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Consumer insights and behaviors are very crucial to understand your customers, find and reach more clients for your business and make more profits . You can’t market your products successfully if you don’t know and analyze your consumer insights.

These insights are a goldmine for your company because it provides rich statistics about the clients’ needs and how you can improve your business performance.

That’s why many companies invest in getting deep marketing statistics about their audience, how to sell them more products and how to grow their businesses.

What are the consumer insights’ benefits

Perfect customer insights are very useful for your business because it will generate real benefits such as:

  • Understanding your visitors
  • Create amazing user experience
  • Reach unlimited clients
  • Increase your sales and revenue
  • Overpass your competition
  • Quickly grow your company
  • Save your money and time

Therefore, generating deep marketing statistics about clients and your business is very important because they allow you to build the right strategies, make the best updates and implement the perfect marketing tools to easily sell more and grow your company faster.

What are these powerful consumer insights to consider

In this article, you will find some perfect customer insights to easily reach more leads and improve your business performance:

88% of customers believe trust becomes more important to make their purchase.

That means consumers look for good companies to build trustful relationships with because the majority of clients feel they can trust and rely on businesses to find and solve their needs. 

So you should build a good relationship with your visitors if you want to sell them your products by telling them the truth.

74% of customers want and look for business honestly communication

Honestly communication means you should be very clear with your clients, you should provide high quality product or service and fast and honestly respond to their inquiries.

Then, you should communicate with your visitors, help them during their online journey and treat them as a person not as a number.

So all these tips will boost your sales and revenue because clients consider them when they are looking to make a purchase.

88% of customers expect companies to clearly state their value

Company value is also very important for customers because it’s not enough to provide high quality products or services. 

You should also have good values like how your company treats its employees, do you protect natural resources and other environmental practices.

 So your company value can easily impact your sales and revenue because clients consider company value during buying decisions.

66% of customers have stopped buying from companies whose values did not align with theirs

Customers make purchases according to their value and they are ready to stop dealing with your company if you don’t align with their values.

This means you need to consider your audience values within your company if you want to easily sell your products and build powerful branding because 66% of clients consider their value before making any purchase.

94% of clients consider company’s treatment of customers

Treatment of customers is crucial for your company to get more leads and increase sales because all clients read online views about your company and how users rate your service before buying your products.

Improving your customer service is crucial for your business if you want to build a real brand, make more profits and quickly grow your company.

43% of consumers search great user experience in both online and offline 

User experience is very important to successfully sell your products or services because users consider great experience the best factor to use your business.

Therefore, make all updates to create an amazing journey for your audience because it saves you more money, time and effort.

57% of users prefer to engage through digital channels

Digital channels are powerful marketing channels to quickly reach unlimited potential clients who need your business and easily grow your brand.

Fortunately, customers prefer to use digital channels because these channels simplify the customer journey and offer you more opportunities to get more leads, sell more products and build strong authority.

That means you should leverage these digital channels successfully if you want to generate more profits.

69% of customers are open to the use AI tools to improve user experience

AI technology can improve your business growth because it provides many business solutions and deals and fixes business challenges such as customer services, user experience and more.

That’s why customers are open to implementing this new technology online businesses successfully.

64% of consumers want companies to take online privacy more seriously

Online privacy is another big issue that users consider when they use your business. Those users want you to protect their personal information and be honest with them because they think that many companies gather more information than they need.

So you can easily boost your sales and be competitive if you offer more consideration and protection to customer privacy.

That’s why 61% of these customers are ready to provide their sensitive data to your company if your business leverages transparent manner.

66% of clients visit brand website looking for better deals

Better deals are a goldmine to attract more clients and build perfect email lists because users like these better deals or discount prices which offer you more opportunities to sell more products and easily increase your profits.

Therefore, better deals will boost your sales and get you more profits if you implement powerful marketing strategies like upsells.

56% of consumers are likely to buy from a brand with a loyalty program

Loyalty programs will also get more leads for your company if you offer the best one in your industry because there are many buyers who search for these rewards.

So you should create perfect loyalty programs to attract these customers to sell more products and increase your revenue. Source: State of connected customer


Deep consumer insights are very useful for your business to easily improve your business performance, find and understand your customers needs, implement the right strategies and marketing tools, make more profits and quickly grow your business.

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