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Building successful business online needs powerful digital marketing platforms. These platforms will offer your business all online tools and strategies required to generate more customers and profits. That’s why, big companies use the best online marketing platforms because they know its importance to market their businesses.

According to these marketing online stats:

  • 85.4 % of internet users search for information online at least once per month.
  • +60% of google searches are from mobile devices.
  • 92.3 % of phone users use their phone to search online.
  • 72% of people use voice search to navigate online.
  • +82% of internet users watch digital videos at least once a month.
  • 71% of internet users listen to digital audio content at least once a month.
  • 82% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.
  • 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing as the main strategy.

So these stats indicate the importance to leverage good digital marketing platforms because they will offer all marketing tools and skills you need to reach the right audience. This save you more money and time then help your business easily to grow.

What is digital marketing platform?

Digital marketing platform is an online platform for marketing. This platform offers many marketing tools, materials, training, support… and other services to help marketers and business owners to market their businesses successfully.

So these powerful digital marketing platforms can offer you many marketing services like:

  • Analyzing your marketing data to help your business build the best marketing strategies.
  • Finding and providing the right tools and practices that you need to get more profit.
  • Fix your business’s issues to be more effective.
  • Creating, editing, publishing and promoting your content marketing.
  • Finding the right audience for your business.
  • And many other marketing services and tools that you may improve your revenue.

For these benefits, you should use these online marketing platforms to easily increase your revenue.

What are these powerful digital marketing platforms?

To reach the right audience for your business, you should use the perfect online marketing platforms such as:

1- Marketo – The perfect online marketing platform

Marketo - powerful digital marketing platforms

Marketo is a perfect examples of online marketing platform that helps your business to achieve its goals. This platform offers you all you need to measure your business results from the acquisition to advocacy. Which gives you all data needed to make your visitors more engaged and create the best user experience.

Marketo powerful digital platform for marketing

Marketo is a powerful platform because it provides best online marketing tools like:

  1. Marketing automation to identify, engage the right customers and increase your revenue. It can also build and scale automated your marketing campaigns. The best, this marketing platform offers you the rich marketing data about your audience behaviors that can generate unlimited profit.
  2. Email marketing service to attract targeted customers through engaged conversation and build perfect email list. This will get you more sales and profit for free because you reach your customers from many web channels like: mobile devices, social media…
  3. Lead management to capture the best targeted visitors that will easily convert to loyal customers. This will help you to build the top brand online and save you more money.
  4. Revenue attribution is another best marketing tool to get more visibility in your industry. This offers you more marketing insight to know what’s working and what is not in your niche. Then you can take the best action to build good revenue and dive into the true impact of your bottom line.
  5. And many other best marketing services that can increase your revenue.

So these are the best Marketo’s features that will help you to build successful brand online.

2- Salesforce – Unique marketing cloud

digital marketing platforms - salesforce

Salesforce is an amazing marketing cloud that provides top marketing features to get more customers, nurture leads, build amazing custom emails, market on social media perfectly and much more tools…

The best, Salesforce focus on building the best relationship between the companies and the customers. This saves more money because it helps you to create best user experience which generate you more leads, sales and profit.

That’s why, Salesforce is unique online marketing platform because all their features focus on creating the best connection with the visitors and help those visitors to like your company.

Besides, Salesforce provides best business services and tools such as: sales service, marketing service, commerce service, analytics service, safety service integration service and many other business services…

Fortunately, you can use free trial to discover all these Salesforce’s marketing services. No credit card required and no software to install. You should just click the button ” TRY FOR FREE” to begin your marketing journey.

With this free trial, you get:

  • Pre-loaded data or upload your own
  • Pre-configured processes, reports, and dashboards
  • Guided content, how-tos, and best practices for sales
  • Online training and live onboarding webinars

Also, you can contact Salesforce if you have any other question…

Thus, Salesforce is another powerful digital platforms for marketing you should leverage to get business solutions that will increase your revenue.

3- Keap – All in one marketing platform

all in one marketing platform- keap

Keap is a great marketing automation platform designed to help your business to easily grow. This platform offers email marketing services and sales platform which includes products to manage customers, customer relationship management, marketing, and e-commerce.

The best, all Keap’s services are designed to help small businesses to grow and increase their revenue. This means Keap’s tools are perfect for your small business because it helps you to collect more leads, convert them into loyal customers and make them enjoy your business to become happy fans. Which will get more clients and profits.

Keap provides also the best CRM (customer relationship management), sales and marketing automation that are must-need to compete in the market. Because all your competitors implement these powerful marketing automation in their businesses to generate more profit. So automation is the key to easily succeed online.

In addition, Keap offers you 14 day free trial to try its features without credit card. You can begin your journey with Keap now and improve your business’ profit.

4- Monday – Great cloud-based platform

online marketing platform - monday

Monday is a great online platform to create your own applications and work management software. This means you create any workflow to manage any thing you want that includes marketing, CRM, video production, software development and much more…

So Monday offers new tools and techniques to market your business as you want. You can easily build any workflow your business needs to make more revenue.

All these Monday’s tools will help you to boost your team’s alignment, efficiency and productivity to easily achieve your business’ goals. You should just customize these Monday’s workflows to fit your business’ needs which save you more money, time and efforts.

Therefore, Monday provides top products like: work management, sales CRM, Monday marketer, Monday projects and Monday dev.

For features, Monday offers the best ones like: the best dashboard, perfect automations to save money and time, integrations, files, Docs, Gantt charts and Kanban software to handle any workflow.

Fortunately, Monday gives free Individual plan forever. This means you can use all the Monday products and features with no limit that will easily grow your business and make more sales and profits as an individual.

monday - marketing investment

You can also use Monday marketing services without any credit card for all Monday’s levels. All is very easy to get started now and improve your revenue and then grow your business.

For these reasons, Monday is your best marketing platform solution you should use to build successful online business.

5- LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Top marketing feature


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another best marketing feature you should use to get more leads and sales. It’s a great tool to connect through LinkedIn social media platform with the right visitors that need your products or services.

This marketing feature is also designed to help your business to reach real customers using LinkedIn’s network data, relevant news sources and your account’s data and build good relationship with them to easily market your business. This means LinkedIn Sales Navigator connects you with the best leads to make more sales and profits.

Also, this LinkedIn navigator offers great options such as:

  • Advanced lead and company search to find the right leads for your business.
  • Lead recommendations to easily close the deal.
  • Real-time sales updates that give relevant insights about your leads.
  • Notes to organize your leads and accounts.
  • CRM Integration that automatically save the leads and accounts you are selling.
  • InMail message to reach over 500 million members on LinkedIn.
  • Smart links presentations through a package and share sales content in a way that’s better for both the buyer and seller. 
  • Email integration ( Outlook web) to view LinkedIn profile data for your contacts directly in your inbox.
  • And many other options you can leverage in LinkedIn Navigator.

That’s why, LinkedIn sales navigator is powerful marketing tool to get more sales and profit.

How can you use LinkedIn navigator?

You can leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator through these 3 easy steps:

  1. Find the right people and companies faster.
  2. Understand and keep track of key lead and company changes.
  3. Reach and engage with prospecting leads.

So these three steps will easily generate you more sales and good revenue.

Unfortunately, this LinkedIn navigator is not free but you can start your free 30 day trial to discover the powerful of this marketing tool for your business. Then you can choose the plan that fits your business’ needs. It’s up to your business’ goals.


These are 5 powerful digital marketing platforms you should consider if you want to grow your business. Because the profit is very huge. That’s why, all big companies use the best platform for marketing that fit their needs and goals.

So analyze your business and select the perfect marketing platform that will help you to reach and generate more leads, sales and profit.



Which marketing platform will you leverage?

Powerful Digital Marketing Platforms

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