Best WordPress backup plugins are a must-need for your website. Because you can easily backup and restore your website in few minutes. That saves you money, time and effort. You can also backup your website files and database into the cloud to Google Drive or Dropbox… This can avoid you to lose your files and allows you to easily edit your website files and database.

So website backup is very crucial for your online business because it has many benefits. That helps you to take your business to the next level. And all big companies use the best WordPress backup plugin to edit and restore their websites. Which helps their business to generate more profits. This means you should learn the best solution to backup your website.

What are website backup’s benefits?

Website backup is very profitable for your business because it helps to:

  • Avoid losing any files or marketing data.
  • Access easily your files as wherever you are.
  • Protect and strength your website.
  • Edit and set up easily your site.
  • Recover your website from any issue.
  • Build powerful branding.
  • Save you money and time.

All these benefits help you to build powerful business online and allow you to focus on other marketing tips. That can increase your profits and overpass your competition.

What are these 5 best WordPress backup plugins?

You can use these free plugins to easily backup WordPress website in few minutes. Because they are proven and easy to use. You don’t need any skills or experience to use them. So you can use:

1- Updraftplus wordpress backup plugin

5 best WordPress backup plugins

Updraftplus is the best plugin you need to easily backup website. It’s the most popular backup plugin in the market with over three million currently-active installations. You can easily backup and restore your website with a single click. That save you money and time. Because you don’t need to hire any freelance to backup your site. All the hard work was done for you.

This proven plugin also allows you to:

  • Backup and restore easily your WordPress site.
  • Backup to more cloud such as: Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, emails…
  • Set up automatic backup schedules.

The best, Updraftplus is very proven because it has been tested over the 3 million websites. That means it’s very powerful to backup website without any issue. So you don’t have to worry about your site or database.

In addition, you can use the free version of Updraftplus or upgrade to the premium version. Which includes more features such as:

  • Incremental backups.
  • Duplicates easily or migrate websites.
  • Multi-network compatibility.
  • Back ups of non WP files and database to multiple remote destinations.
  • More storage destinations like Onedrive, BlackBlaze, Azure, SFTP.
  • Database encryption.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Support for WP-CLI.
  • Free dedicated expert support.
  • And much more features…

In other words, Updraftplus is a free plugin to backup any website with a single click. You can just enjoy the free level or upgrade to the premium level to get more valuable options. That worth your investment.

2- Jetpack – backup WordPress website

free 5 best WordPress backup plugins

Jetpack is another popular WordPress plugin which you can use for WP security, speed, backup and growth. This means it includes many benefits for your WordPress website. That’s why it has over 5 million currently-active installations. It’s a powerful plugin to grow your website because it offers you perfect options to make your site safe and fast.

So Jetpack provides great features for free like:

  • Backup your website automatically and restore it to any point with one click.
  • Get unlimited storage for your backup which save you money specially for ecommerce website.
  • Manage migration to new web hosting including all features you need to migrate and duplicate your site.
  • See all your website changes and who made it.
  • Automatically perform malware scans and security scans for other code threats. One click fix to restore your website for malware.
  • Block spam comments and form responses with anti spam features.
  • Auto update plugins for powerful website maintenance and security.
  • And many other options to speed up your site like: partnership with Google AMP, image CDN, lazy load images… and other features for growth like: Advanced site stats and analytics to help you understand your visitors, auto publish posts, share your posts on social media…
  • Manage Jetpack features from anywhere with the official WordPress mobile app.
  • And much more features for free.

Also, this best WordPress backup plugin provides powerful design tools to easily edit your site which allows to stand out of the crowd without any coding skills. You can edit your theme using many slideshow tools, image galleries, contact forms…

So Jetpack is a proven plugin to easily backup WordPress website for free. But you can also upgrade to the premium level to enjoy more unique features. That worth your investment.

3- Duplicator – WordPress backup

Duplicator helps you to backup WordPress website, migrate, copy, move or clone a website from one location to another. It’s easy to use. You should just follow the steps in the video below to use this plugin. That’s why it has over one million currently-active installations.

Watch this video for details

So you can use Duplicator for:

  • Move, migrate or clone a WordPress website between domains or hosts easily.
  • Pull down a live site to localhost for development.
  • Transfer a website from one host to another.
  • Manually backup WordPress website or a part of it.
  • Duplicate a live website to a staging area and vice versa.
  • Perform a full WordPress migration without struggling with messy import/export sql scripts.

All these features will save you more money and time. Because this WordPress database backup makes it easy to backup, migrate, copy, move or clone a website with a single click. It creates a package that bundles all the website’s plugins, themes, content, database and WordPress files into a simple zip file called a package. Then you can use this package as you want to migrate or clone… Which saves you much money because you won’t hire anyone to backup, migrate, copy, move or clone your website. All is done with a few clicks.

Duplicator‘s unique premium features:

Further, Duplicator provides more features with its pro level such as:

  • Drag and drop installs.
  • Scheduled backups.
  • Cloud storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive…
  • Support for managed hosts.
  • Email notifications.
  • Professional support.
  • And much more …

These are some great pro features that you should upgrade to use them.

However, this WordPress backup needs some technique knowledge before using it. For additional help and knowledge please visit this sources section. It will help you to know more about Duplicator plugin.

4- BackWPup – best WordPress backup plugins

BackWPup plugin can back up your website which save your complete installation including /wp content/ and push them to an external backup service like Dropbox, S3, FTP and more. But you should upgrade to premium version to get more features that can help you to create good website.

Watch this video for more information

This premium level includes more advance features that can grow your website such as:

  • Database backup (needs mysqli)
  • WordPress XML export
  • Generate a file with installed plugins
  • Optimize database
  • Check and repair database
  • File backup
  • Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz format (needs gz, ZipArchive)
  • Store backup to directory
  • Send logs and backups by email
  • Multi-site support only as network admin
  • And much more features…

BackWPup is another best WordPress backup plugins, you should use to easily backup WP website with a single click.

5- WPvivid – WordPress backup restore

5 best WordPress backup plugins

WPvivid is a free backup plugin that offers backup, restore, staging and migration as a basic features. These features make it the complete solution for backup and migration plugin. This means you can use this tool to clone, migrate a copy of your website to a new host, schedule backups, send backups to leading remote storage, clean unused images before backup or migration.

All these benefits makes WPvivid the complete plugin for newbies and experts because it’s easy to use. You can easily create backup of your site (database and files) all files or just database only. You can even schedule WordPress backup automatically or restore your website from a backup with a single click for free.

However, WPvivid premium version offers more great options to make good website like:

  • Customize everything to backup.
  • Create staging sites and push staging to live site.
  • Incremental backups.
  • Database backups encryption.
  • Auto backup WordPress core, themes and plugins.
  • Unused images cleaner.
  • WordPress multisite backup.
  • Advanced remote storage.
  • Advanced backup schedules.
  • Restore backups from remote storage.
  • White label.
  • And much more amazing feature…

So WPvivid is an amazing plugin to easily WordPress backup and restore. Because you don’t need any skills or knowledge to leverage this great plugin. All is easy and helpful to strength your website.

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These are 5 best WordPress backup plugins you can use to easily backup and restore your website for free. Just, choose one that suits your business and your knowledge and start the process. As these amazing plugins are powerful and proven by millions of marketers and online businesses.

In other words, they are the best in the market.

Thanks for reading…


Which one will you use to backup and restore your website?

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

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