how to create a sales funnel? 2022

Business online is a profitable way to change your life. Because you can reach unlimited customers all over the globe. Which increase your sales and profits. That’s why you need to implement perfect marketing strategies and tools such as: how to create a sales funnel?

These marketing strategies are crucial for your business growth. You can’t easily reach your business goals without building a sales funnel that are professional. These marketing sales funnel are goldmine for your business. Because they increase the rate conversion of your business. This means more real money online. According to these business statistics:

  • 79% of consumers said web search influenced their purchase decision.
  • 94% of B2B buyers view multiple pieces of content from the vendor they choose to do business.
  • 95% of customers said that the vendor use email to stay in touch with them.
  • 84% of consumers said they were contacted by phone.
  • 59% of customers were pleased with the vendor’s touch.
  • Good landing page with video content can increase conversion rate up to 86%.
  • Perfect online sales funnel increases your conversion rates to 11%.

So these statistics indicate that the web content and the vendor’s strategy influence customers’ purchase decision. This means good content will get you more leads, sales and profit.

What the benefits of marketing sales funnel?

Online sales funnel are crucial for your business online because you will:

  • Understand your audience.
  • Create amazing user experience.
  • Boost your email list subscribers.
  • Increase your leads and sales and revenue.
  • Get good feedback and reviews from your audience.
  • Improve your business strategy.

All these benefits worth to build a funnel that can allows you to easily grow your business.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a powerful marketing strategy that can convert your visitors into loyal customers. This strategy is built through five stages: awareness, interest, desire and action.

how to create a sales funnel

This means you should create unique content that your visitors need. Because you should turn those visitors into customers. Not only a simple customers but a loyal ones who will promote your brand largely to his friends… Which generate you more leads and profits for free.

That’s why, sales funnel is the best strategy you should implement to take your business to the next level.

So how to create a sales funnel?

Funnel building is not easy as it seems. Because it demands more creativity and experience. You should have a good level in marketing, if you want to create the perfect business funnel. That can improve your business success and create amazing user experience. That’s why, these best practices can help you to easily create and improve your powerful sales funnel strategy:

1- Know your audience – The perfect way to make funnels

You should know and understand your visitors before creating your sales funnel strategy. It’s crucial to build unique online brand. Your visitors are the key to get unlimited benefits. Because they will help your business to grow, if you offer them the best content they need. This means you need to help them to solve their problems or just educate them.

People love good content that gives value. Which is a great opportunity to get their trust and then convert them to loyal consumers. This is the best strategy you need to get unlimited targeted website traffic. Because it work for all niches.

However, this understanding of your audience needs to make a good research to know your visitors: interests, desires, behaviors, location, gender… and other marketing data. That will offer you a clear analysis to create evergreen content marketing. Which your audience will like and share.

This research also needs to implement perfect marketing tools to get good insights of your audience such as: keyword research tools, analytics tools, content, video and design tools. Because these online tools can easily provide you with the right data about your visitors. Which allows you to create what your visitors look for and win the game!

2- Build good landing page is crucial for building a sales funnel

Good landing page is a must-need for your sales funnel strategy. Because landing page is your first interaction with your visitors. And you should create good impression, if you want to earn your visitors trust. That is very important because professional landing page creates amazing user experience. Which your audience needs to easily navigate, find what they desire and feel happy to return for purchasing.

But what makes a landing page good?

The best element you need to create a good landing page is simplicity. This means your visitors should easily navigate through your landing page. You don’t complicate your visitors journey in your page. Let them to find what they need easily and tell them what is the next. Use clear button to guide your audience to the next stage you want them to take. Don’t let your visitors to lose in your landing page. This creates a bad user experience which lose you these visitors or any sale or profit.

So use simple landing page structure, catching headline, useful content, good design and clear call to action button. Which takes your visitors to the next stage of your sales funnel process.

Also, your landing page should include customers’ testimonials. This encourages new prospects to take action and increase the conversion rate. And any other social proof that can make your business stand out.

All these tips will help you to create professional landing page that your visitors love. Which is the perfect sales funnel strategy you should leverage. Because it will get you loyal leads, sales and profit.

3- Create useful content – Marketing funnel content

Best content is a goldmine for your business. Because it can generate you more benefits like: leads, sales, subscribers to your email list and much profits for free. You need just create evergreen content that your audience needs to solve their problems.

To create this content, you should know your audience needs and their interests which I mention before. You need to analyze your visitors and test to know exactly what they want. Then offer them what their desire to build a powerful relationship with them. This will let them to trust your brand. Which will get you unlimited profit. Because people does not make a purchase, if they don’t love the vendor’s content according to this statistic:

  • 94% of B2B buyers view multiple pieces of content from the vendor they choose to do business.

So focus on good content that solves or educate your visitors.

4- Focus on video content to easily create a sales funnel

Video content is very profitable for your business. Because people and online platforms love it which will bet more traffic and profit. According to these statistics:

This shows you the unlimited opportunities you can leverage through creating useful video content. It’s a huge benefits for your business to get unlimited leads and profit.

So focus on video content to reach real customers. Who need your business. You can use many video tools to create professional video for any business you want. Then you can promote your videos for free through: social media platforms, your YouTube channels, your blog or website, related groups and forum… There is unlimited options to reach more traffic using video content.

5- Build a perfect bait to create sales funnel

To get real leads for your business, you should build the perfect bait that will catch more leads. This bait is an essential stage in the sales funnel. Because it can drive unlimited website traffic. Which means more leads and profits for free. That’s why, you need to analyze your visitors to know what they are looking for. Then create a perfect bait that they can’t avoid.

This bait can be a useful free ebook, lead magnet, free templates, unique course… You can be more creative in this stage. You should just offer something that is unique, useful and free. Because people loves these free giveaways.

So be more creative and offer value to get the visitors trust. Which is a goldmine to make unlimited sales and profits.

6- Provide email subscription form

Implement a perfect email subscription form to help your visitors to easily find where to subscribe to your list. It’s very useful to grow your email list. So don’t complicate it for your audience. People dislike to lose in the website. They want simple site structure to find what they need. That’s why, you should help your visitors to easily subscribe to your newsletter, if they want.

Fortunately, there are many email marketing providers out there. You can choose the service one you want according to your business needs. Just, focus on good email marketing services because it will get you more profit. This means you need to invest in the best email tools to take your business to the next level.

So offer a good email subscription form in your page and encourage people to subscribe. It worth your efforts.

7- Implement conversational AI chatbot

Conversational AI chatbot is a profitable marketing tool for your business. Because it will increase your business profit. Which is a perfect tool for your marketing sales funnel. As AI chatbot can interact effectively with your visitors and offer them amazing user experience. This convert them to loyal customers.

The best, there are many best AI chatbots for free or even with free trial to discover their benefits for your business. You can use these free chatbots or just purchase a good conversational AI chatbot that fits your business strategy.

Really, best AI chatbot is a must-need to create a perfect sales funnel.

8- Stay in touch with your visitors

Stay in touch with your audience is very important to grow. Because people loves business that care about them. This builds a powerful relationship which your business needs to reach more people for free. As your loyal customers will promote your brand through their social media account, groups, forums…

Really, your relationship with your audience is crucial. It will offer you unlimited opportunities to easily grow. So focus on helping your audience through creating good value, answering their comments, emailing them with helpful content and even offering some giveaway. This is a powerful strategy to build successful brand online. Which many big brands leverage.

So treat your audience as your family to get their trust. Then they were be your loyal customers.

9- Analyze your digital marketing sales funnel

Analyze your marketing sales funnel to know your gaps and improve it to grow. Because you can’t know what works and what does not, if you don’t test and analyze it. This marketing data guides you to implement the right solutions and tips. That can improve your business funnel and get more profit.

So it’s all about this analyzing to figure out which and where improvement you should make. You need just to learn how to analyze your website marketing insights through your Google analytics or other analytics tools. And make the needed improvements in your sales funnel process.

10- Analyze your competitions to improve your business funnel

Your competition analysis is a goldmine to create a sales funnel that generates more revenue. As this analysis provides you with profitable opportunities to leverage. That helps you to avoid their mistakes or just offer powerful online sales funnel than them.

So you need to keep a close look at the market to update your marketing sales funnel. Which allows to be more competitive and get more profits.

11- Leverage new AI marketing software

You should stay up to date and implement any AI technology. Which can saves your money, time and efforts such AI automation tools. That will automate your business or even automate a part of your business. You can use for example email automation flow or automation updates…

There are many automation softwares you can use to handle routine marketing tasks. Which save you money and time. You don’t need to work hard. These AI tools will help you to work easily and efficiently.

According to these statistics:

  • 78% of marketing organization have implemented new work collaboration technology.
  • 85% of marketers said they use video conferencing respectively.
  • 52% of marketers see AI technology is essential to their success.
  • 77% of marketers automate their marketing task.

These stats show that many marketers implement AI technology in their business because it helps them to get more revenue.

Finally, use this complete marketing sales funnel website to easily build your professional marketing sales funnel. That lets you to market and sell automatically your products. It worth your investment.


Now, you can easily create a sales funnel for any business you like through these best practices. These practices are proven and perfect to start growing your business online. You don’t need to be professional but you can test and analyze to improve your marketing sales funnel. This will teach you more marketing tips about your business and the visitors behaviors.

However, you can use funnel builder to easily make your funnel, if you avoid this hassle. There are many free funnel builder and paid ones. You should just choose the best one that can get you real benefits. Because the free online tools offer always limited features which can’t grow your business fast. The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading…


What do you think about these best practices to easily create a perfect sales funnel from scratch?

How to Create a Sales Funnel

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