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Perfect blogging tools are a must-need for you to succeed online. These tools save you more and time and help you to easily create useful content. All successful bloggers use them to take their content to the high level. More than this, successful bloggers invest more in these best blogging tools because they know its huge benefits for there business.

In this post, i leverage powerful blogging tools that can help you to create unique marketing content easily and faster.

Why do you need powerful blogging tools?

You need these tools because they have huge benefits which you can’t ignore such as:

  • Create easily good content.
  • Get profitable marketing data to create content that answers your audience’s needs.
  • Generate more leads and profit.
  • Build powerful email list.
  • Create successful online business.
  • Overpass your competition.
  • Save your money and time.

What are these blogging tools?

To succeed on blogging, you need to use:

1- Use best hosting sites

Use best hosting site to host your website or blog. Fast blog worth the investment because best server hosting is a must-need to offer amazing user experience. It provides fast site and good services which you need to grow your blog.

Today, there are many hosting platforms to choose from. You can read this review about some powerful web hosting providers that can suit your needs. Good web hosting can avoid you the hassle of speed, protection, support and many other issues… That can harm your blog and then offer bad user experience.

According to stats:

  • 63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps offer them relevant recommendations on products they may be interested in.
  • 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results (e.g., “click to call” option).
  • 58% of smartphone users feel more favorable toward companies whose mobile sites or apps remember who they are and their past behavior.

This mean you need to focus on mobile searches when you choose the web hosting provide. This is very crucial for your business. You won’t do well without a fastest web hosting. It can save you much money and time.

That’s why you need best hosting company to grow fast.

2- WordPress Platform – Best CMS you need for blogging

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) where you can create perfect business. This platform offers you all plugins you need to customize your blog or site as you want to suit your business. It’s very flexible and secure.

According to stats:

  • Over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month.
  • Users produce about 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month.
  • WordPress now is powering 39.5% of all websites 2021.

This means WordPress is the most profitable content management system (CMS) you should use. That helps you to profit from this huge WordPress’users.

Who publishes on WordPress CMS?

WordPress is now powering 39.5 % of all websites. This means more small and big businesses use this great CMS to reach their users and then grow their businesses.

These are some examples of big companies that use WordPress as it main CMS:

  • CNN channel
  • Ted
  • TechCrunch
  • Spotify
  • CBS radio
  • And much more businesses all over the globe.

Just, look to this image:

Blogging tool -WordPress is best CMS!
WordPress - best CMS - blogging tools
Blogging tools - WordPress platform

So WordPress is the easiest CMS platform to build useful business. Here, the 11 must have WordPress plugins you need to start your journey.

3- Google Console Tool and Google analytics for SEO insight

These two Google tools are very important for your blog because they offer you SEO data you ever need to fix and to improve your blog’ SEO issues. This help you to know everything about your audience such as: their interests, their behaviors, their location, the channels they use find your business and many other insights…

These two great marketing tools give valuable data for free which save much money and time. If you learn how to use them successfully, you won’t need any other SEO tool. They are your goldmine to rank higher your blog and then generate real money online.

However, if you want to analyse your competition you need to use some good tools that can offer specific data to overpass your competitors and dominate your niche.

4- Google Docs. and Google Drive – Free file storage

These two free tools are very profitable because they help you to easily store and manage your files. This saves money and time. Also, they offer you great options you need to manage and grow your business such as: writing, editing, saving, managing… and access easily all your files from anywhere.

In other words, the benefits of these two tools are unlimited for your business. That’s why bloggers use them as a must-need tools. Of course, there are other paid tools that can offer more options and more storage space. But Google Docs and Google Drive are enough to start your business as a successful blogger.

5- Grammarly – Free writing assistant

Grammarly is a powerful free writing assistant that help you to write useful content. This writing tool reviews your spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity… and many other writing mistakes that can harm your content.

In other words, it’s a great checker writing tool which corrects easily all your writing mistakes. This helps you to create amazing content with zero mistake that can generate more engagement and then high rankings.

6- Hemingway editor free

Hemingwayapp is a great tool that improves your writing. This tool is focusing on writing good sentences and phrases than grammar and spelling. That makes it different from Grammaly.

Hemingwayapp corrects your sentence structure and helps you to write good phrases and sentences. That makes your content more professional which creates amazing user experience. this helps people to read and to engage successfully with your content.

As a result, you generate more readers, leads and profits.

Today, there are AI copywriting tools that can create good content from the scratch which you can use as well to create easily your content. This is a great one which you use to create useful content!

7- Google Trends to get current trending topics

Google Trends is a great tool to get trending topics online. Because it offers great keyword suggestions that can help you to reach the profitable audience for your business. And it gives the insights for any given topic which saves you money and time. As you know what topics people want to read about.

Furthermore, Google Trends  provides all related queries and related topics for a given term for free. Which helps you to create content that solves a need for people. Here, a full guide of 7 free keyword research tools you use to get more trending keywords and topics.

Google Trends is easy to use, you don’t need any high level skill or experience.

8- Canva – Free design tool

Canva is unique free design tool which you can use to create good designs for your blog, social media posts, presentations, posters and many other graphics and designs. There are many options in this great app that you should leverage. Also you have the option to upgrade to more advance features that can let you to enjoy the design creation.

Really, Canva is a must-need for your blogging business because it offers you tools you need to create graphics and designs for any purpose you ever need!

Also, Canva is an easy design platform to use. You don’t need any skills or experience. If you want your own design tool, you get this perfect software!

9- Mailchimp – The powerful email tool you ever need

Mailchimp is the perfect platform you need for your blog. This email platform provides all features you need for email marketing. You can use Mailchimp for many email services such as: email services (content studio, subject line helper…), email automation services, newsletters, forms and even insights and Analytics. All these great features for free ( 2,000 subscribers) but you can upgrade to the others plans according to the number of your subscribers. Here, some great tips that can grow your email list!

Otherwise, this email platform is great to start your amazing journey of blogging. After that you can use other email management software that fits your business more. There are many out there like this one!

The choice is yours!

If you want more profitable ways to build your passive income online, read this useful guide!


These are 9 perfect blogging tools you should use when you start your blogging journey because they save much money and time. Also, they provide good features, training and support which can your blogging business to easily grow. So don’t miss these marketing tools when you blog.

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting…


Which blogging tool is more profitable?

You add other tools you consider more profitable for your blogging business.

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