Best CRM software is very crucial to easily grow your business because it will save you money, time and efforts.

If you need top CRM tool, this complete list is for you.

And you can filter this list to find the top CRM that fits your business and your needs. Let’s started!

According to the CRM statistics:

  • 84% Of CRM users expected an improved customer experience.
  • 55% Of CRM users say CRMs help make decisions faster.
  • 54% Of Users say CRMs make better collaboration between sales, marketing, service and operation.
  • 91% companies with 11 or more employees who use CRM tools.

So these statistics show the importance of CRM tools for your business. They will help your business to easily make more profits and then grow. That’s why, all brands and big companies use these CRM tools because they know its marketing benefits for their businesses.

What is CRM system?

CRM system is an online tool that connects all your business departments such as marketing, sales, customer service, data insights… into one powerful platform.

This platform makes it easy for you to analyze and take the right decision that will improve your business. This means you can easily manage all your business departments to increase your revenue. Because you have the best CRM software that will help you to improve your business relationships.

So the more you improve your business relationships, the more you create amazing user experience. This user experience will get more customers and high ranking because everybody like good experience.

What are these best CRM software?

To build powerful brand online, you should use the perfect CRM tools such as:

1- SalesForce Perfect CRM Platform

salesforce crm platform

Salesforce is the best CRM system you can implement in your business. It can easily help your business to find more leads and make more sales and profits.

Many big companies use Salesforce because it has the best CRM services on the market. That’s why, these companies trust this CRM software to improve their business relationships.

Salesforce has also the complete CRM services such as:

  • Good dashboard that visually showcase data.
  • Unique messaging with automation.
  • Trustworthy reporting.
  • Best marketing solutions that will grow your business.
  • Customer data platform.
  • And many other products that will improve your business.

That’s why, many businesses use this best CRM platform because it’s perfect for startups, small businesses, large business, marketing and sales.

2- Zoho CRM Software

Zoho is a great option for customer relationship management software. It has good authority in the market and it’s ideal for all businesses with special offers for small to medium businesses. That’s why, it has over 80 million active users all over the world.

Zoho will easy manage your sales, marketing and customer support for B2B (business to business) and for B2C (business to customer). You get the best CRM options you ever need to improve your business relationship with your audience.

You will also get powerful CRM tools and features like: Sales automation, Marketing automation, Process management, Analytics, Team collaboration and many other great features.

The best, Zoho provides multiple CRMs like: CRM essential, CRM funnel, social CRM, email marketing CRM. These multiple CRMs make Zoho the best one in the market to easily help your business to increase your sales and profit.

This great online CRM software allows you to discover its CRM options for free with limited features. This means you should upgrade to premium plans if you want to enjoy the power of this professional CRM tool.

See these premium plans in this image

zoho pricing - best CRM software

So you have the choice to select the plan that fits your business.

3- Dynamics Microsoft CRM

dyna,ics 365 crm platform

Dynamics 365 CRM is a business software made by Microsoft. It’s the top CRM tool to manage your customer relationship, generate more leads, engage with your audience and solve customer service issues.

This CRM tool offers you all tools you need to manage your customer relationship and easily scale your online business. And you can use this CRM tool for all businesses from small to big businesses. It’s easy, scalable, customizable and affordable.

You can also use Dynamics 365 for all industries because it has all options you need to manage and scale your business online. It’s the best choice you can do to grow you business.

Besides, Dynamics 365 offers you many plans to select the best one that fits your business needs. This will make it easy for you to invest successfully within this popular CRM software.

You can also use Dynamics 365 free trial to discover what this CRM platform can do for your business.

4- Zendesk Customer Service Software

Zendesk is a popular CRM that helps desk management solution offering the best marketing tools to build customer service portal, knowledge based and online communities. It also offers modern sales CRM designed to maximize productivity, process and pipeline visibility for business.

With Zendeck, you can easily improve your customer service and grow your business. Because it gives you the best marketing tools and freedom to try new ideas.

The best, Zendeck offers free trial to test all its marketing features and CRM services. This allows you to discover this powerful platform and customize it to fit your business needs and marketing strategies.

zendeck crm

Zendeck is really the best CRM software you should leverage because it’s perfect, easy to use and suitable for many businesses and industries.

5- ClickUp Management and CRM Tool

Clickup is another powerful marketing tool that was created for managers like you. It’s professional to manage all your projects and use it as a CRM platform as well to manage your ad campaigns, your video production, your customer projects and much more.

The best, ClickUp provides CRM system for free. You can get started now and track your visitors with visual data and many other features. It’s an easy manage platform that simplify your work. This means you can plan, track and manage any type of work with project management that flexes to your team’s needs.

So this freemium plan makes ClickUp very useful for all businesses and all industries from startups to big brands. Because you can use their free plan to start and then move to premium level to get more advanced options that will easily simplify your business and make more profit.

clickup online crm software

In ClickUp, you get all management and CRM tools in one place. These marketing tools will help your business to build powerful relationship with your customers and easily grow to big brand.

Thus, ClickUp is another best CRM software you should implement into your business.

6- ActiveCampaign CRM

ActiveCampaign is a top CRM software that helps you to build and maintain relationships with your customers. It gives you all tools you need to track your visitors such as: CRM and sales automation.

So ActiveCampaign is perfect for small businesses, marketing and advertising industry. That’s why, it’s trusted by 150,000 all over the world ( about 170 countries). It’s essentially for email marketing but it provides the best CRM system that will help you to improve your business relationships.

The best, ActiveCampaign offers you free trial to discover its features that is very perfect for you to make your decision. Then you have premium plans that give more features to improve your business relationships with your visitors.

activecampaign crm tool

ActiveCampaign is really top CRM tool that worth your investment.

7- Freshsales Sales CRM

Freshsales ( formerly Freshworks CRM) is a free CRM software to market, sell and improve your customer relationships. It’s a perfect cloud-based CRM to scale your business faster than your competition and build powerful online brand.

This Cloud-based CRM offers you all features you ever need to sell more, attract and track your customers. You get features for sales automation, marketing automation, customer service and even HR management.

This means it’s a complete marketing tool for CRM and HRM, small businesses and enterprises as well.

freshsales crm software

You have the choice to start using its free version or upgrade to the premium plans.

The choice is yours.

8- SharpSpring CRM Platform

sharpspring crm software

SharpSpring is powerful online tool to grow your business through its marketing automation and CRM options. These options are powerful to attract more leads, improve your conversions and make your high revenue.

This online tool is perfect for small to medium size businesses. That’s why, over 10,000 businesses and 2,000 agencies use this software for CRM services. Because it provides amazing marketing tools for email marketing, marketing automation, sales engagement, CRM tools, social media, retargeting ads, tracking and analyzing all marketing strategies and sales.

Unfortunately, this CRM tool doesn’t offer any free trial but you can get a demo to discover the plan that fits your business needs.

So SharpSpring is the perfect online CRM software for your business.

9- Creatio for management and CRM services

Creatio is a management and CRM software that automate workflow and CRM without coding. This means you can use this software to manage your customer relationships and business process as well.

These management and CRM services make Creatio popular CRM in the market. That’s why, many companies trust it to improve their business relationship and make more profits.

Fortunately, Creatio offers you free 14 day trial to try its CRM tools and then you can cancel if you don’t like their CRM services.


So Creatio is a popular CRM software that will help you to engage successfully with your audience.

10- Aritic PinPoint automation platform

Aritic is a great marketing automation platform. It helps businesses with full-stack marketing automation, communication automation, CRM application, service desk application and other business automation.

All these automation services will improve your relationship with your customers and then generate more profit. Because they offer amazing user experience across all these marketing channels.

Fortunately, Aritic provides free trial to help you discover its powerful CRM service. Then you can upgrade to premium plans that fits your business needs.

aritic pinpoint crm platform

So you have the choice to select the plan you like or just leave the platform.

11- SAP CRM solutions

sap crm cloud

Sap is top CRM software you need to attract more leads, build loyalty and manage customer relationships. This will make your business more competitive and productive.

The best, Sap is perfect CRM platform for all businesses and industries. It offers amazing products for enterprise, financial, technology and much more.

Unfortunately, this CRM tool doesn’t offer free trial. You should just get demo to discover more details about the plans.

So Sap is powerful CRM cloud to automate and integrate your sales, marketing, customer service and ecommerce activities.

12- Nimble marketing CRM

Nimble is a social sales and marketing CRM that allows you to store and organize your contact. You can also create task for follow-up reminders, send trackable templated outreach to targeted lists, manage multiple pipelines and much more.

Here, some Nimble’s products: Relationship management, Data enrichment, Marketing and outreach, Pipeline management, Apps, Customer support and Integrations.

Under each of these Nimble’s product, there are many features to attract more leads, get more profit and grow your online business.

The best, Nimble gives you free trial without any credit card. This trial will allow you to use this CRM tool within your business and then you can invest in it to grow your business or just leave it.

nimble crm marketing

Thus, Nimpble is another best CRM software that fits many businesses and niches. Because it’s very complete online CRM software.

13- Sugar Sell Platform

Sugar sell is a powerful CRM platform for customer relationship management solution. This platform will easily improve your sales automation. As, it brings all your customer data and builds underlying customer data a complete system for collaboration, reporting and sales automation.

This means you can easily market your products or services, get more leads, decrease sales cost and create amazing customer journey.

So all these benefits worth to leverage this online CRM even if it doesn’t offer any free trial. You can just get a demo to learn about its plans and then make the decision that will improve your business.

sugar crm platform

If you need top CRM tool to handle your sales automation, marketing automation, account management and customer relationship management then Sugar Sell is your solution.

14- Oracle CRM Tool

oracle best  crm software

Oracle is a complete customer relationship management tool. It’s perfect for all companies from small to large ones. You can use this tool for your sales management, marketing, support desk, interdepartmental communications and B2B communications.

As a result of this perfect CRM service, Oracle has over 400,000 active users who trust this online platform. Because it provides powerful marketing tools for all businesses and industries.

However, Oracle doesn’t offer any free trial. You need to contact their sales support or to chat with them to get plan that fits your business needs.

So Oracle is a complete CRM software to grow your business.

15- Sellsy CRM Suite

Sellsy is a perfect CRM suite that combines all the digital tools and advices need to grow your business. It suits small to midsize businesses with powerful features for marketing, email synchronization, task management, reporting, advance management and much more options.

All these features help this CRM suite to get more than 35,000 active users. This means it’s useful for your business because it simplifies your task, boost your sales and income, get real customer service and grow your brand.

The best, Sellsy offers you free trial in all its plans that will allow you to easily understand and leverage its CRM services.

Then you have the choice to leave or to enjoy its CRM platform and improve your business.

sellsy crm suite

So Sellsy CRM suite is useful for your business.

16- Maximizer CRM software

Maximizer CRM is an integrated customer relationship management suitable for all businesses across all industries. It provides high technology to improve your business relationships and sales process.

This means you can use this CRM tool for any niche to manage every stage of your sales pipeline. This will build your authority in the market and increase business’s profit.

Besides, Maximizer CRM gives actionable insights to sales leaders suitable for revenue performance. These insights are useful for your business because they will save you more money and time.

However, Miximizer doesn’t give any free trial. You can just get a demo to choose and customize the right solution for your business.

maximizer crm software

Miximizer offers you 3 plans to select the best one that will help to improve your relationship with audience. And you have the possibility to chat with them to customize the plan you choose to fit your needs.

So Maximizer CRM gives you the choice.

17- CRMNext


CRMNext is the best cloud CRM software to manage and organize your sales, your marketing and your customer relationship. It provides high quality CRM services for many industries. That’s why, it has over 1 million users who trust CRMNext to manage their customer relationship.

CRMNext is also perfect CRM platform for all businesses from small to big ones and for all industries. As you will get powerful features such as: marketing solutions, business process management, helpful insights and much more options.

Unfortunately, CRMNext doesn’t provide any free trial plan for startups to use its limited free features. This means you should get a demo to use the CRMNext services.

Otherwise, CRMNext worth your investment because it’s the best CRM software to manage your business relationship.

18- Dolibarr CRM Tool


Dolibarr is web based ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and CRM open source software. It helps you to manage your business activities.

The best, Dolibarr is an open source software. This means it’s free to manage your business but you should move to its paid plans because free version has limited features that can’t grow your business as advanced options.

You can also customize these features to fit your business need. This customization will help your business to easily build powerful relationship with your customers.

In addition, Dolibarr includes more marketing tools such as HRM human relationship management, sales, marketing, CMS, products, stock and many other tools.

So Dolibarr is the top CRM software to manage your business relationship.

19- Bitrix24 Free Online CRM


Bitrix24 is your best free online CRM tool you can leverage for your online business. It’s a perfect CRM system to increase customer engagement and boost your sales and revenue.

This CRM system is really perfect because it offers dozens of CRM tools like client management, pipeline management, CRM scheduling,360 degree customer view and more tools.

All these CRM tools and features are very useful for small businesses. As, they make your business management very efficient which save more money and time.

So Bitrix24 is a perfect CRM software that will help to grow your online business.

20- Apptivo Best CRM Software

Apptivo is the best small business CRM software to manage your contacts, sales, customer service and marketing in one place. This means you get everything you need to improve your marketing, sales and customer relationship like CRM, Project management, Invoicing and more marketing tools.

All these marketing tools are crucial for your business because they help your business to productive and competitive. This will get you more leads, sales and profit.

You can also make all these marketing tools adjustable for your business needs that will save more money and time. This means Apptivo platform provides all tools to help you focus on your business and increase your income.

Fortunately, Apptivo gives free trial in all its plans that will make it easy for you to discover its powerful features. Then you can choose to invest in this online CRM or just leave it.

best crm software

The choice is yours.

21- Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying is simple contact management for small businesses. It’s very easy to setup, create groups, design pipelines, track your leads, manage your contact info and never miss a follow-up.

This simplicity makes Less Annoying your best CRM platform to startups, small and midsize businesses. Because you get all tools you need to manage your business relationships like: Contact management, Leads and pipelines, Work with multiple users, Mobile access, easy customization and much more CRM features.

The best, Less Annoying CRM tool offers 30 day free trial that allows you to try it and discover all its features. Then you can take your decision to stay or to leave.

less annoying

This free trial is unique because it’s unlimited. This means you can test every feature in this best CRM software before subscribing.

22- Pipedrive Sales CRM

Pipedrive is an easy to use CRM tool. It’s for sales CRM and pipelines management solution that enables you to plan your sales activities and monitor your deals.

This Sales CRM is also perfect for beginners because it’s very to understand and use to improve your business efficiency. That’s why, it’s perfect for startups and small businesses. There are over 100,000 companies trust Pipedrive to manage their businesses.

Here, top Pipedrive CRM’s features: Visual sales pipeline, Customizable pipeline, team collaboration, Segment leads, Dashboard, reporting and more other tools.

The best, Pipedrive sales CRM gives you 14 day free trial which will allows you to test its features. Then you make your decision to subscribe or to cancel.


So Pipedrive is an amazing easy sales CRM to implement in business.

23- Ontraport CRM Platform

Ontraport is a good CRM automation platform designed for businesses that are ready to scale. It provides you all marketing tools you want to sell, market and manage your online business in one perfect software.

Ontraport offers also amazing features:

  • For Sales and CRM like: Segment and organize, Smart pipelines, Task automation…
  • For Marketing automation like: Campaign automation, Email and SMS messaging, Tracking…
  • For Payments like: Order forms, Offline transactions, Complex offers, Customer center…
  • And much more marketing solutions to grow your online business.

So all these features make Ontraport the perfect CRM and platform automation.

however, you can use it only for these businesses: personal and professional service provides, marketing agencies and consultants, couches and teachers.

The best, Ontrport gives 14-day free trial and you don’t need credit card to sign up. This free trial allows you to test all these marketing tools before subscribing to their platform.

ontraport CRM

So you have time to make your decision.

24- Front customer communication platform

Front is another best platform for customer communication and email service. You can use this platform as a service to collaborate, comment, assign and reply to emails you receive from your support, contact form or email marketing.

Front is really developed like an email platform to serve both email marketing and customer communication. But it has more features and better user interface.

So Front is an awesome tool for email and customer communication. This will strength your authority in your industry, attract more leads, close more deals, generate more profit and easily grow your brand.

Front offers you 3 premium plans to build strong customer relationship. This means it doesn’t provide any free trial. You should invest to use this powerful CRM platform and then grow your sales and brand as well.

front crm tool

Even if Front doesn’t offer any free trial to test its features but it worth your investment because over 100,000 businesses use and trust it.

25- Copper CRM Solution

Copper CRM software solution to manage and build strong customer relationships for your business. It’s an easy to use software to strength your business relationship and make more sales and profit.

Copper is also the CRM of choice for Google Workspace businesses. It’s used by 90,000 active users who trust this CRM software to manage and improve their business relationship.

You can profit form its free trial plan to discover its features. This free trial will help to make the right decision about the efficacity of this software.


So the choice is yours.

26- Kustomer CRM Service

Kustomer is a good customer service CRM software. It’s built to deliver fast and amazing experiences to your customers with omnichannel messaging and AI-powered automations.

Kusomer will really grow your business through its great features that are designed specially for customer service. Because it tracks, manages and helps you to understand your audience. This allows you to provide the best service and product for your visitors.

You can also use this CRM tool for any business and any niche. And you have free trial to test Kustomer’s features to make the right decision.


So Kustomer is the specific customer service CRM system you can leverage and build strong business relationships.

27- Gladly Customer Service Platform

Gladly is another best CRM software for B2C. It’s a radially personal customer service platform. This means it focuses on building the best relationship with your audience. This is very important for any business to build powerful brand online.

The best, Gladly offers you a limit features for free. This will help to use and understand this CRM software. Then you have the choice to upgrade to the premium plan that suits your business needs.

gladly crm softare

So Gladly is an easy tool to use and improve your customer relationships.

28- Verloop Customer support


Verloop io helps businesses to deliver amazing support experience to your customers. It uses advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) to automatically resolve customer issues. This will make your business more productive and competitive.

Verloop is also a modern conversational AI platform that will build powerful customer relationships for your business. Then you will make more revenue and easily grow your business.

To get Verloop plans, you should schedule a demo to discover the plan that will fit your business and other features that can help your business to provide amazing customer experiences.

Thus, Verllop io is the AI automation platform for all businesses.

29- Salesmate Best CRM

Salesmate is the best CRM software that offers simple, personal and productive experiences for your sales team and customers. It helps you to easily reach more leads and convert them into loyal customers.

This CRM software includes the best automated and personalized features like email, text, call and follow-up. These features will create amazing business relationships with your audience. And generate you more sales and revenue.

Fortunately, you can test Salesmate’s features using its free trial. As it provides free trial within all its plans that will allow you to discover and test its features before subscribing to their plan.

salesmate tool

So Salesmate is a useful CRM platform for your business.

30- LeadSquared CRM Tool

LeadSquared is a powerful marketing automation and customer relationship management software. You can use it for businesses of all sizes and it serves almost all industries like finance, ecommerce, education, marketing, health and many other niches.

You can also integrate all marketing tools you use and like. It’s very flexible and easy to use. This will help you to easily solve your customer issue, attract more leads and close more deals because you get all tools needed.

In addition, LeadSquared provides free trial to help use its features but you should get a demo. This demo will gives you more details about each plan and even you can get a discount.

leadsquared tool

Therefore, you should talk to LeadSuared support to get the best plan for your business.

31- AmoCRM

AMO CRM software that helps your business to make more sales and build strong relationships with your audience. It’s a powerful Messenger based sales CRM in the market.

AMO is the best marketing solution to manage your B2B leads, sales and CRM. It’s designed to convert new visitors to loyal customers, assist you to well organize your customer database and make the best sales decisions.

AMO CRM has also free trial plan (14 day for free) to help you test its features and select the best plan that fits your business. If you dislike the tool, you can easily cancel subscription. There are no fees.

amo crm

So it’s up to you to leverage this CRM tool and grow your business.

32- Capsule CRM Tool

Capsule is the smart, simple online CRM tool to manage your contact, sales and grow lasting relationships. It’s great CRM solution for small to medium businesses.

This CRM solution can easily strength your customer relationships. Because it has perfect features like email marketing, website personalization, social media service, automated reminders and more other features.

Capsule provides also 30 day to try its features for free trial and ten make your decision. This free trial is important for you to choose the best plan that can help your business to easily grow.

capsule crm

Therefore, Capsule is the best CRM software you need to build good relationships with your customers, sell more and save your money and time.

33- Beamery CRM software

Beamery is a great CRM tool that gives you everything you need to recruit more proactively and build pipelines of qualified talent. This means you will get perfect marketing tools like click sourcing, automated workflows, talent insights and analytics, talent marketing and much more features.

Beamery is perfect for large companies because it offers all sales and marketing tools that these businesses need to scale their revenue.

Unfortunately, Beamery doesn’t offer free trial to test its powerful CRM tools. That’s why, you should contact their sales team to get detailed information. Then you can take the best decision for your business.


So Beamery is a talent lifecycle management that will improve your business relationships.

Get Work Done in One Unified Workspace platform


33 Best CRM software to select the best one that fits your business needs. All these CRM tools can help you to effectively manage and improve your customer relationships. This will make your customers enjoying your business and increase your revenue.

You can also use these best CRM for startups. They are proven to help startups to manage and improve their client relationships.

The choice is yours!

Now which one is your perfect CRM software?

Or maybe I miss your preferable one?

Feel free to leave your comments.



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