5 Facebook video ads best practices

Facebook video ads are the best practices you should use to get unlimited profits. All big companies used video ads through Facebook to reach unlimited users because they know the powerful of video to market their business successfully. Which you should leverage in your business as well, because the profit is very huge.

Facebook is the best social media platform for business because it has a huge active users. That allows your business to easily reach the right audience and make real profit.

According these Facebook insights:

  • Facebook has over 1.9 billion users. Which makes Facebook ads a goldmine for businesses and marketers.
  • 140 million of brands use Facebook monthly to search to new opportunities.
  • Over 500 million active users check Facebook and Messenger stories daily.
  • 78% of users access Facebook using only their mobile phone. That’s mobile optimizing is very important for your business.

So these insights show you the powerful of Facebook for business. Which will help you to reach more targeted users and then increase your sales.

In addition, video marketing is another powerful strategy that works effectively.

According to these video insights:

  • Online video drive 82.5 % of the web traffic.
  • In 2022, user spend 100 minutes every day watching videos.
  • 55% of shoppers use video content to shop in stores.
  • 84% of consumers convinced to buy after watching a brand’s video.

So video marketing is a must-need for your business. You can’t ignore this great marketing tool.

What are Facebook video ads best practices that work?

Facebook video ads can reach your business a huge number of mobile users, if you create an amazing video content that fits those users. You should use the best video marketing tips that work such as:

1- Perfect video advertising to hook your visitors

Get the attention of your visitors quickly is very crucial in Facebook video ad. Because you can easily hook your audience which create a clear and compelling message. That your visitors look for to solve their needs. This will save them time and effort to easily understand your video ad which creates an amazing customer journey for your audience. Then they will engage more with your video content because they like it and need its content. That will increase your leads, sales and revenue.

Therefore, you should put the most important part of your Facebook video advertising in the first three seconds. This will make your message very clear and compelling to get your visitors attention quickly. Don’t waste their time with any other message presentation. Just, let your audience to know what they will get and focus on solving their needs.

2- Short Facebook video ads are perfect

Facebook video ads best practices

Short and perfect video advertising is a goldmine for your campaign because it will reach more visitors and make them more engaged. Which help you to make more profits. As people want to get your message quickly without wasting their time. That’s why, you should make your video adverting less than 15 seconds, if you want more engagements, sales and profits.

In addition, these short advertisement videos are perfect for Facebook in-stream placements and Instagram stories. Which save you time and efforts, if you want to use the same videos for Instagram stories.

However, Instagram feed and Audience Network Placements allow videos up to 120 seconds long. While Facebook feed, Marketplace and Messenger Home support long videos up to 240 minutes.

Generally, short Facebook video ads are best practices you should use in your campaigns because they are very profitable. They get you more sales and profits.

3- Vertical Facebook video advertising convert better

Covering the full screen area is the best practice that will get your video ad more engagement, sales and profit. That’s why, you should create a vertical video ad because it grabs your audience’s attention then you can easily spread your marketing message.

The best, this advertising video technique works across all Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network. Which saves you more time and efforts, even if you are newbie to video ads. This means it’s a super easy technique and very perfect to create a successful Facebook ad for any niche. You can use vertical full screen area for all your personal and commercial advertisement videos.

4- Advertising with video is perfect to highlight your brand

Focusing on your brand within video ad is a perfect strategy to build your awareness online. This means you should show your brand name and logo early to allow your audience to remember your brand identity. Which will easily build your authority and your brand ‘s awareness on the web.

This strategy is very powerful because it will save huge money and time when it build the right way. As your audience will remember your brand whenever they want to purchase a product or service like yours. They will automatically search for your business to buy from you because they trust your brand. Which is a goldmine for your business.

According to these other video online statistics:

  • 82% of users prefer live video from a brand.
  • 85% of consumers want to see more videos from brands.

So these statistics tell that consumers want and trust videos from brands. That’s why, you should create useful video ads to build your branding because it’s a goldmine for your business.

5- Online video ads are useful with sound off

When you create your online video advertising, you should make your videos with sound off because people can watch these videos in specific situations like public places.

In these case, you can use text, captions, graphics… to display your message through these online video ads, even if the sound is off. People like it and they will engage with your video ad, if they like it.

This practice works successfully because people like it in some situations where they can’t make sound on. So you need to offer your audience this choice because it’s profitable for your business. It gets you more leads, sales and profits.

According to this online stat:

  • 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile.

So consumers want video with sound off because it creates an amazing journey for them.


These are 5 Facebook video ads best practices you can implement in video ads to make real revenue. You can also use these tips for other social media platforms such as Instagram. They will help your business to easily grow. Just, use them to see its benefits for your business.

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Facebook Video Ads Best Practices

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