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Learning digital marketing is crucial for marketers and business owners. Because it offers unlimited opportunities to grow your business. That’s why, you need the best and free digital marketing courses. That will improve your marketing skills and experience. Which will generate you more real profit online.

All online businesses need your online marketing services to market their offers online. They are ready to pay more, if you get them more profitable results. Which means you should learn all skills on the market to be the best marketer online. Because the profit is very huge.

According to these online marketing insights:

  • 75% of marketers increase their company’s credibility with digital marketing tactics.
  • 74% of all search traffic worldwide comes from Google.
  • 86% of marketers use video marketing for their businesses.

So those insights show the benefits of using digital marketing techniques to improve your business. Which you should use in your business to get more profitable results as well.

Why do you need digital marketing courses?

Good online marketing courses will:

  • Learn the best marketing tactics that work.
  • Get more web traffic for free.
  • Build powerful email list.
  • Generate more leads, sales and profits.
  • Grow your online business.
  • Build powerful online brand.
  • Make real revenue as a freelancer.
  • Save money, time and efforts.

Thus, you should learn digital marketing techniques because you can get more profits.

What are these free digital marketing courses?

To learn the proven online marketing techniques, you need the best online courses. Which will save you more money and time because you get the right marketing tips and techniques that really work.

That’s why, you should use these 5 free best online marketing courses:

1- Google Digital Garage offers digital marketing basics

free digital marketing courses- google digital garage

Google Digital garage teaches you the basics of online marketing for free. You will learn everything you need to begin your marketing journey. They offer amazing platform to navigate and find all marketing courses that fit your needs. You will find free certificated courses and paid ones.

The best, Google provides best online courses for every one. There is no level skill or experience required. You can just sign up and select what you want to learn from the tab “Online course”. The choice is yours.

free digital marketing courses- google digital garage

So you can choose the online marketing category you want and enjoy your learning journey. As, Google offers amazing online courses that are easy to understand and well designed.

Really, you will like their marketing courses because they are perfect.

Google marketing course is goldmine

Google Digital Garage offers you more great marketing courses such as: free live training which will help to understand and learn more online marketing techniques. As they offer free webinars about many online marketing categories like: Career growth, Jobseeker, small & medium businesses, student and other marketing tips.

free digital marketing courses- live training google

Google Digital Garage also provides “Remote Working” option to teach you and your team how to work remotely. Which will save you more money, time and efforts.

In Remote Working section, Google offers you all marketing tools and resources to stay connected and productive. This makes it easy for you and your team to run your online business anywhere in the world.

According to these researches:

  • 25 % of all jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022.
  • 97.6 % of remote workers would like to work remotely.
  • More than 54% of IT professionals say remote workers pose a greater security risk than traditional workers. 

So those researches show the need of remote working and the huge opportunities that will increase your revenue. Then you can easily build your passive income.

Thus, google digital marketing free course is a goldmine for you to get new online marketing practices. That will improve your marketing skills to make more profits.

2- Coursera includes the perfect digital marketing courses

coursera - digital marketing courses

Coursera is another big learning platform online. Which includes huge library of marketing courses from all categories like: digital marketing, ecommerce, social media marketing, content marketing and much more courses.

The best, Coursera offers online courses for all levels – from beginner to advance. And you can choose even the duration of learning from hours to years. All is up to you and your choice. This makes Coursera unique because it offers unlimited best online marketing courses.

You can also get free marketing certifications or paid ones. The choice is yours.

In addition, Coursera suggests you to explore more marketing courses and ideas. That can improve your level such as: language learning, data science, social science, personal development and much more topics.

Coursera more digital marketing courses

That’s why, Coursera is the top online learning platform to learn everything about online marketing.

3- LinkedIn provides best free digital marketing courses

linkedin courses

LinkedIn is another great online platform that offers free marketing courses with certification. You will get free courses on any online marketing categories you like such as: digital marketing, affiliate marketing, web developing, email marketing, Instagram marketing… and many other methods of digital marketing.

All those LinkedIn marketing courses are professional and easy to understand. You don’t need any skills to begin your learning. And you can choose free digital marketing courses or paid ones with marketing certifications. That will generate you more business opportunities to make more money. As LinkedIn marketing certifications will get you more authority and trust in the market. Which generate you more leads and profits.

This means you should leverage LinkedIn free courses because you will learn valuable online marketing techniques. That will get you more online leads and sales.

4- Udemy offers best courses on digital marketing

Udemy website

Udemy digital marketing is another source to learn high quality skills for all digital marketing branches. This best online courses website includes many of online courses for free. Which means you will learn high quality marketing techniques for free. Then you can implement them in your personal or commercial projects. That will get more revenue as a great online marketer.

Besides, Udemy suggests bestseller courses on digital marketing. Which will improve your marketing skills because people find them more profitable. This means these courses includes valuable marketing techniques to make more profits.

You can also find valuable paid online courses, if you want more advanced skills to stand out of the crowd.

So if you look for best free digital marketing courses, Udemy digital marketing is a good source to get free courses with certifications.

5- HubSpot Academy get certified in digital marketing


HubSpot has another best online academy to get valuable free digital marketing courses. Those courses are made by the best online marketers who had built successful online businesses from the scratch. Which means you will learn high quality digital marketing techniques to improve your business and your clients as well.

The best, HubSpot academy includes many online courses like Inbound marketing optimization, Inbound marketing, digital marketing, revenue operation and much more courses.

So you have more choices to find many free marketing certifications that can enhance your marketing skills. Which will get you more leads, sales and profits.


Digital marketing skills are crucial to grow your personal and customers’ business. That’s why, you need these 5 free digital marketing courses to improve your marketing techniques. Which will generate you unlimited profits because they are the best online courses websites. That will teach you the perfect digital marketing techniques to increase your revenue.

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Which digital marketing courses will you use to improve your marketing skills?

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