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Increase SEO for your website is a headache because there are many Google updating that can affect your rankings. But you can easily get unlimited SEO traffic to any site, if you offer your audience what they look for. It’s simple as this because search engines rank useful content that people want.

When users like, share and comment on a video content or a blog post or even an image. This tells Google that people want this content which means it’s useful. Automatically, search engines will rank higher this web content because it creates a good user experience. Which is the main factor to get unlimited free web traffic for your business.

In this post, I will leverage 5 best practices to improve and increase SEO for your business online. Those practices are effective and work for many niches because they are work for many businesses and Google’s updates support them.

Why do you need SEO improvements?

SEO improvements are a must-need for your website because it will:

  • Fix any SEO issues within your business. Which will increase your rankings and profits as well.
  • Update your SEO strategy to easily grow your business.
  • Get more rankings, leads and profits.
  • Build powerful email list.
  • Grow easily your business online.
  • Build powerful online branding.
  • Save money and time.

So those benefits worth to implement these best practices to increase SEO for your online business because the profit is very huge.

What are these best practices to increase SEO?

Website traffic rankings is a crucial for your business because it means more leads, sale and revenue. You won’t do well, if you don’t rank higher your website. That’s why, you need these techniques to improve google ranking for your business:

1- Small modification will improve google ranking

Making small changes in your website SEO will increase your ranking, if you implement a clear strategy. Which is based on testing and analyzing its impact on your SEO traffic. You can just update some of your old content to easily get more web traffic which is a great strategy you should use in your business. You can also fix your website issues such as: loading time, website structure, landing home page and so on.

Those SEO modification will improve your web traffic because they are the main SEO factors that Google uses them to increase or decrease ranking of your site. That’s why, you should fix all those issues, if there is and then test to make small changes and analyze its effect after 30 days. If they improve your SEO, you can focus on more of them.

So small changes in your website will really increase SEO for your business.

2- Don’t be fear to make changes in your site to improve SEO

Updating your website is crucial to rank higher on google because it’s the basic of search engines optimization. Everyday, there is Google’s updating which means you need to make your site more amazing to enjoy your audience. If it doesn’t, you will lose more visitors to your competition which will impact your rankings and your profits.

For example, people search online constantly for new inspiration and ideas that can solve their needs. Which you should consider when you create marketing content for your business. That these Google statistics indicate:

  • 38% of shoppers around the world use google search to find about a new products.
  • In the United States, 75% of shoppers use YouTube to find new products.

Thus, it’s a huge percentage of shoppers who search for new products.

Do you image the profit you get, if you can reach those customers?

Then you should consider these statistics because visitors’ behaviors are always changing. They need more help to make their purchase’s decision. They need to find your website online to get their needs. That’s why, you should make updates in website to reach those users who need your business. You can just focus on your Google Console insights to improve your SEO traffic or even to find the right and new keywords traffic. That will get more free web traffic to your business and then create the best online content that give solutions to help those users.

Your website SEO best practices is the key

increase seo

There are many changes you can implement in you site to increase SEO. For example, you can modify your structured Data, adding or fixing AMP issues, compressing your graphic designs, modifying your website structure… and many other website elements. That can help you to get more web traffic. You should just make one change and test and analyze its benefits for SEO traffic.

So make change in your site and don’t fear, if you want to improve search engine ranking. It’s the key to get huge web traffic like the biggest companies.

3- Updating your content is crucial for SEO traffic

content update

Content marketing is a goldmine for your business. You should create evergreen content that your audience need to improve their living. People like useful content that helps them solve their needs. They search for high quality content to like it, share it and them use it in their life.

Besides, there are many changes on the web which you should take in consideration like keywords traffic, people intent and trends, Google updates… and many other SEO factors.

For these reasons, you need to update your content to make it more useful and relevant to your visitors. Which will increase website traffic and get you more online customers to your business.

So updating your old content is a must-need for your business to easily rank higher on google.

4- Updating your website design will boost SEO

website updates best practice

Website design has a great impact on your rankings because people dislike website that has bad designs or a complicated structure or a slow-down… All those website’s problems will lose you more web traffic. That’s why, you should update and fix your website issues because these changes can generate you more rankings, if you use data to test and analyze its impact on your SEO traffic.

For example, your website color is very important to build a powerful branding online. This means you should use color that reflects your business identity and has a good impact on your visitors. You should also use a good designed graphics to make your audience enjoy their customer journey within your website. Visual content is useful for your website to get more web traffic because many statistics state:

  • 73.1 % of users leave a non-responsive web design site.
  • 61.5 % of users leave a badly designed navigation website.
  • 50% of customers believe that brands should prioritize web design.

So amazing graphic design is very important for your website because people engage more with it. Which will impact your web traffic. Then you should improve your site designing.

5- On-page SEO is a must-need to rank higher on Google

All best practices for on page SEO are very crucial to rank your site higher on search results. You should implement them on your web page because they are the basic SEO principles. You won’t rank rank your site, if you don’t use keyword optimization, title tag, meta description, image optimization, good URL structure, optimizing for speed and mobile friendly-website, structure data and creating useful content.

All those best practices are essential for your site to rank higher on google. You can’t get any web traffic, if you don’t use these SEO practices. That’s why, you should audit your website and fix all your on-page SEO issues because they will decrease your ranking.

According to these online insights:

  • 70% to 80% of users ignore completely paid ads. This means they use organic results to find their needs.
  • 51% of all website traffic comes from organic searches (SEO).
  • Leads from SEO are eight times more likely to make purchase.

Thus, you should leverage all on-page SEO techniques to rank your website because you will get unlimited web traffic to your site. Which generate more leads, sales and profit.

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Increase SEO for your site is a goldmine for your business because the profit is very huge. That’s why, you should implement these 5 best practices to reach the right audience for your business. SEO is the best long strategy you can use to grow your business. But you need to test, analyze and use the right data to make any change in your website.

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Which practices will you implement in your site?

Best Practices to Increase SEO

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