web analytics tools

Web analytics tools are crucial for all businesses online because they provide rich data. This data helps you to fix and improve your rankings. This will generate your business high rankings and more leads, sale and profits.

You can’t improve your SEO without these web analytics tools which guide you to fix any SEO issues within your ranking. And many other metrics that will improve your user experience, your website speed, your conversion rate and much more insights.

For these reasons, all businesses online use powerful web analytics tools that will help their business to easily grow. This means you should implement the perfect web analytics software that fits your business and offers you rich analytics insights. It’s a must-need for your business.

In this post, I will leverage 37 web analytics tools to easily use and get rich metrics about your website. Some of these tools are free with premium plans.

Why is it important to use web analytics?

Web analytics is very crucial for your website because you:

  • Get rich marketing data that will help your online business to grow.
  • Make the right decision based on the data about your site.
  • Build the perfect marketing strategies to improve your business.
  • Create the best user experience according to your site’s data.
  • Generate more leads and profit.
  • Save your money, efforts and time because you can make the right changes.

This means web analytics tools are very important for your business. Because they help you to easily improve your business through the right strategies. These strategies avoid you to lose any opportunity and make your business more productive and competitive.

What are these perfect web analytics tools?

Fixing and improving your rankings is a must-need for your business. That’s why, you should use the perfect web analytics software that offers you all insights about business such as:

1- Google Analytics

Google web analytics is the best free analytics tool you can use. It’s free and almost provides huge insights about your site and app. It offers you all metrics you need about the performance of your online business. So you can measure your organic traffic, your advertising revenue and tracks everything metric about your website like: your content, your video, your apps, your social media pages and more insights.

The best, Google web analytics is the best analytics platform for collecting data analyzing, monitoring, visualizing, reporting and integrating with others applications.

So you will get huge analytics data. You should just know how to deal with Google Analytics metrics. This means you should learn how to leverage this perfect analytics website. As, it will provide huge insights that you should analyze to make the best marketing strategy for your business.

If you don’t understand the Google analytics data, you won’t benefit from this best website. This means you will hire analytics freelancers or agencies to help you.

Otherwise, Google Analytics is the powerful analytics tool you can use for free to grow your business.

2- Zoho analytics

Zoho analytics is a modern self-service BI and analytics platform that helps you to create dashboards and analyze data from different data sources through the easy data connectors. It provides also powerful options to model and prepare your data. This enables you to structure, transform and clean your data set for an effective analysis and reporting.

You will get reports in graphics, tables, numbers, geographic maps and many more options. This flexibility will help you to easily understand your marketing data to take the right marketing action.

Besides, Zoho analytics includes many web analytics tools like: Data Preparation, Data Integration, Visual Analysis, Augmented Analytics, Mobility and more features. It also offers solutions tools by Function and by Business Size and many other great products.

All these features and products will help you to create stunning visualizations from your collected marketing data. Then discover the hidden insights that will improve your online business’ performance.

Also, Zoho provides many plans to help you select the one that fits your business needs. All these plans include 15 day free trial to allow you discover and use Zoho’s features and solutions. Then you can upgrade and enjoy this perfect analytics software.

zoho web analytics tools

So, Zoho is very useful analytics tool you should use because it will improve your business online. That’s why, over 8 million marketers and companies trust it.

3- Tableau Analytics

Tableau is the best data analytics platform you need to improve your site. It allows you to prep, analyze, collaborate and share your big data insights. You can also manage and utilize this platform to extract meaningful insights from it. That’s why, over 2 million members use this web analytics tool for their website and apps.

You can easily prepare reports from this analytics platform using various visualization and data modeling methods. This means Tableau analytics is very useful to understand your data insights. Then you can take decisions to edit and enhance your website performance.

So Tableau is a powerful visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems. And it helps marketers and companies to get the most of their data. This means Tableau will help you to make the right change based on your data.

Besides, tableau provides high quality features like: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Cloud, Tableau Prep, CRM Analytics, Data Management and many other business tools.

You have also the choice to try this analytics platform for free using its free trial. This free trial will help you to discover its powerful features. Then you can use its premium levels or just leave the platform if you don’t like it.

tableau unique web analytics tools

So Tableau is unique analytics platform to increase your site performance. It worth your investment.

4- HubSpot Analytics Tool

HubSpot provides good analytics for its users. This marketing tool analyzes your site traffic which offer you the right insights about your business. This helps you to build the perfect marketing strategies to improve your sales and profits.

This tool is also perfect to track your your business metrics and get more data about your online business. That’s why, many marketers all over the world use it to track and analyze their online business. This makes it a proven analytics tool in online business.

How do I use HubSpot Analytics?

To use Hubspot analytics, you should open your HubSpot account, go to Reports then Analytics Tool. Click Traffic Analytics to see your whole traffic insights.

In this traffic Analytics tap, you find Sales Analytics, traffic Analytics, Contact Analytics, Services Analytics, Campaign Analytics and Custom Behavioral Events.

Fortunately, you can use HubSpot Analytics Tool for free. You don’t need to pay for it. This will help you to get free valuable marketing data to improve your online business and then you can grow faster.

5- Adobe Analytics

adobe web analytics

Adobe Analytics is perfect web analytics because it helps you to record all the actions performed on your site. Then you can create reports using Excel tool which you set up to meet your requirements.

Adobe Analytics is great software for large businesses because it helps you to understand your customer engagement and behavior. This understanding allows you better improve your website and then make more revenue.

The best, Adobe Analytics provides huge features to help you track, analyze and understand your customer journey like: A/B Testing, Real-Time Data, Customer Journey Analytics and many other tools.

Unfortunately, Adobe Analytics is not free and has no free trial to try it. This makes it difficult for you to profit from this powerful analytics platform because you need big budget.

Adobe Analytics is really the best tool you should use because it worth your investment.

6- Optimizely

Optimizely is the perfect digital experience platform you need for your business. This platform provides multiple online services like: A/B testing, website personalization, web content, commerce optimization and other feature management.

All these services makes this digital platform unique because it allows you to create many experiments for your web page using the basic or the dynamic Optimizely’s features.

These experiments allow you to optimize and improve your website or application to generate more leads, sales and high revenue. You should just know how to use this experience software and understand the data you get to discover actionable insights that will help your site to grow.

The best, you can try Optimizely for free using its free plan. This plan will grow your website because it provides powerful features to optimize your site or app for good results.

Optimizely plans perfect web analytics software

If you like Optimizely’s features, you can use its premium plans for ecommerce, content management, A/B testing, feature management and much more advanced features.

7- Splunk Data Platform

Splunk is a popular platform for big data collection and analytics. It performs capturing, indexing and correlating the real-time data and produces graphics, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.

All these operations help you to understand your visitors actions and behaviors to make the rights improvements. These improvements will get you more profits and easily grow your business online.

You can also use Splunk for any online businesses. You can use it for website, mobile applications and servers. These services are very profitable for your business because you have all business insights in one digital platform. This save you more money and time.

In addition, Splunk offers you many products and solutions that fit your business. It provides multiple solutions according to: your industry, your technology and your use case. This solutions make Splunk unique analytics platform that has new technology to help your site or mobile app to grow.

You can try this new technology using its free trial that Splunk offers to help you use its powerful features. Then you should move to its premium plans because the free trial is limited and can’t help your site or app to easily grow. The premium plans have advanced options that are essential for your website performance.

splunk web analytics tool

So Splunk is the best data platform you need to enhance your site and mobile app.

8- Mixpanel the perfect product analytics tool

Mixpanel is an amazing analytics software to get data about online site, app or store. It allows you to know the users’ behaviors towards your products or services. This gives you good customers insights which you can use to better engage, convert and retain more customers.

Also, this analytics tool helps you to analyze your product data with simple and interactive reports. This helps you to make the best strategy that will generate more sales and high revenue.

the perfect product analytics tool-mixpanel

The best, Mixpanel is free to use it. You get 100K monthly tracked users for free. This is great opportunity to track and improve your business. If you want more, you can upgrade to the premium level that fits your business needs.

9- Piwik Pro analytics suite

Piwik is a good analytics tool that focus on user privacy and data security. It collects data about your visitors and offers you good insights about these visitors and their behaviors. These insights allow you to improve your SEO strategy.

Piwik Pro is also a successful analytics software because it has used by +1 million websites all over the world. This means it’s a proven analytics platform for websites and apps to get good insights about your business.

In addition, this platform is free to use forever which includes 500,000 monthly actions and 3 modules: Analytics, Tag Manager and Consent Manager and many other features for free. You can also upgrade to the premium plan to get more features that suit your business. It’s up to you.

great web analytics tools

So Piwiki Pro is another powerful web analytics tools to consider.

10- Amplitude product analytics

Amplitude is the first product analytics platform you should use to track your visitors. It’s the best platform online for product analytics because it uses behavioral reports to understand users’ interactions with your products. And then provides insights to accelerate work on real-time basis.

These insights are very important for your business online. Because they help you to make changes and increase your engagement, growth and revenue.

Amplitud has also a free plan to discover its powerful features. This free plan helps you to grow your online business because you will get deep data about your visitors that will allow your business to compete better and easily reach new clients.

If you want advanced analytics options, you should leverage the premium plans (Growth and Enterprise). You will get advanced features in these premium plans which will help your business to be more productive and competitive.

amplitude product analytics

So Amplitude is the best digital analytics platform you can use to track your products.

11- FullStory for product analytics

FullStory is a web-based digital intelligence system that will help you business to optimize visitor journey. It also tracks and monitor each client’s activity within your website or apps.

This web-based combines rich product analytics, robust session detail and collaboration tools. This rich analytics will help you to take the best strategy to improve your apps.

FullStory is also a great digital platform to help ecommerce and SAAS companies to understand their users. And then they can improve their strategies to fit their audience needs and desire.

For free trial, you should get a demo to start your free trial or any special offer. This demo will provide you with all information you need about FullStory’s pricing.

fullstory web analytics platform

Thus, FullStory is a powerful digital platform to combine the quantitative and the qualitative in real time.

12- Woopra user analytics journey

Woopra is a customer analytics journey. It’s an amazing analytics tool to track everything your visitors do. This tracking helps you to improve your business using Woopra’s advanced analytics.

This customer analytics gives you a full data to easily market your products or services. And save you more money and time because you get the full insights about your customers’ journey.

So this full insights will help you to make quickly the right marketing decision which will increase your sales and profit. It will also make your business more competitive than your competitors.

The best, Woopra is free to start tracking your customer journey. You will get 500K actions monthly for free and you can upgrade to premium plan to get more advanced analytics features.

Woopra powerful analytics software

Therefore, Woopra is an amazing analytics software to track your visitors journey.

13- Semrush website traffic analytics

Semrush traffic analytics is a great business tool because it analyzes your website traffic for desktop and mobile then provides good data. This helpful data will help you to easily market your business and find new opportunities.

Also, Semrush’s traffic tool analyzes your site’s traffic and compare it with your competitors which offers you more business opportunities and then dominate your niche.

semrush perfect traffic analytics

Also, this traffic analytics tool is free limited access to 10 total requests per day. This limited access can help you to get valuable data about your site then you can build powerful marketing strategy to make more benefits.

So Semrush traffic analytics is useful because it reveals all insights about your traffic and you can use it to analyze your competitors traffic as well. This analysis will provide you with good business ideas and trending keywords to market successfully.

14- Hotjar behavior analytics tool

Hotjar is a website heatmaps and behavior analytics tool. This means it reveals the online behavior and voice of your visitors. It creates also a clear picture about your users through combining the analysis and the feedback tools. This detailed picture helps you to build the best strategy to generate more leads, sales and profit.

These analysis and feedback tools make Hotjar unique analytics platform because it provides deep data about your users. This data helps you to improve your site’s user experience, performance and profits.

How Hotjar does work?

Hotjar work like Google Analytics, Piwik, Woopra and many other web analytics tools. This means you install a code within your website which collects and sends the data to your Hotjar account.

The code installation is very easy. You should just copy and paste the code within the site you want to track. Then you get all insights about your visitors that you analyze to make the best decision to improve your website for more ranking.

The best, Hotjar is free forever because it offers up to 1, 050 sessions monthly. Then you can upgrade to premium plans to get more sessions and more analytics features.

hotjar powerful analytics website

For these reasons, Hotjar is good heatmaps and analytics website that you can use to improve your business online.

15- Heap analytics

Heap is a perfect digital insights platform that combines quantitative and qualitative analytics of your customer journey. These insights help you to see really what happen within your site and take the decision needed to improve your website.

Further, Heap is best than Google Analytics because you get the complete view of your visitors’ behavior throughout the user journey. This complete visitors’ insights helps you to easily improve and grow your online business fast.

Fortunately, Heap helps you to start tracking your customer journey for free. It offers free plan to find good business opportunities with faster and better insights. You can also upgrade to premium plans and get more features analytics that will boost your business.

heap analytics platform

So Heap analytics is perfect to track your visitors journey to market better your business.

16- Histats free web stats

Histats is the best free web stats, stat counter, hit counter, free web tracker and tracking analytics tools. It provides full web stats and insights about your visitors. That’s why, it’s a complete analytics platform you can use to track your website and make the modification that will grow your brand online.

Histats offers you many features such as: real time data, analyzer for deep data inspection, complete privacy control, tag and custom event tracking, detailed report and much more features.

histas free web stats and analytics

You get all these features for free. You don’t need to pay for them because it’s 100% free and unlimited.

17- Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics or OWA is the free and open source web analytics software to track and analyze your website traffic and applications. You can easily add OWP to your websites using a simple Javascript, PHP or REST based APIs.

This open source web analytics allows you to get deep insights about how people use your websites and applications. This means you get all data about your visitors which helps to fix any ranking errors and increase your business profit.

So OWA provides great features such as: First party control, Customize, CRM System, Metrics, Dimensions, Reports, Data Access API and more options.


You get all these features for free because it’s open source to help you grow your business.

18- Gauges real time web analytics

Gauges is a useful website analytics that focuses on web traffic stats which helps you to understand your visitors’ behavior. It tracks your website and mobile data in real time. That’s why, it is the best analytics tool for real time web analytics you can use to build good business online.

Moreover, Gauges says that they help you focus on the most actionable website traffic metrics such as: how many visitors come to your site, where they come from and where they go.

Unfortunately, Gauges is not free but you have 7 day free trial to discover its powerful. Then you have the choice to select the plan that fits your business needs or leave this analytics website.

Gauges - Real Time Web Analytics

The choice is yours!

19- Countly analytics for products

Countly is another product analytics for web, desktop and mobile applications. This means it’s a product solution analytics and innovation enabler to track your product performance and your user behavior within your site.

This makes Countly good digital platform to understand and improve your visitor journey because it collects huge marketing data from your site using many powerful features like: Real-Time Dashboard, Mobile Analytics, Web Analytics, Desktop Analytics, Security and many plugins.

There are plugins for push notifications, automated push, A/B testing, remote configuration, advanced segmentation, crash analytics and many other plugins.

All these plugins and features are useful for your business online because they provide the required data to create the best online strategy for your sites or mobile apps.

Countly has also a free plan forever to help small business to track and measure their web traffic. Then you can move to premium plans to get most advanced features that will help more your website or mobile apps.

countly product analytics and innovation

So you can try this perfect web analytics tool and grow your website or mobile applications.

20- Chartbeat content analytics

Chartbeat is a powerful content analytics and insights for digital publishing. It also delivers real time analytics, insights and content intelligence which improve audience engagement, inform editorial decisions and increase loyalty.

This content analytics is the best online platform for publishers all over the world. As, it can easily grow your audience and your business’ profit using unique insights and actions to improve your website.

Chartbeat includes also perfect products like: easy Dashboards, Optimization, reporting, Add-ons and Real Time Data Pipeline. All these products will help you to get the most results from your content. This means they will offer all data you need to improve your audience engagement and your online business.

chartbeat content analytics

Chartbeat doesn’t have a free plan but it offers a free trial to discover its powerful features. You can get a demo to get more information abut this great content analytics.

You can easily improve your online content using this content analytics.

21- Statcounter easy web analytics

Statcounter is a powerful real-time web analytics that helps you to track, analyze and understand your visitors. This analyze will help to make good strategy to increase your revenue.

You can use Statcouner’s basic services for free and advanced analytics service is for premium members. This free basic services is not enough for your website because it analyzes only 500 page views. That’s why, you need the premium plan to track and analyze more page views.

statcounter web analytics tool

So Statcounter is a good web analytics tool you should consider. You should just use their premium plan to get the most of this amazing web tool.

22- Singular Analytics

Singular is the top leader in marketing analytics. This marketing analytics is good platform for marketers because it unifies marketing analytics which offer actionable insights for marketers to make more profit and high income.

This marketing analytics can also track everything about your online business that will improve your apps. Because Singular is a good measurement mobile platform that track everything happening inside your applications.

Thus, Singular marketing analytics offers you many web analytics tools such as: Marketing Analytics, Mobile Attribution, Deep Linking, Cost Aggregation and many other powerful business tools.

All these business tools track and analyze your marketing performance, mobile conversions, ad spend data, ad revenue and much more business data. This tracking will help to make the needed changes to grow your revenue and your business as well.

You can also try Singular for free because it offers 30 day free trial to discover its great features. Then you can upgrade to the premium plans or just leave this analytics software.

singular analytics software

The choice is your but this analytics software worth your investment.

23- Siteimprove Analytics

Siteimprove Analytics provides complete data about your visitor behavior and your website performance. You get all this data using an intuitive dashboard and super easy reporting.

This complete data makes Siteimprove good analytics software that crawls your website and report back any issue like broken links, accessibility issues and other web metrics. This crawling will help you to fix and enhance your website and then make more sales and profit.

siteimprove analytics

This analytics software is also free because it’s available as a browser extension to check any webpage for accessibility. You can request a demo to get more information about the pricing.

Thus, Siteimprove is an amazing analytics tool you can use to check your website performance.

24- UserWay web platform analytics

UserWay is a leading AI technology that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with the WCAG, ADA and other accessibility legislation.

This AI technology makes UserWay the best web accessibility solution for online business. Because it offers great tools for digital marketing as: Accessibility Widget, Accessibility Scanner, Accessibility Audits, Content Moderator, Video Accessibility and many other tools.

So this AI technology will help your website to reach more people and then generate more profits. This web accessibility will avoid your website any law problem and build your powerful authority online as respectful website.

userway software

Fortunately, UserWay offers a free trial to try this perfect business tool and then upgrade to premium level if you like it or just leave the tool. You won’t lose anything if you don’t upgrade. You get more experiences about another digital tool which is very useful for you as a digital marketer.

25- Pendo product experience

Pendo is a good product experience and digital adoption solution that help companies to deliver great digital experience. This experience will get you more leads and profit for your business online.

This means Pendo is great product analytics software that helps software companies to develop products that resonate with customers. This software will save more money, time and efforts because you get the right data to offer what the customers want and need. This means you can easily lead the software market and overpass your competitors.

Also, Pendo offers you many features to leverage for your business like: Analytics tool, Mobile tool, integration, Feedback, Engage… and many other marketing tools.

The best, Pendo is free to try it. You can use its tools for free to get the data you need about your products. Then you have 3 plans for upgrading if you want it.

Pendo product analytics software

Therefore, Pendo is very useful product tool you can use to improve your business.

26- Smartlook app analytics

Smartlook is a perfect mobile app analytics with advanced features like funnels. These advanced features can track all user behavior and analyze any issue in the user experience. This analyzing will answer the why behind the user actions for any website and mobile app.

That’s why, many companies and marketers prefer this advanced analytics tool to track their business online. This means Smartlook can easily enhance your websites or apps. Because it provides good features like: Funnels, Events, Mobile App Analytics, Cross-platform, Heatmaps and Session Recordings.

All these amazing features will help you to understand your audience and then offer them what they are looking for. This means more sales, profits and growth of your business.

The best, you can use Smartlook for free without credit card. This free plan allows you to try this analytics software and enhance your website or app. Then you can try premium levels if you want more advance options and make your site or app more competitive and productive.

smartlook web and mobile analytics software

Therefore, Smartlook is the best solution you can leverage to improve your mobile app or website.

27- Clevertap analytics

Clevertap is an omnichannel customer engagement and user retention platform. It helps brands create individualized experiences and drive user engagement. It allows you also to access to the real-time user behavioral analytics to understand who they are and what they look for. And then you can easily engage with them in the right marketing channel with the right product or service in the right time.

Furthermore, Clevertap provides amazing products such as: behavioral Analytics, Audience Segmentation, Lifecycle Optimization… And you can also use many other great features like: Push Notifications, Email automation, SMS Messaging, Personalization, A/B Testing…and more features.

Unfortunately, Clevertap is not free but you use its free trial to leverage its features. Then you can use its premium levels if you want or leave the platform. It’s up to you!

28- MoEngage analytics

MoEngage is a leading insights-led customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketers and product owners. It tracks, analyze and retain your customers for long. This means you can easily understand your customer behavior then engage them with personalized communication across the web, mobile and email.

So MoEngage is a powerful customer engagement platform because it can easily track, manage, enable interactions with your prospects and customers. These interactions are crucial for your online business because they help you to fix and improve any issues and then generate more sales and profits. That’s why, MoEngage is another great web analytics tools to easily build powerful online brand.

The best, MoEngage offers you many features to track every visitor action and understand why. You will get features such as: Product features, Channels features, Customer features, Industry features. All these features are essential to improve your website and mobile apps performance.

Unfortunately, MoEngage does not offer any free trial but you can request a demo to get more pricing details. This demo will offer you a special offer or even a free trial according your business needs.

moengage customer engagement platform

So MoEngage is great marketing software to understand your visitors and retain your customers.

29- Looker data analytics

Looker is a business intelligence and big data analytics software. This software helps you explore, analyze and easily share real-time business analytics to improve your online business and get more profit.

Looker is also perfect to build customer dashboard with an amazing drag-and-drop UI. This perfect technology helps you to easily create impactful visualizations which help you to understand your visitors actions. Then you can engage them with the right product or service which save you more money and time.

That’s why, Looker offers Product features like: business Intelligence, Embedded Analytics, visualizations… and Platform features like: Solutions, Data Platform, Data Modeling, Data Actions… and much more features. All these features will help you to improve your business online and make more profits.

For free trial, you should get a demo to start using Looker’s plans. Looker provides variety of plans that are designed to fit your business needs.

looker business intelligence software

So Looker is great business intelligence software that can help you to improve your online business performance.

30- MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is another powerful business intelligence software that designed to help you to track and understand your business data. This business data will you to improve and build the right strategy your business needs to increase your income.

You can use MicroStrategy to get web and mobile applications data for any online business because it is a powerful analytics software for data discovery and analytics. That’s why, many enterprise and big companies use its marketing services to grow their websites and apps.

Besides, MicStrategy provides top business tools like Enterprise Analytics tools, Embedded Analytics, Solutions for businesses and other good tools.

You can use all these tools for free because MicroStrategy offers free analytics services to help small businesses to grow. But you should upgrade to advanced level if you want more data tools.

microstrategy free analytics services

This good free analytics services make MicroStrategy the best web analytics tool you can use.

31- Tibco Spotfire Data Visualization

Tibco Spotfire is an amazing analytics software that allows you to quickly explore data to easily find actionable insights to improve your business. This means you get guided insights and take actions from AI-infused analytics and custom business applications.

You can also analyze data at-rest and in-motion to predict trends that will generate you more customers and profit. So you get a clear analytics picture about your visitors behavior.

In addition, Tibco Spotfire offers you many business tools in Customers tap, Products tap and Solutions tap. These tools will help you to easily understand your audience behaviors that is crucial for your revenue and your business growth.

tibco spotfire analytics software

Tibco Spotfire gives 30 day free trial to test its business tools and then you can use its premium levels. These premium levels will help you more because there are more features and they are not limited.

The choice is yours but Tibco Spotfire worth to try it.

32- Qlik Sense cloud analytics

Qlik Sense is a modern cloud analytics that helps you to tackle the most complex analytics challenges. It allows you also combine your data to create rich and interactive visual analytics in a secure cloud environment.

So Qlik Sense provides advanced web analytics tools and models like Tableau analytics. these advanced tools help you understand your audience actions and then you can offer them the best product or service that will increase your sales and profits.

In addition, Qlik Sense offers perfect web analytics tools like: Powerful AI, Active Analytics, Hybrid cloud platform, Visualizations and Dashboards. These tools are crucial for your websites and apps to track and analyze your visitor behaviors.

Also, you try Qlik Sense for free using its free trial option which lets you to discover this great cloud analytics platform. Then you can upgrade to premium plans and get unlimited web analytics tools to boost your apps or websites.


Therefore, Qlik Sense is an amazing cloud platform to track and understand your audience actions.

33- Domo data

Domo is another good business intelligence cloud platform that turns data into insights and help you to take the right decision about your apps. This BI (business intelligence) platform collect your data in real-time to help you understand your visitors actions.

Domo is also very flexible to connect, extract, modify and upload your data with very useful cards and visualizations. That’s why, many companies and marketers use Domo to turn their business insights into good strategies that will get them more profits and growth.

In addition, Domo provides huge features to grow your business online that you can try for free. Domo has a free trial to discover its features then you can move to premium plans to enhance your apps.

domo data cloud platform

So Domo is a powerful cloud platform for data visualization and storage.

34- Supermetrics

Supermetrics gets you all the marketing data you need and brings it to your reporting, analytics or storage platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s a BI, a spreadsheet, a data visualizations tool, a data lake or a data warehouse. Supermetrics will bring you data from any digital marketing platform you use.

This makes Supermetrics an extract Transform Load tool that brings your data from your marketing sources into the destination you want like Google Data Studio. Then you can organize and turning this data into numbers to figure out what is and what is not working. This will allow you to easily optimize your business for more profit.

The best, Supermetrics offers full access to all its tools with14 day free trial without credit card. Then you move to premium level that will help you to grow your online business.

supermetrics analytics tool

This full access to Supermetrics features makes it very unique. Because there are few web analytics tools that offer this full access during free trial period.

35- Cyfe Analytics

Cyfe is an all-in-one online business app that helps you to monitor and analyze all of your business data in one organized place. This app allows you to connect and pull data from your advertising, email, monitoring, sales, finance, social media, support and web analytics accounts.

Cyfe is also designed to analyze, transform and report data from different integrated sources of business intelligence. Then you visualize this data in single dashboard in real-time that you can use to easily understand your customer behavior. This understanding of your customers will help you to easily market your online business and generate more revenue.

In addition, Cyfe provides many web analytics tools to help you analyze and understand your audience. These tools allow you to easily build and customize your dashboard, add widgets and connect your marketing data from your favorite online platforms to Cyfe.

Cyfe demo video

fortunately, Cyfe offers you also 14 day free trial to use its powerful features and then you can upgrade to the plan that fits your business needs. This premium plan will offer you more features that your online business needs to easily grow.

cyfe data management platform

So Cyfe is an excellent data management platform that allows you to analyze data from any online sources.

36- Databox analytics

Databox is a cloud-based business analytics platform for marketers, CEOs, analysts and decision makers. This platform can easily track your performance, discover insights and understand what is going on with your online business.

You can also connect your marketing data from any platform and track it from any device. This means Databox is a great solution to connect your data, build and share reports, monitor trends and discover insights. This save you money, time and efforts to get your data and understand it.

Besides, Databox provides many perfect products and solutions such as: Dashboards, Dashboard Reporting, dashboard Designer, Metric Tracking, Business Dashboards, Marketing Dashboards and much more tools to get and analyze your data.

The best, Databox offers you a free forever account with 3 Data Source Connections, all standard features and + 60 Databox Integrations. If you want more advanced features, you can move to premium levels to enjoy this powerful analytics software.

databox analytics tool

So Databox is an amazing analytics tool that worth your investment.

37- Metabase analytics software

Metabase is an easy open source to help everyone work with data like an analyst. It gives you a clear picture about your visitors’ behaviors. This helps you to edit and change the right elements in your site. This change will boost your SEO and get you more sales and profit.

Also, Metabase lets you ask questions about your data and displays answers in formats like a bar chart or a detailed table. This is very important to improve your marketing strategies because it helps you to know everything about your visitors. Then you can offer them what they need that will create amazing user experience.

The best, Metabase is an open source to use for free with many other premium plans to get more features. These premium plans will help you to grow your online business. This means you will pay to get more advanced features.

metabase business intelligence software

So Metabase is a good business intelligence and analytics solutions that enables you to analyze your data from your online business.

Perfect marketing platform to build your online business


Web analytics tools are very important for your business online. That’s why, you should choose the best one that fits your business needs and helps you to track, analyze and understand your audience behaviors. This will allow you to make the right modifications and the best business strategies to generate huge revenue and build powerful brand online.

For these benefits, I review these 37 perfect web analytics tools to choose the best one that fit your websites or mobile applications.

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Which web analytics tool will fit your online business?

Web Analytics Tools

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