why digital marketing is important?

Today, digital marketing is important for your business. You can’t grow without implementing the best online marketing techniques. Which get unlimited benefits. Your success online depend on using the latest digital marketing skills because they help your business to easily grow.

That’s why, all successful businesses and marketers search and implement the best digital marketing tools and tricks. That can generate more leads, sales and profits. Because they know the use of those tricks and tools will take their business to the next level.

According to these marketing statistics:

  • Google gets more than 77,000 searches every second.
  • Each day, people sent and received +281 billion emails.
  • +3.2 billion social media users every day.
  • People use their mobile devices to watch +70% of YouTube videos.
  • 72% of online marketers consider high quality content creation as the best strategy for search engine optimization.

So these statistics show the power of email, video and content to get more web traffic, increase sales and grow your business online. These are some digital marketing’s categories which you should use to make more profits online.

Keep in mind that digital marketing is very rich and very changing. That’s why, you should follow the trends and the latest marketing tips and tricks because the market and customers’ intent is always changing.

Why digital marketing is important?

Online marketing is very important for your online business because it will help you to:

1- Know your customers is great digital marketing benefit

Understand and know your audience is crucial for your business to grow. You can’t do will, if you don’t know your audience’s interests, needs, desires, behaviors and ambitions. This will help you to offer them what they really look for to solve their needs. Which is very important in marketing to make more profits.

People are online to find solutions or new product they need. They search for the best solution on the web. they won’t make any purchase that is not related to their main needs or desires. This means you should know what and why those users are online. Then you can offer them the best product or service because customer experience is crucial to build powerful brand online.

According to Google stats:

  • 89% of successful businesses say anticipating customer needs and providing assistive experiences along the customer journey are critical to growth.

Thus, Google tells you to provide the best user experience, if you want more web traffic, leads, sales and profits. People want to feel happy when they use your online website which will grow your brand.

How to use digital marketing to understand your audience?

Simply, you can make surveys on your site or your social media accounts where you gather information from your visitors. You can also analyze your website analytics using Google analytics or other insights tools like Facebook insights, YouTube insights, Instagram insights… To see what your users look for and what the topics they like or share on social media sites.

If you don’t know how, you can hire freelancers or agencies to get all data you need to understand your audience. Then you can target your visitors with the right product or service they want in the right moment which will increase revenue.

2- Save your money and time is another advantage of marketing

Digital marketing will save you more money, time and efforts. Because it provides you with the right marketing data. This data allows you to reach the right audience in the right time which increase your sales and profits.

Online marketing also offers the trends topics, strategies and best practices that will get more profits.

For example, video marketing is the best strategy you should use to market your business successfully.

why digital marketing is important

Marketing insights indicate that:

  • Video will drive 82% of web traffic.
  • 85% of marketers use video as the main marketing strategy.
  • 80% of people prefer video over written text.
  • 60 % of users switch to online content from TV.
  • 50% of customers watch videos before making a purchase.

So those marketing insights show the need of digital marketing tools and practices to reach the right customers and increase your revenue. As, you see video marketing is just one online marketing strategy which will get you huge profits.

For these reasons, big companies and marketers invest more in digital marketing because they know the profit is very huge.

The same thing for business analytics that is crucial to grow your business. As it provides deep marketing data that will guide you to the right strategy you should implement to make more sales or get more subscribers to your list and so on.

Thus, best digital marketing tools and tips will save you more money, time and efforts to build powerful online business.

3- Analyze your industry is the perfect marketing benefit

Digital marketing provides online businesses with all online tools and techniques to understand the market. This is very important for your business to grow because you get all marketing insights you need to analyze your industry and your competition.

Furthermore, you can even know the product, the marketing strategy and the tools your competitor use to succeed online. Which makes it easy for you to improve and compete your competition through offering the best service or product than your competition.

You can also look for the gap in your competitors strategy and then fill it and improve it to reach easily to more leads and profits.

When you analyze your niche using the right marketing data such Google news, Google Trends, Google analytics.. you will find good marketing ideas. Which will provide you with good opportunities to build successful business online.

For example, when you create a video content or blog post, you use keyword research tools to find best keywords. That your audience use in their search online which is a must-need to reach the right customers.

That’s why digital marketing is important for you to build successful marketing strategies for your business.

4- Build trusted branding online is useful marketing benefit

Online marketing helps you to easily build your brand successfully because it offers all tips and tools you need. This means you can use many online platforms to reach your audience such advertising your brand in those platforms.

For example, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok… are powerful online marketing platforms. Which will easily help you to build your brand online and get you the right users who need your business. Then you should just offer best user experience to turn all those people to your loyal customers. Which save you money and time because you can easily reach more customers through advertisement.

why digital marketing is important

According to these social media insights:

  • Social media platforms has a total reach of +4 billion users all over the world.
  • Internet users spend more than 1/3 of their online time in social media.

Then those insights indicate the power of social media websites to reach more online users. That’s why digital marketing is important for you to get more profits from those social media sites. You can’t success on those sites without using the best digital marketing tools and strategies.

So digital marketing best practices are very useful for leveraging social media sites successfully .

5- Improve your business is another advantage of marketing

Online marketing will help you to improve your business. Because it provides all tools you need to analyze your business and suggest which solutions you should implement to grow your business.

For example, SEO tools such Google console gives all SEO issues you should fix to improve your rankings. Other tools suggest even more solutions to get more rankings and web traffic for your business.

Also, there are many other marketing tools for all marketing categories. That will enhance your online business like plugins for WordPress websites which improve your site. And many others tools for visual content, video creation, email marketing, AI chat bot tools and much more.

So all these digital marketing tools will help your business to grow.


For these 5 benefits, digital marketing is important for your business. Because you can’t get any success, if you don’t use best digital marketing tools and techniques in your business. They are a must-need for any online business.

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Why Digital Marketing Is Important

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