5 online marketing jobs

Today, high paying online marketing jobs are very profitable to begin your marketing career. Many companies look for online marketers who can improve their revenue. These companies know the benefits of digital marketing that’s why they invest more money because the profit is huge. This means there are more opportunities to get a good digital Marketing job that fits your interest.

Online marketing statistics indicate:

  • Digital advertising revenue worldwide has reached $794 billion.
  • Affiliate marketing industry has grown 10% each year since 2015.
  • Social media ad spend expect to reach $177 billion in 2022.

So these statistics tell you that online marketing is a huge industry to make more profits. You should just choose the internet marketing category you like to get a job. You can select content manager, copywriting, social media manager, advertising manager… and so on.

All these digital marketing branches will offer you many opportunities to get a good online job. because there are huge demand in almost all digital marketing categories. But you need to select the best one that will pay you more and you can easily grow to become a great marketer.

What are these high paying online marketing jobs?

Digital marketing is crucial for all online businesses because it improves and increase their revenue. Which means there is unlimited jobs you can get, if you have a good marketing skills or a great online experience.

So you can leverage these 5 online marketing jobs such as:

1- Analytics manager – Powerful high paying digital marketing job


Today, analytics is very important for businesses because it saves more money, time and effort. All businesses need analytics to easily reach customers and increase their revenue. This means you can make more money, if you are a good analytics manager.

According to these business data:

  • Companies that focus on data analytics improve their annual revenue of 5.32%.
  • 62% of retailers report gaining a competitive advantage from data analytics.
  • 88% of major companies in USA and UK focus on collecting marketing data to deliver relevant customer experiences.

So analytics is a goldmine for businesses which will offer you a good marketing career.

What is an analytics manager?

Analytics manager is responsible for all analytics tasks of a company. He should collect business data, analyze it, research and build the best strategy that will improve the company’s profits. This means you know how to deal with marketing data and how implement it as a perfect strategy to get more profits for your company.

Thus, analytics manager is a crucial position for companies because you can make them more money, if you are a good manager. That’s why, all these companies will pay you more as you want. You should just get more business profit.

Fortunately, there are many online sources where you can learn everything about analytics such as: GoogleDigitalGarage, Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn…

After this learning stage, you should begin as a freelancer to implement what you have learnt and get more analytics experience. Then you can get big digital marketing position as a professional analytics manager in big companies.

What is analytics manager salary?

In USA, the average salary for a analytics manager is more than $115,000. This salary can increase more than according to additional cash compensation, your past experiences and business profile.

So if you are a famous analytics manager, you will get more than the previous salary. Because your experience and your profile will get you more money.

This average salary can decrease in other countries according to their marketing and business situation.

Otherwise, analytics manager worth your learning and working.

2- SEO manager – Amazing internet marketing job


Search engine optimization is another best online job where you can build powerful marketing career. Online businesses need professional SEO manager to improve their rankings and increase their revenue.

According these SEO insights:

  • 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • Google holds +90% of the total searches.
  • 61% of B2B marketers state that organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing channel.
  • 63% of all shopping begin online.
  • 70% of marketers said that SEO is better than PPC for getting sales.

Thus, search engine optimization is very important for all online businesses because it gets them high rankings and profits. Which means they will pay you huge money, if you are a good SEO manager. Who can fix their SEO’s issues and get their websites more web traffic that convert into more leads, sales and profits.

What is SEO manager role?

Your role as a SEO manager includes all aspects of search engine optimization like: Find valuable keywords, fix all SEO’s issues, build links and provide perfect strategies to reach the right visitors who need the company’s products or services.

In some cases, you will help target the relevant content that will generate more leads to the website. You will also analyze your competition results and find the gaps to create the best content SEO optimized than them.

So your role as a SEO manager is about getting more free targeted web traffic to the website and convert them into sales and profits.

What is search engine optimization (SEO) manager salary?

In USA, a SEO manager can get from $90,900 to $102,900 per year. This salary can vary depending to many factors including your certifications, experiences, past achievements and additional marketing skills.

In other countries, this salary will decrease depending on their business situation.

Generally, SEO manager is a good paying online marketing jobs. Which you should leverage because it will improve your online skills and help you to reach more high digital marketing positions you like. You have all opportunities to learn everything about SEO from the best online courses such as Google courses, Moz courses, Yoast training, Udemy courses and many other SEO sources.

3- Content marketing manager – Another perfect online marketing jobs


Content marketing manager will get you more revenue because you have many online opportunities. All online businesses need your skills to improve and create perfect content marketing for their business.

Nowadays, good content marketing is a goldmine for all businesses because it will get them unlimited leads, sales and profits. No business can grow without creating useful content that markets their products or services. Which provides you with more opportunities as a content marketing manager to make more revenue.

According to Semruch insights:

  • 57% of marketers use content marketing as a strategy to get leads and profits.
  • 19% of marketers use advanced content marketing strategy.
  • 73% of companies spend from 10% to 70% of their total marketing budget on content marketing.
  • 55% of successful content marketing strategies focused on improving the quality of content.

So these insights indicate the useful of content marketing will easily grow business. Which many companies implement in their strategies. This offer you unlimited jobs as a content marketing manager because there is a huge demand.

You should just improve your content marketing skills, get more experiences, learn more techniques and get high valuable certifications. All those factors will give more trust and authority in the market which get easily more high paying online marketing jobs.

What does a content marketing manager do?

Your role as a content marketing manager includes planning, developing and implementing the best content strategy that can generate more leads and profit for a company.

So you are responsible for creation and customization of online and offline marketing content of a company. This means you should leverage content to get more revenue to the company using all content techniques like storytelling, good copy writing and analyzing your competitors content to fill the gaps and many other content skills.

How much money do content marketers make?

You can make as a content marketer from $73,000 to $80,000 in USA. But this salary can vary from place to place depending on your certifications, your experiences, your past results and your additional marketing skills.

Thus, it’s a great online marketing career which will get you more money online and authority in the market.

4- Social media marketing manager – Powerful digital marketing position

social media manager

Social media marketing manager is a powerful job you can get online and make real revenue. Because all businesses use social media platforms to reach more users and generate more revenue. Which is a profitable opportunity for you to get the best job online as a social media manager.

You should just have good marketing skills and a good experiences to find the best social media manager opportunity. Because there huge demand in the market.

According to these social media statistics:

  • Today, there are more than 3.5 billion active social media users.
  • +50 million small businesses using Facebook pages to connect with customers.
  • 74% of consumers share video content from brands on social media.
  • 54% of users use social media to research products.
  • 44% of local businesses say they depend on social media to get brand awareness. And 41% depend on it to drive revenue.
  • 59% use Pinterest to learn more about their purchases.

Thus, those statistics show the importance of social media for businesses to get more awareness, more leads, more sales and more profits. This means social media marketing manager is a profitable job you should consider, if you look for high paying online marketing jobs.

What does a social media marketer do daily?

Your role as a social media marketer includes building the best marketing strategy for social media of a company. This means you should:

  • Analyze data across all social media platforms to know what is working for the company.
  • Analyze your competition’s social media content.
  • Build the perfect social media strategy that increase the company’s profits.
  • Connect with the company’s audience and engage with them.
  • Create best social media content for the company.
  • Generate more leads, sales and revenue for social media websites.
  • Run paid advertisements for the company.
  • And many other social media marketing tasks and best practices.

That’s why, companies will pay you more if you offer them high quality social media services.

How much money do social media marketers make?

In USA, social media marketing and communications manager can get between $95,900 and $122,900 depending on many factors like: location, certifications, education, experiences and additional marketing skills.

This salary makes social media marketing an amazing marketing branch to improve your skills and get more authority and trust to grow as a great online marketer.

Also, you have all online sources to learn everything about social media marketing like: Facebook blueprint, Cousera, Udemy, LinkedIn, Udacity and much more free and paid courses.

So you have all marketing tools and sources you ever need to get the best online job as a social media marketing manager.

5- Email digital marketing manager

email marketing

Email marketing manager is another best job you can get in online marketing industry. It’s a profitable marketing position because all companies need good manager to deal with their email marketing services. This creates huge demand in the market which helps you to find and select the best job that offers more creativity and revenue.

All companies invest more in their email service because they want to get more revenue and to easily grow their brand online. As many people use their emails to connect with their brands and even new businesses.

According to these email statistics:

  • 72% of customers prefer emails as their main channel for business communication.
  • 93% of B2B marketers use email channel for distributing content.
  • 89% of marketers use email as the main channel to generate leads.
  • 21% of sent emails are opened within the first hour of delivery.
  • 61% of subscribers would like to receive promotional emails every week and 38% more frequently.
  • 51% of companies use email automation.

As you see, email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that all businesses use to get more leads, sales and revenue. That’s why, a good email marketing manager is a must-need for those businesses. They will pay more, if you provide them high quality services as email manager.

What does an email marketing manager do?

Generally, your role as email marketing manager is about planning, developing, implementing and editing the company’s email marketing strategy. You are the first responsible for everything about the email marketing in the company.

So you should reach the company’s customers and inform them about the company’s promotion, updates, new arrival products, events… and so on. You need also to find and reach new customers to increase the company’s subscribers and revenue. And you have to build powerful company’s brand through email marketing by making your subscribers happy to connect with the company.

Therefore, email marketing manager is a crucial marketing position for all companies. That’s why, they invest more to find best manager because email marketing is the best marketing strategy that can easily generate more revenue and build powerful brand.

How much money do an email marketing manager make?

In USA, email marketing manager will make from $73.500 to $96.300. This salary ranges can vary depending on your education, certifications, experience, past results and additional marketing skills.

This is the average salary you will get without additional cash compensation which you can get in some big companies according your good results.

Otherwise, email marketing manager is another profitable online marketing jobs. Which will improve your skills as a digital marketer.


Digital marketing is good online business to make real revenue. You can select from this list of 5 high paying online marketing jobs the best one that fits your interests and desire. Then begin your journey online where you can learn and grow step by step everyday.



Which online marketing job will you choose?

High Paying Online Marketing Jobs

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