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If you are looking for the best WordPress image optimizer plugins, then you will love this complete list.

I have tested and reviewed 17 freemium plugins.

And you can do the same thing with these plugins to find the best one for your website.

Let’s dive in:

Statistics indicate:

  • 50% of online shoppers say images helped them decide what to buy.

So this is a powerful statistic shows the power of visuals to attract and market your business. This means you should focus on implementing good images and graphic designs.

What are these WordPress image optimizer?

To optimize your website’s images and designs, you should select the best image optimizer from this list:

1- Smush the best image optimizer

Smush plugin is the best lazy load images, optimizer and compress images. It’s the most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress. You can use this great plugin for resize, compress, lazy load images to easily improve Google Page Speed. That’s why, it has over 1 million active users.

Watch this Smush video presentation

Smush video presentation

The best, you can use this optimization tool for free. You don’t need to investment to get its free features and improve your website speed. You can also get its advanced features through its premium plans that fits your needs.

So Smush is the best free plugin to compress and optimize images for WordPress websites.

2- SiteGround Optimizer

WordPress image optimizer

SiteGround Optimizer is a powerful plugin to optimize your images. It’s developed by SiteGround the famous hosting company for its users. But you can use it for your WP website regardless of your hosting provider.

Even though some of its features are designed for Siteground clients which can’t work for other hosting platforms. This means SG Optimizer is perfect for SG clients more than other webhosting sites!

This optimizer has also over 1 million active users because it’s free and has powerful features to easily optimize images of your websites.

Therefore, SiteGround Optimizer is super fast image optimization tool you need to implement in your business online.

3- EWWW Image Optimizer

WordPress image optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is a perfect image optimizer online to speed up your site, improve the bounce rate and boost your SEO. This will generate you more web traffic for free, leads and profits.

This image optimizer can also optimize all your existing photos and then take care of your new images uploads automatically.

Besides, EWWW Image Optimizer provides great features such as:

  • Smooth handling with pixel perfect optimization.
  • No speed limit and no limit file size.
  • Free image backups store.
  • All communications are secured with top SSL encryption.
  • And more advanced premium features.

Then EWWW Image optimizer is the only plugin that lets you optimizing images using tools on your server (jpegtran, optipng, pngout…). That’s why, it’s the complete WordPress image optimizer you should implement in your website.

4- Imagify

image optimizer

Imagify is another great WordPress image optimizer to resize and compress images that reduces the weight of your photos. This will speed up your website which will enhance your ranking and get you more leads and sales.

The best, Imagify converts your photos to WebP that will increase your site speed and improve use experience. This user experience is a needed SEO fact to get high ranking and huge leads and sales.

If you want to resize and compress images without losing quality, Imagify is the best free plugin for your WordPress websites.

However, this free plugin is limited to 20MB ( it’s about 200 images every month). You should move to premium plan to optimize more images and get more advanced features.

5- LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

image optimizer

LiteSpeed Cache is all one super free plugin that can easily speed up your WordPress site. It has super cache features and a collection of other optimization features to properly optimize website for speed.

In addition, LiteSpeed Cache plugin is perfect for optimizing images and designs because it includes optimization options like:

  • Image optimization: Lossless/Lossy.
  • Lazy-load images/iframes.
  • Responsive Image Placeholders.
  • WebP image format support.
  • And much more optimization options.

All these options make LiteSpeed Cache good WordPress image optimizer you can use to enhance your site speed. That’s why, it has +3 million active users who enjoy its optimization services.

6- ShortPixel Image Optimizer

WordPress optimizer

SHort Pixel Image Optimizer is another plugin to improve your site performance through resizing, compressing and serving images from CDN. This site performance will easily rank your web page and get you targeted leads, sales and profit.

Unfortunately, this image optimizer is freemium tool because it offers limited basic feature for free ( you get 100 free credits per month). If you want more credits, you should purchase more credits.

This limited feature won’t help your online business to properly optimize all images. This means you should buy more credits ( $4,99 for 5,000 image credits).

Here, some ShortPixel Image Optimizer that makes it different plugin:

  • Popular plugin because it has + 300,00 active installations according to WordPress.
  • Compress JPG (and its variations),PNG, GIF images and PDF documents.
  • Option to convert any JPEG, PNG, GIF to WebP.
  • And many other free and premium features.

So ShortPixel Image Optimizer is good solution to optimize your online images.

7- Converter for Media

converter for media

Converter for Media is one click image optimization. It optimizes and converts any image format to WebP and AVIF image that google loves. This will get your online business more free web traffic and profit.

After you install Converter for Media plugin, it will fix and optimize all your images and designs automatically. This optimization will speed up your website and then create good user experience that is essential for search engines to get more web traffic.

Then Converter for Media is an amazing WordPress optimizer you can use in your business.

8- WP Compress and image optimizer

WP compress is an image optimizer plugin for WordPress that automatically optimizes images to shrink file sizes. This optimization will improve your website performance that create good user journey for your clients.

Watch this video WP Compress presentation

WP Compress video presentation

Also, this image optimizer online is free to use with great features such as:

  • Live image optimization – real time.
  • Local image optimization- media library.
  • Lossless, intelligent and Ultra Compression modes.
  • Adaptive images.
  • Lazy Load images.
  • Single image compression.
  • Automated image resize.
  • One click bulk optimization.
  • And much more features.

All these great features make WP Compress the best WordPress image optimizer plugin you should leverage.

9- Robin Image Optimizer

robin image optimizer

Robin Image Optimizer is a free WordPress plugin to make your website faster by reducing the weight of your images. It has zero limitations in terms of number of images and optimization quality.

The best, this image optimizer is free with the same features as a premium tool and many other features like:

  • No limits or restrictions in image optimization.
  • Automatic optimization using Cron.
  • Manuel mass-optimization, if you want it.
  • Image backup before starting your image optimization process.
  • Choose compression mode.
  • And much more options.

So Robin image optimizer is a free image optimizer to speed up your WP website and increase your revenue.

10- Resize Imager after upload

Resize image

Resize image after upload is a free plugin that automatically resize image when they are uploaded. It can also force the re-compression of uploaded JPEG images and convert PNGs to JPEG whether they are resized or not.

This free plugin is safe and easy to use to boost your site performance. You will enjoy its features because they are simple and effective.

11- Optimus

optimus photo optimizer

Optimus is a WordPress image optimizer that reduces the file size of uploaded media files automatically. This will make your site more faster and your visitors more happy.

Also Optimus is freemium plugin with 3 levels:

  1. Free level with limits. You have max of 100kb.
  2. Optimus HQ premium with expanded functionality for personal projects.
  3. Optimus HQ Pro premium for professional solutions.

These levels make this photo optimizer expensive for small business because you should have good budget to use its features with limits.

However, it’s good for optimization of your photos and all preview images of a photo. And you don’t need any code to use this plugin. It’s very simple and professional to resize images for your WP site.

Although Optimus is not totally free but it’s a great image optimization tool to consider.

11- Sirv Image Optimizer

sirv WordPress image optimizer

Sirv is the most complete image CDN and optimization plugin for WordPress. You can automatically resize, compress and serve images in the most optimal image format over a fast global CDN.

Furthermore, Sirv provides more advance features than other WordPress image optimizer plugins like:

  • Automatic image optimization.
  • Automatic responsive images.
  • And automatic WebP delivery when possible.
  • Small files than any other WP image optimization plugin.
  • Incredibly fast WordPress CDN.
  • Lazy load image.
  • And much more options.

So you get all these features for free which is a great deal to improve your online business.

12- ImageRecycle

ImageRecycle is an automatic image and PDF compression plugin. This will easily reduce the weight of your WordPress website that is perfect for your ranking and profit.

Watch this ImageRecycle video presentation

ImageRecycle’s Video Presentation

ImageRecycle provides also great features like:

  • Compress automatically new and existing images and PDF.
  • Launch a full image optimization process in background and get notified by email when it done.
  • Determine which folder to optimize or not.
  • Image resizing.
  • And more image optimizing features.

Then ImageRecycle can help your website to improve its performance by optimizing your site’s images.

13- Imsanity

Imsanity WordPress image optimizer

Imsanity is free image optimization plugin that resizes automatically huge image uploads. This free plugin allows you to choose whatever size and quality you like. it also provides a bulk-resize feature to resize previously uploaded images and free up disk space.

This plugin is ideally perfect for blogs and sites that don’t require hi-resolution original images to be stored. It includes also great image optimization features to resize images automatically and resize existing images.

So Imsanity is an amazing WordPress image optimizer to implement in your website.

14- Adaptive Images

Adaptive Images is a free plugin to resize and optimize images delivered to mobile devices. This will dramatically reduce your website’s loading time that will help your business to get more web traffic and profit.

This free plugin works like a filter between your WordPress website and the users’ devices. This means it resize your images to fit the devices that your visitors use to interact with your site.

Also, Adaptive Images plugin offers the basic features you need to optimize images which creates good user experience for your visitors.

So Adaptive Images is good plugin to optimize images for any WordPress websites.

15- MegaOptim image optimization

MegaOptim is an easy image optimizer plugin for WordPress. It uses minimal resources on your server and the heavy lifting is done by the MegaOptim’s API service on MegaOptim’s servers. This means the plugin is very professional and runs when it’s really necessary.

megaoptim image optimization

This free plugin comes with great features such as:

  • Bulk optimization for the media library, NextGen…
  • Bulk optimization of folders by your choice.
  • WP CLI support for optimization and restore.
  • Use progressive JPEG format.
  • Support WebP.
  • Support backup, restore + option to configure what to backup.
  • Multisite support.

Theses amazing features make this photo optimizer very unique because it’s built to really speed up your site.

Then use it to save more money and time.

16- Perfect Images

perfect images - media optimizer

Perfect Images ( Retina, Thumbnails, Replace, CDN) is a free plugin with pro version that takes care of one thing: Retina images.

Fortunately, this great plugin adds more free features to support the demand in the WordPress world like:

  • Retina images.
  • Image sizes management.
  • Disable image Threshold.
  • Regenerate Thumbnails.
  • CDN (image optimization with EWWW).
  • Replace images.

So these are the main feature of Perfect Images plugin that will improve your site speed.

What does Retina images mean in WordPress?

Retina images mean that they are high resolution. It’s a high technology to display high quality images on devices which serve good user experience. That’s why, these images are very useful for your online business. It’s about high ranking, more free web traffic, leads and profit.

So these images will make your business online stand out.

In addition, Perfect Images will easily generate Retina images automatically for your website and attract more leads.

You can also discover its pro version to get more advanced options and save you more money and time.

17- WP Media Optimizer

WP Media Optimizer

WP Media Optimizer is a free WordPress plugin to convert images in your site to WebP. This WebP images format will speed up your website and get high ranking, sales and more profit.

Unfortunately, this plugin works only Firefox and Chrome at this time. But you have the choice if this plugin doesn’t fit your online business to select another best image optimizer from this complete list.

Best marketing platform to build your business online.


This is the complete list of 17 WordPress image optimizer to consider when you look for good plugin to fix your image issues.

So which media optimizer will implement within your WordPress website?

I want to hear from you.

Or maybe I miss your favorite WP image optimizer.

Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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