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Website speed optimization is a must-need for your business to get unlimited free web traffic. As people want more speed to find what are looking for. They dislike slow down website because it waste their time. Which creates a bad user experience. That’s why, all users avoid it. They engage more with a fast website that makes them more happy to navigate through it.

According to Google stats:

  • The bounce rate increase to 32% as a page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds.

Nowadays, people use their smartphone to search online including purchase products or services. This means there are unlimited opportunities to make more sales and profits.

Thus, search engines consider mobile friendly website a main factor to rank your site. You won’t get any web traffic, if your website is not optimized for mobile searches.

According to google insights:

  • More than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile. That is very huge because it will increase your profits.
  • 63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase form mobile websites. That offer them relevant recommendations on products.
  • 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results.

So these insights show the need of mobile optimized website for your business. You should make a mobile friendly website to rank higher and get more web traffic…

In this post, I will leverage the benefits of site speed for your business. Because the opportunities is huge.

Why speed optimization is important for website?

As the insights show, your brand will get huge benefits from the mobile searches such as:

1- Fast mobile website to reach more users

website speed optimization

When you build a website, focus on fast mobile website. It’s the main factor for search engines optimization. Which helps your business to easy be indexed and rank. This means, you will easy get unlimited mobile searches that search for your products or services. Because more users all over the world use more their smartphone than any other channels. Which will increase automatically your web traffic, leads, sales and profits.

All these users like to use mobile to search on the web because it’s easy and amazing. That creates a good journey for them and give your business more authority and popular. Which helps you to reach more customers than before.

However, you should fix all your website issues to increase website speed. It’s crucial because mobile searches need more speed. Your site should load fast to get more web traffic. Or users will leave your business to the competitors.

That’s why, big companies invest hugely in website speed optimization. They improve their site speed from the homepage to checkout. They want to make their visitors enjoy the whole purchase journey. Which will increase their sales, revenue and their branding in the market.

So focus on fast mobile website to dominate your industry. Because website speed is the key to reach unlimited targeted visitors.

2- Fast website to increase website navigation


Today, visitors want more web speed. This allow them to easily navigate your website and search more to find their needs. Which lets them to stay as long as possible in your site. That creates good user journey and encourage them to return. Which increase your revenue because those customers will prefer your brand to make more purchase. This will build your powerful branding in the market and then overpass your competitors.

The best, search engines consider the user time in your website as a good factor for high rankings. Which generates you more web traffic, leads, sales and more profits. So you get all these benefits for free, you don’t need to advertise your business. That saves more money, time and efforts.

Besides, all those visitors who had visited your site will get more free targeted web traffic. Because they will tell their family, friends and followers about their happy journey within your business. Which will increase your followers, engagement, leads, sales and revenue.

Then you get all these benefits because of a fast and easy website navigation. Thus, big brands invest more to improve their site speed to let visitors to stay as long as possible. Because the profit is very huge.

3- Website speed to decrease your bounce rates

Decreasing your bounce rates is another benefit you get, if you speed up WordPress site. Because this speed offers amazing customer journey for your visitors. Which allows them to stay more on your website or store and enjoy their purchase journey. This will get your business more authority and more revenue.

In addition, Google will rank higher your business which means more web traffic, leads and profits. As search engines like business that provides good user experience.

So it’s all about offering the best services for visitors to dominate your industry. That’s why, website speed optimization is a need for your business.

4- Site speed optimization to create amazing user journey

page speed optimization

Fast site allows your visitors to enjoy their journey through your business online. Which is a great SEO factor to get more web traffic, leads and profits. You get this high rankings for free because search engines encourage businesses to offer the best customer journey on the web. This makes your business more popular which allows you to easily grow and dominate your niches.

According to online stats:

  • 46% of consumers will tell others about a bad experience (99firms). Which can destroy any business, if they don’t know to control and fix bad reviews.

So your visitors can easily increase or decrease your brand according to their journey within your website. If they enjoy your business’ services, the profit will be huge and vice versa.

In this post, I explained 6 best strategies to easily enhance the customer experience. Which you should implement in your business online because they get you more profits.

Thus, page load time will affect your visitors journey and your rankings as well.

5- Page speed optimization to get good reviews

good reviews

Fast website makes your visitors happy through their navigation of your site. That lets them to feel good then they will give your business good reviews. These reviews get you more free web traffic, leads, sales and profits. Because search engines like business that has more engagements and then rank it higher on search results. This means good reviews are very crucial for your business. They will easily grow your business for free. According to these marketing insights:

  • 91% of young consumers trust reviews.

That’s why, good reviews are a goldmine for your business. They give your business more authority online to easily grow.

Mobile first technology to build and index any website 


Website speed optimization is a must-need for your business. Because it’s essential for high rankings and getting more leads, sales and profits. You can’t do well, if your website slow down because people will leave it to your competition. Thus, you should improve your site speed to get unlimited profits for free.

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What do you think about these website speed benefits?

Website Speed Optimization

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