Google Adsense to make money!

Google Adsense is a great way to make money and change your life for better! It is an old program to earn money online for many years. Everybody knows it. But is it still profitable? Or there is unique way to profit from Adsense?

Well, internet marketing is a rich field, which changes everyday. And Adsense has no exception! It had changed from the launch date 2003 to now! But how can you make high revenue from it? Let’s dive in!

First, what is Google Adsense?

“Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.” Wikipedia.

In other words, Adsense is a great way to make money online using website’s content or Channel. You just offer high quality content for your audience. In this content, you run Google Adsense ads to promote it and get your commissions.

This sounds easy. But it is not. You should respect Google Adsense’s rules and get huge targeted traffic to make high revenue.

All is about how to get high quality traffic and convert it into valuable clicks!

How to easily leverage Google Adsense to make money?

to make real money on this platform, you should:

1- Get a blog or a forum or an online tool

Google accept only blogs, forums and online tools to display ads on then you get your commissions. Otherwise, Google rejects your proposition. So take your decision and make what you want to run Google ads on it.

Blog, forum and online tool work and can generate you real money, if you offer high quality content that helps your audience.

Many marketers use blogs to target Google Adsense to make money because they have a profitable audience and good niche. Which make it easily to drive targeted traffic and then earn more money. You can also copy them and make good blog that people to read, like, share… then you get more money.

2- Create best blog to make money with google ads

Create best blog or channel is the key to respect Google Ad sense’s rules and to create amazing user experience. This means you need to build wonderful website or channel to help your audience. You need to get a domain and a good hosting for your blog. Read more about the best web hosting for WordPress you need to build real online business!

Then build an easy website structure that helps your readers to easily reach the content they look for. This means you should make a clear website structure that helps your visitors to easily navigate your blog. This creates a good user experience which increases your rankings. In this guide, you find everything about how to create a good website!

Just, help your audience with the right content to bank big.

3- Use engaged website themes

Today, there are many engaged themes for google ad sense, it depends on your niche. You use any good one for free then you can upgrade for the premium level or even buy the best theme for your blog. This can make your blog more professional and offer amazing user experience which increase your ranking and get you more free targeted traffic for your blog.

This engaged blog template can help you to easily start your online journey and save you more money and time. That is very crucial for you to get real profits online. Which encourage you to invest more money and time in your blog and take it to the next level.

So you can any free website template that fits your niche and your audience needs. Here, you can get more free website templates.

If you want to create easily your own responsive themes for your niche, you can use this easy theme maker!

4- Choose the best niche for Adsense to make money

Now, you should think about a profitable niche which can help you to unlimited users. You need to avoid hard competition niches because you can easily reach to more people. And increase your Google Adsense earnings. That’s why, it’s better to avoid these big niches until you have more budget and experience to leverage these niches.

If you search deeply online and read what people talks about in forums, groups and social media sites, you will find many small niches with huge demands. Which you should target through useful content to build good business.

Here, an example of small niches that can help you to easily begin your Adsense earnings. You use them or do your search for more profitable niches that can get you more money.

The choice is yours!

5- Keyword research is crucial to make money with Adsense

Search for converting keywords within your niche is a must-need because it can save money and time. You can’t your perfect audience, if you don’t search for trending terms and phrases. The good search and the perfect tool can help you more to easily reach the right audience. You can use this great list of 7 free keyword research tools which you can use find good keywords to target.

Also, you can use paid keyword tools to analyse more your niche and competition. There are powerful tools out there which you can leverage like this proven tool. All these marketing tools work and have different options but it’s up to you to use the keyword tool you like. Because there are some tools that are specific for one niche such as this tool which is for writer and publisher industry.

In other words, you have the choice to use the keyword tool that fits your needs and budget.

6- Write useful content to increase your Google Adsense earnings

People like useful content which drive unlimited traffic to your page. This increase automatically your Google Adsense earnings.

So you should offer unique and useful content that answer the audience needs, if you want to reach more visitors within your niche. It is very important because content is your best key to rank higher your blog and then get more impression and click. Because googleadsense is about how impressions and clicks your blog gets. The more you get, the more you earn.

That’s why, you need high quality content. If you can’t create good content, you can hire good writer or just use this unique AI copywriting tool. It will make your work easy!

7- Get targeted traffic to make money with Google Adsense

Targeted traffic is a must-need to increase your earnings. Because Google Adsense pays you for impressions and clicks that Google ads get in your website. This means the more you get, the more you earn.

So you can use many ways to get good traffic such as: Ads, SEO, backlinks, social media marketing… This depends on your strategy and the content you create.

If you create unique content, you can get unlimited traffic because people, search engines and all online platforms encourage and rank higher the content that offer value for users.

8- Respect rules to get easily Adsense approval

You need to respect Google Adsense’s rules, if you want to make real money online. And be careful with these rules, if you avoid any block by Google. Read this guide for more information!

In this Adsense support, Google guides though the right rules and policies which you should know and respect to avoid any issue and to help you to make more money with them.

So read and respect these Adsense’s rules to earn money.

9- Use the best place for Adsense’s ads within your blog

You test the best placement of Adsense ‘ ads within your content to find the profitable one. Remember that everything changes. That means what works now maybe the next month will not. So you should test and test… and look at your competitors, what works for them should work for you as well.

In Google Adsense guide, they mention to try to find the best placement for ads because this can change according to your website type. This needs time to figure out where visitors engage more with your content. That’s why you need to use tools to track and analyse your website such as Google Analytics…

10- Stay up to date to make money with adsense

Use new tools, ways, methods and courses to profit more from Adsense. As i mention, internet marketing is unstable field. From time to time there are new methods which you should use, if you want to be the best marketer.

In other words, read and engage with Adsense’s groups and forums where you can get new strategies such as Adsense Arbitrage that can increase your Adsense earnings.

And be creative. Creativity makes a big difference. It helps you to dominate your niche!

Use these great marketing channels to get more traffic to your blog.


These are 10 best practices you should use to make money with Google Ad sense. They are the basic to start your journey with Adsense. You can’t earning real money without these tips.

So leverage them and focus on the good content.

Thanks for reading…


Google Adsense to Make Money

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