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Today, digital marketing channels are crucial to reach more profitable users and grow your business. These channels increase easily your leads, sales and profits for any niche.

All companies use these channels because these digital marketing channels generate more targeted traffic. That means growing and dominating their niche.

So digital marketing is a goldmine for your business. You can’t get leads and profits without using digital marketing channels, tools and tips…

In addition, digital marketing has many services and tools that take your business to the next level. That save you money, time and help you to reach easily your marketing goals.

In this post, i will leverage the best digital marketing channels you need to grow your business fast.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing means all marketing tools, tips and strategies you can use online to reach and sell your products and services. These digital marketing tools can be images, videos, ebooks, messages, podcasts…

In other words, digital marketing includes different ways and strategies of using online technology to reach the targeted audience and sell your products and services.

According to stats:

  • 64% shoppers use videos on social media sites to decide their purchase decision.
  • 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 25 minutes.
  • 21% of 8-11 year old have a social media profile, swiftly increasing to 71% of 12-15 year old.
  • YouTube is very popular, with over 74% of 8-15 year old using this platform.
  • Images typically result in a 2x higher comment rate and Video gets 5x more engagement on LinkedIn, Live Video gets 24x more.
  • Facebook Messenger has over 1.2 billion monthly active users.
  • 32% of internet users use Instagram.

These stats state the importance of videos, graphic designs, social media websites… That are very power to get unlimited leads and profit for your business. Which digital marketing can improve and offer more tools and tips to grow your business.

What are the digital marketing’s benefits?

Online marketing has many benefits for your business such as:

  • Reach the right audience.
  • Get unlimited leads and profit.
  • Build powerful online business.
  • Take the business to the next level.
  • Save your money and time.

What are these digital marketing channels you need to grow business?

You should leverage these powerful marketing channels, if you want to build successful business:

1- Online content marketing

Create useful content for your audience is a must-need. People love good content. That offers good tips and checks to solve their needs. that’s why you should produce unique content to get more engagements and followers. Which generates automatically sales and profits.

Good content can be useful copy, email, video or image or podcast… The more your content is good and unique, the more you get unlimited results.

So you need to create more unique online content marketing. Because the profit is huge.

2- Search engine optimization – SEO

Search engine optimization is a great source to get unlimited free target traffic for your business. This channel is very important for your business because you can get huge leads and sales. You need just follow SEO best practices such as:

  • Good headlines.
  • Use relevant meta description.
  • Use your main keyword in the title, meta description, headings…
  • Include good images and videos.
  • Use easy website structure.
  • use internal links and backlinks.
  • Build a fast loading website.
  • And many others SEO tips.

So you should leverage the perfect SEO tips to generate more free traffic form search engines. Google ranks the best website which offers useful content with good SEO optimization.

Good SEO optimization helps Google to index your site. Which get your business the right audience and more profits. That’ s why you need to focus on SEO and fix any issue you may have. Because it worth your time and effort.

3- Email marketing – Great marketing channel

Email marketing is another best channel where you can generate more profits. Really, the profit is huge!

According to some email marketing stats:

  • Every $1 you spend, you expect an average return of $42!
  • Over 4 billion people use email marketing! Which is a huge number!
  • Conversion rates for emails are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search.
  • 81% of businesses say that email drives customer acquisition, and 80% for retention.
  • 59% of marketers cite email as their number one source of ROI.
  • 59% of consumers say that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions.

But you need to build profitable email list. If you don’t have a great email list, you can’t reach any customer. That’s why you should use perfect strategies and the best autoresponder to build your list. They say the money is in the list. That’s right.

So how can you build good email list?

Email list building is a great way to make more money online for long time. Because those subscribes trust you and then you can easily buy them your products or services without objections. This trust is not easy as it seems. It takes time and good work to build. That’s why you shouldn’t harm it or you will loose your list!

So be careful and treat your subscribers as a family. Then offer them the best products and services and reply to their comments and objections.

Fortunately, you can many ways to easily build profitable list in any niche such as: create unique content, provide unique marketing data and analytics, offer free marketing tools, tips, ebooks, graphic designs and many other free marketing materials. For more email list tips read this article.

4- Social media marketing – The proven online marketing channel

Social media platforms are goldmine for any business. These platforms reach unlimited users all over the world. This expose your business to unlimited target audience. You can get leads, sales and profit.

  • YouTube is very popular, with over 74% of 8-15 year old using this platform.
  • Facebook is the biggest social network with 2.8 billion monthly active users.
  • 32% of internet users use Instagram.
  • 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.

These stats show the power of social media website. These websites can take your business to the next level, if you leverage the right way. You need just to offer the best online content. That your audience need, like, engage with, share and then you can easily profit from these media platforms.

In other words, these media sites are goldmine for your business. They can offer free traffic source for your business. Then focus on these social websites and learn best social media marketing practices. That can easily grow your business.

5- Internet ads – The perfect online marketing channel

Advertise your business on the web has great benefits such as:

  • Get more leads, sales and profits.
  • Build strong brand.
  • Build powerful email list.
  • get tons of links and engagements.
  • Grow your business fast.

All these online advertisement worth your investment and your efforts to create the best advertisement. As the profit is very important. That’s why big companies invest more in this marketing channel, even if you can’t compete these companies because they have big budget to advertise their offers. But you should create Pay-Per-Click advertising through social media sites as Facebook or YouTube… These PPCs are very profitable for your business.

According to stats:

  • According to WPP’s GroupM forecasts, worldwide advertising revenue for media owners will jump 10.2% to a record $651 billion in 2021!
  • 24% of global ad spend is focused on the US. 
  • The USA is projected to remain the top global advertising market by 2022. 
  • By 2022, ad spend in the US is projected to surpass $242 billion.
  • Total ad revenue in the US is expected to reach $242 billion in 2021.

Then don’t hesitate to leverage online advertising because it can grow your business fast than you imagine!

Learn how to build perfect Bing PPC

6- Events

Events are great opportunities to explode your business. You need just to attend events that are related to your business. These events can get more opportunities to build profitable business relations and cooperation with other businesses.

The more events you attend, the more opportunities you get.

These win-to-win relations are useful to grow your business. Or just find more opportunities and customers for business.

In other words, events are very profitable because you get real business’ opportunities. Or just, you learn from others some tips and strategies that can change your business for better.

So you won’t loose anything but you can improve and grow your business. That’s why events are useful specifically for small businesses.

7- Influencer marketing

Influence marketing is another powerful marketing strategy to grow your business. That has made successful results for all niches. This new marketing channel has grown fast during these five years from unknown to the most proven way to market any product or service online.

A study from influencermarketinghub indicate:

  • 90 % of people believe that influencer marketing is effective to be a good marketing channel.
  • 56% of brands use the same influencers across different campaigns.
  • 36% of brands still pay their influencers with free product samples or a discount on more expensive products.
  • 67% brands use Instagram for their influencer marketing.
  • 50.7% of brands working with influencers run ecommerce stores.

These stats show the importance of this powerful digital marketing channel. That grows year after year. That’s why you need to implement this strategy in your business too. Because the profit is huge.

Feel free to contact me for any business help you need!


These are the powerful digital marketing channels are very crucial for your business. You can’t grow your business without leveraging these channels. Because they have unlimited benefits for any online business.

So take your time and learn to use these 9 perfect online marketing channels in your business. If you don’t have the skill to do it, hire the professional freelancer or an agency to grow your business.

Thanks for reading…


Now, which digital marketing channel do you think is more profitable for your business?

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Digital Marketing Channels

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