content that your visitors need. Don’t write for search engines! This is the biggest mistake you make because your writing is for people not for Google. If people find what they search in your blog posts, they will engage, like, share and link to. Which Google looks for.

In other words, Google ranks higher what users want and love more. That’s why you should write about what people need!

9- Write simple and easy

To reach unlimited targeted traffic, you need to use simple and very easy language. You should write as your visitors talk. Don’t use complex and difficult words or any hard terms. Just, write very simple to reach unlimited users.

People don’t like to read difficult text. They want simple words that are easy and clear to understand.

So use the language of your audience to reach more and get more profits.

10- Focus on long tail keywords

Leverage long tail keywords to get more and easy rankings because the main keywords are very hard to rank for. There is a huge competition which you should avoid.

You search for these long tail keywords using free keyword tools as Google planner or YouTube search bar… or using paid keyword tools.

Really, these long tail keywords are your goldmine to easily rank and reach profitable visitors for your business. That save you money and time.

11- Write for scanning

People like to scan blog posts more than reading. So you should make your post easy to scan through useful headings, small paragraphs, bullets and images to attract the reader’s attention to read your content.

So make your content easy to scan, if you want visitors to engage successfully!

People don’t have time to read tons of posts everyday. They just scan and look for the best content that solve their needs.

That’s why you need to attract their attention to read your content.

12- Create good conclusion

Conclusion helps readers to have an idea about your blog post before deciding to read the full post. That’s why you need to write concise and good conclusion that attract your visitors to read the full article. Because people scan blog posts to find what fits their needs if you get them to read your conclusion, there is a great chance to the whole article. Which increase your reading’s time, engagements, rankings and profits.

Final thoughts or conclusion can easily increase the readers of your post and then generate more profit.

Don’t miss this great blogging tip!

13- Use more visual content

blogging tips-professional graphics

Visual content or professional images are very useful for blogging. You can’t do well without the best images and designs. Visitors like these visuals and engage successfully with good ones.

The more you use relevant images the more you get more engagements and rankings.

Professional designs are great factor for rankings.

Nowadays, there are many websites to get free images for any purpose. You can use these free images, if you won’t buy stock images and graphics. There is no matter with this. Just, use high quality graphics for your blogs.

According to stats:

  • 80 percent of people remember things they see or do.
  • A post was three times more likely to be re-shared if it included an image.
  • 35 percent of people on the internet are willing to share images they find on the web!

People like good images and designs that’s why you should use the best designs for your blog post to get more traffic.

14- Video is the perfect tips for blogging

Video is the best strategy you need to use, if you want to go viral. Just, look at YouTube and its stats:

  • YouTube has over 2 billion logged in monthly users.
  • 18–34 year old are watching YouTube, on mobile alone, reaches more people in this US audience than any TV network.
  • YouTube is localized in over 100 countries and can be accessed in 80 different languages.
  • One billion hours watched daily!
  • YouTube gets over 3 Billion views a day.
  • Facebook videos get almost 2 Billion a day as well.
  • 72% percent of households with wireless internet now stream video on their connected TV screens.
  • Over 10 million people watch YouTube each month in the US!
  • Video is now being shared 20 times more often than other content formats on LinkedIn.
  • Video is our fastest-growing advertising tool. There are over 2 billion video views on Twitter each day, which is 67% YoY growth according to Twitter internal data.

This makes YouTube the best platform for video. So you need to embed more videos in your content to reach more profitable users.

Video is the easy way to reach unlimited users. This means more rankings, leads, sales and profits.

Video is the powerful blogging ideas you should use to generate real money online.

15- Analyse your competitors and fill the gap

Check your competitors ‘ websites and analyse them. This analysis is a must-need to find the gap and then offer the best content to profit from this gap.

This analysis offers huge opportunities to take your blog to the next level because it gives you more blogging ideas to overpass your competitors. You can find the gaps in content, in the keyword strategy, in visual content, in back links…

Then you need to analyse your niche to figure out what works and what doesn’t!

16- Write actionable content

People look for tips and ideas that work. They don’t need thing that doesn’t work. They need effective solution for their problems.

Don’t waste their time or they leave your blog to the competitors. You should make sure what you offer actually work for and fits your visitors’ needs.

No one likes to waste his time in meaningless ideas.

So respect your visitors and give them the best content they need!

17- Optimize your content for perfect blog SEO tips

Optimize your blog post for the best SEO practices. This save you more money and time. Because good SEO tips rank your post higher and reach the right audience. Which generate more sales and revenue.

Therefore, you need to:

  • Search for the right search intent.
  • Optimize your text, images, videos, infographics… to this search intent.
  • Use your long tail keyword in the headline, in the first paragraph, in the headings, in the body and in the conclusion.
  • Optimize your content for mobile search which is very important.
  • Fix any SEO issues in your blog. These issues affect your rankings.
  • And much more SEO tips

Good optimizing is very important for blogs, if you want good rankings and more revenue.

18- Update old content

Update your content is a goldmine for business. Google ranks better update content than new one. Bu you should make this update more thorough by adding new ideas, graphics, videos, podcasts… This blogging tip helps you to rank better than your competitors and then dominate your industry.

Successful blogs must update content regularly. This keep your content evergreen and get more visitors, leads and profits.

19- Avoid duplicate and thin content are useful blogging tips and tricks

Duplicate and thin content harm your rankings seriously. Search engines dislike these SEO issues which loose your blog more rankings and profits. And then kill your business.

Search engines rank useful and evergreen content that provides good ideas and solution to the readers.

Duplicate and thin content mean you don’t offer good value and then Google ranks your competitors higher.

So you need to avoid duplicate and thin content , to get the best results from your blogs.

20- Use relevant interlinks

Interlinks are good SEO practice which you need to rank better. These interlinks help search engines and visitors to easily navigate, discover and understand your blog. This generate you more engagements, rankings, leads, sales and revenue.

However, you should use relevant interlinks in your blog posts. Don’t loose your readers with bad interlinks. People don’t love this.

Just, add interlink to your content when it offers value for your audience.

In other words, good interlinks are powerful tips for blogging because you get more rankings, engagements and profits.

21- Use clear Call-To-Action

Clear call-to-action button is crucial blogging tip for your business. You should tell your visitors what is the next or what they should do. Don’t let them to take action and don’t offer multiple options for your audience. This can confuse your readers and then they don’t know to do.

Guide them to the Call-To-Action button you want. And use very clear links and buttons. You can use these Call-To-Action links 3 to 5 times within your blog post.

Also, you should use attractive color to push visitors to click these CTAs buttons. You can red or blue color to attract more clicks.

22- Leverage social media platforms

blogging tips-social media

Social media sites are very important for your blogs to go viral and reach unlimited visitors. This brings your blog more free targeted traffic, engagements, social proofs, leads, subscribers to your email list and more revenue.

However, you need to offer social media links or buttons in your blog posts. Which helps your readers to easily share, like and comment on your post.

Make your content easy to tweet it or share it in other social accounts. People love this practice.

Then social media is useful option for your blogs to reach unlimited visitors.

Don’t forget this great blogging tip. Social media has powerful impact on your blog.

23- Build back links for your blogs

Back links are very crucial for your blog. Relevant backlinks mean unlimited free traffic, leads and more revenue. But you should:

  • Build relevant back links. That are in the same niche and provide value for your audience.
  • Use white hat strategy. Don’t use any black tactics to get links for your blogs. This can harm your business.
  • Not buy backlinks. Also, tactic can harm your blogs because Google doesn’t allow it.

Just, create deep and useful content and people will link back to you because you offer value. It’s normal and simple. Sure, it takes effort and time but it’s the best strategy to get valuable back links to your blogs.

24- Build powerful partnership

Partnership is very important to reach your profitable visitors. It’s crucial for bloggers. And you need to connect and cooperate with other bloggers. There is no matter in this kind of good relationship. This can offer more opportunities to grow easily your blog.

All businesses reach to each other to build win-win partnership. As this relationship is a must-need for all businesses.

Then open your mind to collaborate with other bloggers or any other businesses. And take your blog to the next level.

25- Promote your blogs

You can promote your blog through social media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… These platforms are very powerful marketing tools to get unlimited targeted traffic to your blog. That save you more money and time. As these platforms reach you to the right audience and generate more awareness, leads and revenue.

Also, you can promote your blogs through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex… They can get unlimited customers for your business.

Sure, you need good budget to run profitable PPC campaigns in these platforms. But your blog will profit seriously from these PPC, if you create them properly!


These 25 blogging tips are very important for your blog. These tips for blogging save you more money and time. Because they:

  • Avoid you more headaches and problems.
  • Build trust and authority.
  • Rank your blog higher than your competitors.
  • Take your blog to the next level.
  • Build profitable email list.
  • Save you money and time.

That’s why, you should leverage these tips for blogging to easily build unlimited income as professional blogger.

Just, use these tips when you start your blogging journey and you increase your leads, sales and revenue.

Thank you for reading, commenting…


What do you think about these blogging tips? Which one will you use in your blog?

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